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Swagger AO

Being prepared for anything requires equal parts mental readiness and having the right tools at your disposal. The Swagger AO Knife is an everyday tactical blade to help complete the readiness equation. Like a favorite hand tool, the Swagger offers ease of use, stout construction and comfortable carry with a 3.25-inch blade and assisted opening convenience.


A knife is only as good as it is easy to open, and Gerber’s proven Assisted Opening 2.0 technology delivers silky-smooth one-handed deployment, paired with a reliable plunge lock to keep the blade fixed where it belongs. Simply engage the thumb stud, and the mechanism works its magic to deploy the blade when you need it, be it to cut through a rope or respond to a critical situation.


Designed with problem solving in mind, the Swagger’s partial serrated blade adds utility. From carving to slicing to sawing, the drop point blade can do it all, with an easy-to-maintain edge as well.


The G-10 composite handle sets a high bar for durability and all-conditions grip. It maintains a lightweight, comfortable and slim profile, so the Swagger comfortably disappears in your pocket or on your belt. There’s a lanyard hole at the pommel and a utilitarian pocket clip to keep your knife within easy reach.

Item # 31-001709
  • Overall Length: 7.5" (19.05 cm)
  • Blade Length: 3.25" (8.25 cm)
  • Closed Length: 4.25" (10.79 cm)
  • Weight: 2.8 oz. (79 g)
  • Steel Type: 7Cr17MoV
  • Handle Material: G-10
  • Lock Type: Plunge Lock


  • 3.25" blade is ready for anything that comes your way in the line of duty
  • Gerber’s proven Assisted Opening 2.0 technology features a for smooth action
  • Reliable plunge lock secures blade when in use
  • Thumb studs facilitate one-handed operation
  • Black titanium nitride-coated blade reduces unwanted reflection and defends against corrosion
  • Utilitarian pocket clip keeps the Swagger secure and handy on your belt or in your pocket
  • G-10 composite handle with textured scales provides secure grip and slim profile


4 Fan MikeT - MAY 29, 2016

Love it! fast opening (Axis pin can be adjusted if opening is too tight). The plunge lock has got to be my favorite lock mechanism. Would like to see tip-up deep carry clip and a security lock. I own many more expensive knives, but still find it hard to put the Swagger down.

5 Great Everyday Carry Knife MG - APR 14, 2016

I bought this knife a while back and have been carrying it everyday all over. It's so light and carries well. Blades hold up to some daily use but I'm sure with time it will dull. The coating seems to stay so it should prevent rusting. As others have said in reviews be patient with the opening. Just work it a bit with your hands when you first get the knife and the assisted opening feature will be smooth and quick. I loved this one so much I bought a second one as a backup to have in case something happened to my carry one.

4 Trooper RISP Stephen - APR 4, 2016

I have not experienced any problems opening the knife with one hand. I was looking for something light in weight, with a small narrow profile. The blade is very sharp and has stood up to moderate use.

5 ! Tonya - FEB 21, 2016

This is the fest knife ever... As a women ihad a hard time finding a knife that works for me, this knife right here is perfect! It hides in the center of a bra and is easy to acess when needed, I recently gave mine to my daughter for college as it was warn in for easy opening so I'm now about to buy my second one! Thanks Gerber!

4 Solid construction, tough to open Russ - FEB 15, 2016

Have had the Swagger AO for a couple of months now. (I also own a Gerber Instant).

The G-10 handle gets full marks for both styling and durability. The overall feel in your hand is solid. It's compact and light, but in no way flimsy.

The blade was sharp out of the box, and has held its edge well with moderate use so far. The plunge lock is simple and reliable.

Only two shortcomings:

First, the pocket clip is limited to right-hand tip-down carry, and rides a bit too high in the pocket for my liking, so I don't use the clip at all.

Second, and more importantly, the Assisted Opening mechanism was neither silky nor smooth. It was extremely stiff and difficult to open. A couple of months of break-in and a couple of drops of lube oil have helped somewhat, but it's still much more difficult to open than my Instant, which flicks open with ease.

But now that the AO mechanism has loosened up a bit, the act of manually flicking it open and snapping it closed, feels so satisfying that it borders on being addictive.

1 Officer Eric - DEC 26, 2015

Looks nice and sharp but the blade is so stiff I can't open the knife with only one hand. Any ideas on how to fix that would be appreciated.

