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Myth Folding Sheath Knife, Drop Point

This quiet, lightweight Folding Sheath Knife is built with an aggressive handle design and drop point, high carbon stainless steel blade. The Myth™ Folding Sheath Knife’s comfortable, soft rubberized handle offers a secure grip no matter the hunting conditions. Housed in a low-profile hard plastic sheath complete with a built-in carbide sharpener for sharpening on the go. This is the complete package for the modern hunter.

Item # 31-001164
  • Overall Length: 8.25"
  • Closed Length: 4.75"
  • Blade Length: 3.5"
  • Weight: 3.1 oz.


Textured Rubber Handle Sheath with Integrated Sharpener

3 knives collector Tarmizi - JUN 9, 2014

The designed knive and shelth very good but only the sharpener not suitable for this knive and the place for sharpener not suitable.

5 Just me Tom - JUN 8, 2014

Out of the box the blade wiggled from side to side more than a quality folding knife should, and I was a bit nervous about quality. I used a couple of star drivers to tighten the pivot point, gave the pivot a drop of oil, and now it functions perfectly. No perceptible side movement. The edge stays sharp and the rubbery grip is surprisingly comfortable. This is a serious modern competitor to a Buck 110 or 112.

5 marine engineer degli orsi - AUG 22, 2013

Would definitely recommend this knife for everyone who spends some time outdoor/wildness... I took it as second (spare) knife and I have been using it mostly for fishing... up to now I didn't notice any rust and sharpness is still really high! I have been using it just for two months and hope it would perform just as good it is now:)
pocket casing - excellent
sharpener - I didn't use at all
steel - excellent
handle - good

5 myth myth14 - JUL 19, 2013

this knife is ok but the sharpener is brutal needs a stone or a steel but keeps a great edge

4 Excellent knife Nathan - APR 22, 2013

I bought this knife not knowing much about it but when I received it I was very happy with it. The built in sharpener is very cool but It would be better if the knife for tighter in the sheath.

4 An excellent backpacking knife BladeRunner - SEP 19, 2012

I purchased this as a backup knife to my LMF II for tasks that required more precision and detail. During long excursions in unexplored wilderness, this knife has performed beyond my expectations. Normally, I prefer a fixed blade for the safety of knowing that the blade can't come back on my hand, however this knife locks solidly into place and the locking mechanism is out of the way when the knife is in use.
It is also far more compact than most fixed blade knives. When carrying it in its hard case sheath on my belt, I am able to go through thick brush with ease. The included sheath is well worth the extra money. I only wish Gerber had put some rough texture on the part of the flap you have to pull open. It can be difficult to open the sheath with wet hands.
As far as durability, I found this knife to be very strong. The steel is superb and holds an edge better than any of my other folding knives. The handle contains no metal reinforcement and the sides do tend to bend inwards slightly if they are held with a tight grip. This is due to the grips thin profile and the fact that it is a folding knife, which means the grip has to lack some stability in order to house the blade. To me, this is not a major issue, I am willing to except a somewhat flexible grip for the knives slim profile and lightweight. If you are looking for a similar folding knife but do not want the lightweight flexible grip, I suggest the Metolius Pocket Folder or the Freeman Guide Folder.

4 Mr Alex A - JUL 30, 2012

Great Knife, also own the Myth pocket clip version without the sheath, both are excellent blades and handles are great however slightly flexible due to the rubber used to make up the handle. very smooth, easy to handle. small learning curve for one handed use. Still new so longevity of life is to be determined however i anticipate no difficulty in making this knife my everyday folder...and i use these poor things like hell.
4.5 stars for the reason that the handle is flexible, i would have liked to see some steel reinforcement inserted internally to support rigidity. Its very light but considering weight at this level of smaller folders is a non issue for me, and most, the steel insert would have been a welcomed improvement. Beautiful design, aesthetically appealing. Great knife, Great price. One of the better buys for bang-for-the-buck value. I own a wall of gerber, kershaw, buck, and about any high end knife maker, there must be a reason this is the one in my pocket every day right? haha

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