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Freeman Guide, Drop Point, Fine Edge, Nylon Sheath

Full tang construction and a TacHide(TM) onlay make the Freeman Guide Fixed a must have for hunters.

Item # 31-000588
  • Blade Length: 4.0 in.
  • Overall Length: 8.4 in.
  • Weight: 4.4 oz.


  • Lightweight Handle - Easy to carry
  • TacHide(TM) Onlay - For secure grip in all conditions
  • Large Finger Grooves - For comfort and security
  • Full Fine Edge Blade or Gut Hook
  • Nylon Sheath - Wear resistant
3 Good Value MGDufour - DEC 30, 2014

Bought it last spring. Took it camping and it was fine. Took it hunting this fall and the blade cracked while gutting its first deer. Wasn't too happy as I had to borrow a friends knife. Sent it to Gerber for Warrenty. They kindly sent a replacement knife. I'm still out the shipping to send it though. But I have a knife now. Hopefully it was just a fluke and this one will last longer.

1 Army Jay Cumming - APR 5, 2014

Dropped the knife ... the blade broke... or shattered kind of wanting a replacement

2 Needs Buyer - APR 4, 2014

Quantity over quality but for those on a budget I suppose it works. Not the same steel as 22-48464. Gerber needs better steel.

4 amazing trott205 - APR 2, 2014

that knife is amazing but for a moose hunter theblade is a lite bite small. the handle is also a lite small for people like me that have big hands. for a whitetaill deer hunter it's perfect !

5 Unreal! Peatree_rocks4 - NOV 26, 2013

I bought this knife for my dad for fathers day. He used it this year for hunting season. He sharpened it and it worked like a dream. This knife is great! The sheath was a little stiff at first but after unsheathing it a couple of times and wearing it in it is great.

5 farm boy lukas sawatzky - OCT 16, 2013

hey this knife is great for on the farm! it is hard to find a good but simple knife these days, Thanks

1 I wonder????????????????????????? blabla - JUN 19, 2013

I just havn't found this in stores and I don't like oredering online. And I wonder if it's the same as the freeman wood handled ones Item number 22-48464. I love that one. I know it looks the same except the handle but the blade material.

4 the BigGuna Phillip Crawford - MAY 19, 2013

4 stars love this knife taken it on many a hunting trips not much this knife hasn't seen!!!!

4 Great buy Dave - MAY 17, 2013

Love the knife. Great grip for doing fine bushcraft work but sturdy enough for wood processing and other more demanding tasks. Holds a good edge too. Sheath is a total flop design. Wouldn't mind seeing you guys come out with a better one.

1 broken fail - MAY 3, 2013

broke the knife

gerber warranty also not good

4 Amazing knife Buckshot - FEB 3, 2013

This knife as far as the blade goes, is quite simply, as stated in the title, amazing. I have had this knife for almost a year and use it almost daily for fine to medium bushcraft tasks and everyday use. I have only had to sharpen it once, and really, it wasn't all that dull it was still usable. I used a fine grit wet stone and in 10-15 minutes I had it sharp enough to shave cleanly in 2-3 passes. I used a ceramic kitchen knife sharpener to buff the edge and it is now slightly sharper. The only complaints I have are for the sheath and handle. I got tired of getting blisters after prolonged use and made a custom handle from a fouled hickory bow stave. The sheath is absolute garbage, the threads and liner are starting to fray and come apart and I HATE the way that the blade rattles in the plastic insert. I would gladly pay extra for a simple kydex sheath.

4 zak zak - JAN 5, 2013

i baught this knife a year ago. i have gotten alot of good use out of this knife, when it finaly got dull i found that it was very easy to sharpen and i got it razor sharp in no time. this is my go to knife for everything. it is awsome. but my olny complaint is that the sheath is crap.

5 Excellent Design Gary M. - DEC 14, 2012

I am very pleased with my purchase of the Gerber Freeman Guide. Although, I bought it for reasons very different than most.

For me, the Freeman Guide affordably embodies the physical proportions and outward appearance of what James M. Ayres (Blade Magazine) coins in his book "The Tactical Knife" as the International Traveler's Tactical Knife.
Before spending $100 to $200 on true tactical knife blade steel performance, I wished to first practice carrying and handling an affordable facsimile.

In my opinion, the outward similarities shared between the Freeman Guide and what may be considered an International Traveler's Tactical Knife include: 1) a fixed blade design in a 4-inch size class that is more socialy acceptable in public than a larger knife, 2) a light-colored blade that does not draw the undue attention of a black blade, 3) a full tang design of adequate thickness for strength when using the blade for light prying and batoning, 4) a drop point design with a modest swedge for improved piercing ability without the fearsome appearance of a fighting blade, 5) adequate cutting edge belly for many different practical uses, 6) a deep choil for forefinger protection when piercing, 7) a comfortable grip with jimping for maintaining blade control in wet conditions, and 8) a tang extension beyond the handle scales for landyard attachment and for use in light prying and batoning.

Well done, Gerber. A very impressive knife design for the modest price.

5 Comfort Tom - OCT 12, 2012

I recieved this knife yesterday, its a comfortable weight, size, gri[, everything about this knife is comfortable, the blade is sharp and in my opinion will do very well for skinning/caping etc.
Can't wait to use it.

5 Walking Dead Knife Tim - OCT 4, 2012

I bought this knife because this was the knife Rick Grimes tossed Randyl in the "18 Miles Out" school sceen. on AMC "The Walking dead. I saw it cut through Randyl's Wrist binding like butter. I stopped action on the DVR and researched the weapon. I also bought the myth Sharpener. This is a "high quality" tool with full tang and should offer years of service. I just need to add a lanyard rope because I am on the river a great deal.

5 Biologist ecodivr - SEP 12, 2012

I owned the Freeman fixed blade drop point for only a limited time. I took a Wyoming 4x4 mule deer in the snow and the knife made the field work easy. A few days afterward I was hunting Black-tail in the Oregon rainforest outside of Drain. We hunted hard but didn't bag anything. I was so impressed with the blade that I gave it to my good friend/guide as a consolation for such a good hard hunt. This knife is a complement to anyone who carries it afield.

5 Local Portland Hobbiest New to the game - JUL 23, 2012

Just received my Freeman in the mail and I must say it is exactly what I want. Full tang and very comfortable in the hand. Razor sharp out of the box. This is my first fixed blade and it will not be my last. Also they are a local company and I like buying and supporting the local company.

1 Mr. Andy - JUL 17, 2012

Sheath was torn and knife was dull.

5 Best knife ever Danish boy - MAY 23, 2012

I have had this knife for 1 year and it is still sharp like hell. So I will recommend this knife to every outdoor/hunter I the world

5 IT Director John Robertson - APR 25, 2012

I own a fixed freeman in pear wood with the gut hook, and then also the drop point with tachide. Both are great knives. One is my go to squirrel and waterfowl knife, the other one I keep on the boat for fishing. I love these knives!!!

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