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The smart, capable little 8-function Artifact is so unobtrusive a multi-tool, it can be carried in the pocket of business pants. The built-in lanyard lets it live on a key ring too, but this deft, practical tool will aid in clearing through the tricky hurdles life serves up so routinely no matter where it spends time in between. With a sturdy structure that feels solid in the hand, at 1 ½ ounces, the Artifact won’t limit its owner in the task of overcoming trouble.

The Artifact keeps things simple with its tidy design, but that in no way diminishes its potential. Tools abound to allow for anything from stripping wire to prying nails, cutting box tape, and slicing nylon cord. With a Phillips screwdriver, two flat-head drivers, a pry bar, a wire stripper, a bottle opener, even an EAB #11 replaceable hobby blade, and a lanyard for suspension from a keychain or other tie-down, the Artifact is ready to work.

This tool, with its 3.5-inch closed length made of high quality stainless steel, manages an impressive list of features, and minimal impact for its carrier. Coated in titanium nitride for low profile long-lasting durability, and packaged to include three replacement blades, the Artifact can accompany its owner into the backcountry, the garage, or the drive into work with equal ease.

Item # 22-41770
  • EAB #11 hobby blade
  • Cross driver
  • Small flat driver
  • Medium flat driver
  • Bottle opener
  • Wire stripper
  • Pry bar
  • Lanyard
  • Overall length: 4.8”
  • Closed length: 3.5”
  • Weight: 1.50 oz.
  • Stainless steel


  • Keychain compatible
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Includes limited lifetime warranty
4 mechanic Dan - OCT 17, 2014

Love my artifact. Was at local outdoors store shopping for a new folding knife when I spotted this guy. Bought mostly because of the bottle opener but the blade has come in great use and I only had this thing 2 weeks. Only thing I don't like is the screwdrivers are a bit to big but other than that no complaints. Definitely will be getting a couple more to keep on hand.

3 IT Guy and Survivalist Michael - OCT 2, 2014

I like the Artifact has some great features but be care when opening the blade. I managed to cut myself while showing my daughter. Ouch. Needs a small cover or something to help it out. Great tool I have used on fixing toys to cleaning out splinters in my finger. I own a few of these. Check out my Facebook site Survival Tactics 101. Keep up the goodies

5 Sign Maker Derek - JUN 12, 2014

Love this tool, keep one clipped on my belt always. I use it daily to weed vinyl letters and pry open paint cans. You really should market this to the Sign Industry, as it is the only folding #11 knife on the market that I'm aware of.

5 Your Title ZERO - MAY 11, 2014

Got it a few days ago and love. It. First and finish is good blade is great perfect edc gear

4 A Design Student's Best Friend Terrence - MAY 8, 2014

I got one of these for Christmas and it was my go-to tool for a year and half. The #11 blade was perfect for trimming paper and boards. I used it a lot, as it fit my XACTO blades perfectly. The drivers, pry bar, and bottle opener all came in handy in the variety of situations an design student might need.
My only complaint was the blade wasn't easy to hold, and like the electrician said, the blade does come open if you keep it in your pocket.

3 security officer Mike B - APR 6, 2014

I like it but you have to be careful with it because the lock may not hold and the blade close on you when don't want too. So now I carry one with a blade and one without.

5 handyman tyler - SEP 30, 2013

i love it its simple and easy to use. i own 3 of them and never go anywhere without it.

2 electrician sam - MAY 9, 2013

Good thought poor execution, stupid little blade will come open in you pocket and slice you wide open. Needs a better blade lock, I now carry it without the blade.

5 Your Title Austin - FEB 23, 2013

Greatest little multi tool I have ever used. I keep the artifact on my keys and use it almost daily. All off the features are practical and hold up to constant use. I highly recommend this great product to everyone.

5 Great tool - FEB 21, 2013

Fantastic key chain addition. A little bigger than the Shard, they addes blade comes in handy more often that one would think. For its size it has a good weight and feel.

5 Sailor Your name - NOV 24, 2012

Could literally not imagine having any other tool on my keyring. The Exacto blade comes in handy many times each day.

5 P.I. Zumbao - AUG 19, 2012

In my key chain. The hobby blade is a great solution. It pries like a champ. Built to last.

4 Strong as Hell Kevin - JUL 27, 2012

The flatheads are a bit thick, but the tool could survive being run over by a bus.

4 Happily replaced my keychain pen knife. Andy - MAY 28, 2012

PROS: it's relatively light, and it's actually pretty strong: believe it or not, the pry bar can actually handle some force on it. Uses standard Exacto-sized hobby knife blades. The Philips head works decently.

CONS: the "flathead drivers" on prybar end are too thick for 99% of all screws.

5 Indestructible Drew - APR 6, 2012

The fact that it's one solid piece of metal makes it fantastic for prying uses, and also lets you put some serious torque on the Phillips head. Forces that would break other small multitools are no problem.

5 Your Title John - MAR 21, 2012

I love this thing. Like Andrew said it just goes in the watch pocket of your jeans and goes everywhere I do. Word of advice..don't lose the small alan wrench it comes with or put the wrench in your tool box. It is like a 1mm and you will never be able to replace it. (trust me)

5 Your Title Andrew Hilsendeger - JAN 6, 2012

The flat screwdrivers seem a bit thick, but everything else is great. Fits perfectly in the watch pocket of blue jeans, goes everywhere with me.

5 Great ELI B - JAN 3, 2012

Small, more than useful. Great knife, and no worries on blade wear. Carry everywhere.

5 Perfect md - DEC 21, 2011

Small, versatile, strong. Best pocket knife so far.

5 Your Title Anthony H. - NOV 22, 2011

Perfect little pocket tool. Strong as hell.

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