3 Your Title Springer - DEC 13, 2015

I have had this knife for over a month and had problems using the thumb assist/quick opening feature until I figured it out. The blade must be fully closed for it to work. If the blade has moved ever so slightly out, then it is impossible to use the thumb assist to open. When the blade is FULLY closed it will open easy and with no problems.
The grips I do have with this knife are;
1. The thumb stud could be a little bigger.
2. There needs to be a non-serrated blade option.
3. The clip should be able to mount on the left AND the right side. ( I am a lefty and would be able to use the assisted opening feature easier if I could hold on to the clip instead of the handle. )
Over all, I think it is a good carry knife for the money.

5 AEMT JP03tacoma - NOV 5, 2015

I bought this knife not long ago and like everyone else it is hard to open at first but please be patient and work with the blade and it will release some and become very easy to open. If your not man enough to open this your not worthy of having it. Work with it and it will go above and beyond for you. I'm a big gerber guru and have loved this knife ever since I bought it. The handle feels great in hand the G10 works well and does it's job. I love the coating on the blade, blade was also very sharp out of the box. I have not had to resharpen it yet but I'm sure it will be uneventful. Good job gerber!

4 Your Title Evan - SEP 17, 2015

Great knife and it is light,Easy to open and use

4 Great knife with some minor drawbacks David - AUG 26, 2015

As everyone has already mentioned, this knife is nearly impossible to open when you first get it. Your thumb will be sore for a month trying to break it in, but mine eventually did soften and became a breeze to fling open when presenting the blade. A tip for everyone is to not use the pad of your thumb but to use the tip of your thumb just below the fingernail to hit the stud and engage the assisted opening. I play a lot of guitar and I recognized that the pad was simply too sensitive, so I tried using the tip just like you do when pressing down on guitar strings. It makes opening this knife much easier. Also, try to keep it cleaned and lubed with some CLP from your gun-cleaning kit. I live in Florida and sand and grit often finds its way into the mechanism and makes opening more difficult. A quick spurt of CLP takes care of that. Aside from the assisted opening...
I love the way this knife feels in the hand, it is very ergonomic. And the button lock is much smoother and simpler then using a the metal spring like on other knives. The G10 has held up well to all sorts of abuse. However, I must confess my blade edge has a lot of pitting already. I keep this knife very sharp with my Lansky BladeMedic but the pitting in the edge is annoying.
Overall, great EDC blade once you learn how to present the blade correctly and quickly. Don't blame the knife, its all in the wrist.

1 Buyer Hayden - JUL 29, 2015

Difficult and almost painful to open with the thumbstud. sharp strong knife once opened, but in no way a swift opening.

2 bushcrafter jz - JUL 18, 2015

not very pleased with the knife. The blade quality was not good had a lot of chipping especially with the serrations. However I did enjoy the one hand opening.

5 Your Title AHC - MAY 14, 2015

Great knife, its the best pocket knife that I've own.

1 Your Title LJ - OCT 1, 2014

Nice looking knife but does NOT open with one hand deployment. Tried working the knife to loosen it but only seemed to get tighter.

5 j j - AUG 11, 2014

good nikfe

1 Do not recommend Will - MAY 14, 2014

I bought this knife and it was very hard to open. I followed the suggestions of others and tried to break the knife in. It did not get any easier to open. I returned the knife to the store where I bought it. The blade and knife seemed well made and sharp. However, the difficulty with opening the blade results in do not buy recommendation.

5 Wow JOHNQ - MAR 5, 2014

Great knife! Very pleased with it maintains sharpness.

5 Your Title best pocket knife ever - FEB 27, 2014

this is the best daily carry knife/general purpose knife, this is my new favorite toy

4 Canadian teenager Jesse Simpson - JAN 30, 2014

I just wrote a review on this knife but I had forgot to mention how much I like plunge lock and how convenient and robust it is.

3 Canadian teenager Jesse Simpson - JAN 23, 2014

I got this knife last summer and was disappointed to fined that the G-10 scales were chipped and I had to send it back to be replaced. During that time it took over a month to have it replaced but because of my inconvenience Gerber was willing to provide adequate compensation for this. In the end I received my knife and am rather pleased with it.



5 beautiful knife john - DEC 2, 2013

gerber needs to stop obsessing over serations on evey pocket knife they make i want a swagger ao with no serations

1 Mr. BassMan - OCT 23, 2013

Next to impossible to open right out of the package

5 GOD THOR - AUG 19, 2013


3 Mr. Ji-Kin - JUL 14, 2013

The tip of the knife is very close to the top of the handle when closed so it comes out sometimes when tucked away in the pocket using the pocket clip. It already tore a hole in my pant pocket (which is unacceptable) but if that issue is ever resolved it would be a great knife otherwise. AUS8 or higher would be better than the 7Cr17MoV it uses and a renforced tip would make the knife much more versatile.

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