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Propel Auto

Finding the ideal utilitarian tactical knife is no easy task. It needs to be familiar, like a well-worn pair of boots, yet still capable of quick action and worthy of long-term use. Drawing on its decades of knife design experience and critical feedback from military and law enforcement personnel, Gerber set to design a full-size, automatic knife that’s as easy to handle as it is durable and fast to deploy in tactical situations. The Gerber Propel Auto knife offers proven fast, one-handed opening with a slim handle profile that fits comfortably in your hand, and pocket.


At the core of any good knife is the steel of its blade. Gerber knows that a tactical knife sees many uses, some of which are not easy on the blade, so the Propel Auto’s tanto blade uses 420 high-carbon steel for long-term durability and a dependable edge. Add a reliable plunge lock and safety switch, and you know the blade will stay where you want it, be it open or closed. The partially serrated blade adds utility when cutting stubborn materials like nylon cord, webbing or even thin metal. The black oxide coating and black G-10 handle minimize reflectivity in critical situations where traditional stainless construction could give you away.


We all have different preferences for the way we carry a knife, so Gerber created an adjustable clip on the Propel Auto that allows you to customize the knife’s orientation in your pocket or on your belt. You can set it up for tip-down or tip-up storage and left-hand or right-hand bias.


A utilitarian tactical knife like the Propel Auto needs to feel good in your hand. The machined composite G-10 handle complements the knife’s balanced feel, while its textured surface adds grip security in cold or wet situations. Most importantly, you get a full-size, auto-opening blade that carries discreetly and comfortably day in and day out.

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Item # 30-000842
  • Overall Length: 8.52" (21.64 cm)
  • Blade Length: 3.5" (8.89 cm)
  • Closed Length: 5" (12.7 cm)
  • Weight: 4.28 oz. (121 g)
  • Steel Type: 420HC
  • Handle Material: G-10
Warranty Warranty


  • Designed and built in Portland, Oregon
  • High- quality 420HC Steel blade for long-term durability and a quality edge
  • Full-size tanto-style blade is partially serrated for slicing and cutting tough surfaces
  • Black oxide coating adds corrosion resistance and low reflectivity
  • Black G-10 handle provides sure -grip and durability in slim package
  • Pommel with lanyard hole adds utility
  • Automatic opening design delivers quick, one-handed blade deployment
  • Plunge lock and safety switch fix the blade in place, open or closed
  • Adjustable, three-position pocket clip for customizable stowage


5 Deputy Sheriff - NOV 16, 2015

Blade was sharp upon arrival, everything worked flawlessly. Smooth and quick opening, locking mechanism functions fine as well. I've had no need to move the pocket clip and it has stayed tightly in place. A great knife as far as I'm concerned with no complaints!

2 H R - MAY 19, 2015

Agree with the S Sgt, belt clip screws work their way out every few days regardless of the use case.

Aside from that, the knife is amazing.

5 Cool guy Christain Goodwin - JAN 22, 2015


5 auto tech Brent - DEC 6, 2014

The whole Propel line of knives are really cool. Now make one without a tanto and no serrations.

1 SSgt shannon wilhelm - JUN 7, 2014

Ill make this review easy for everyone this knife is complete crap! These were purchased for my unit so i've dealt with many of them all the same problems and I have only had it for about 2-3 weeks.

The belt clip screws fall out very quick or have to be tightened every couple of days with a torx driver that I cant even find, so I use a flathead.

The safety switch on some work fine but others require ALOT of pressure to get it on/off.

The blade after just this short time has already began to stick. it started with just coming out somewhat slower than new then I started cleaning it to help it out which didn't do much. and now it chooses when it wants to come out unless I hit it on something or pull it open. but the good news is after a couple of times hitting it, it seems to work normal, for a bit.

But the good news and the reason I gave it one star instead of zero (besides the fact that a zero isn't an option) is that the blade is sharp and seems to be of good quality and I do like the grip of the knife.

5 US Marine - Infantry Cpl Crowley - APR 10, 2014

Good quality, firm textured grip, ease of use in gloves.

5 US Marine - Infantry Cpl Crowley - APR 10, 2014

Good quality, firm textured grip, ease of use in gloves.

5 USAF Jon - JAN 18, 2014

Great knife! Opening boxes, cutting nylon and plastic. Awesome tool for the job.

5 Propel auto Todor Stoykov - AUG 23, 2013

Amazing, beautiful, fast!

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