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Paraframe Mini - Stainless, Fine Edge

The smallest of the eight knives in the Paraframe series, the Mini is based on the same frame-lock design. It’s a beautifully simple open frame knife with a fine-edge blade that is lightweight, easy to clean and opens effortlessly. Built with a smooth stainless steel handle and a clip for secure travel, the Paraframe Mini is what a small everyday carry folder should be.

Item # 22-48485
  • Overall Length: 6"
  • Blade Length: 2.22"
  • Closed Length: 3.07"
  • Weight: 1.4 oz.
  • Lock Mechanism: Frame-lock
  • Blade Style: Clip Point
  • Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless
  • Blade Type: Fine
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Opening Style: One-handed opening


  • Frame lock handle design
  • Lightweight open stainless steel handles
  • Sturdy pocket clip
5 Photographer Evan - OCT 27, 2014

Great knife!

I originally bought the full size Paraframe with
the serrated edge, and loved it. After awhile though I did need something a little smaller to carry around on a regular basis.

I was a little worried that the quality would be less than the full size, but it has held up almost better than the full size. Can't go wrong with this blade.

5 very good knife Luca Denuzzio - AUG 16, 2014

as a cub scout at the camp trading post there was this knife that i really wanted i come to find out the truck had to bring more they were out of stock every day we tried to get it my pap told me we would get one so i got this with a sharpener very satisfying

4 Excellent Small Carry Knife Noah - JUL 4, 2014

I've carried this knife every day for close to a year, through ROTC training, college life, and outdoor excursions. It is a bit small, like my STL 2.5, but the frame is a bit beefier than its little brother. I can easily get leverage on the blade to open it, and although it lacks a thumb stud and requires two hands to open, I haven't been in a situation where it hasn't been impractical to do so. The edge was a little hard to keep until I reground it using a Tru-Hone sharpener, but the steel was pretty good. I've used this as a tape cutter, a rope cutter, and a carver and never had any problems with it.
It does, however, get stuff wedged in it from time to time. If you have coins or things in your pocket they can get jammed between the frame and blade or inside the pocket clip, causing some problems. You can't have everything, y'know.

A pretty great knife!

5 Mgeee Butthead - JUL 3, 2014

It is...
Never bought a knife since I got this
one. Cuts great

5 gud Sam - JUN 30, 2014

It have been on my belt for a will and I still love it. Great for my part time job in a fast-food restaurant for opening boxes and other package, but it have served me well during my camping trip. The blade is a bit stripped, but I blame myself on that ..... opening a can with it... at least those bean where good :D

5 Retired US Army Helicopter Pilot Walt Garner - FEB 6, 2014

I have had mine for around 10 years and have no complaints with the design, quality, or the sharpness of the blade.
After Christmas 2013 I was burning all of the present wrappings and boxes in my 55 gallon steel burn barrel. The bottom half of the barrel was red hot when I accidently dropped my Gerber into the barrel which stayed red hot for the next 20 minutes. Once the ashes cooled I fished my knife out and to my surprise it was intact and the stainless steel was darker and not so shiny. The blade was just as sharp as always but the two nylon washers had melted. Even the spring blade lock worked great. NO COMPLAINS HERE

5 Lumberyard laborer Nick - JAN 24, 2014

I've had a Gerber knife for fifteen years. Best knives in the world. Easy to sharpen holds edge well. I will never get another brand of knife. I also like they are so small you can't even feel them in your pocket or belt.
I would feel lost without it.

5 Excellent Knife!!! Anonymous - JAN 17, 2014

This is a very good knife for the price. Excellent make and design. Plus you get Lifetime Warranty on it. Great Buy!!!!

4 knife Brock - DEC 30, 2013

I think they did a very good job designing it and it is very handy and is very sharp I like this knife.

5 good redneck - NOV 21, 2013

I bought m one today and it is very sharp it cuts paper without riping it

5 love my mini Chris J - OCT 22, 2013

Love my mini paraframe...i've had 4 of them over about 10 years because I carry it everywhere and have lost the first 3 to courthouse and airport security in my travels. I would take them back to my truck but usally the hassle of that isn't worth just giving it up and buy a new one. Have bought them in the past and will buy another next time it gets confiscated.

5 Skilled Carpenter Adam - SEP 19, 2013

I have had 3 of these over the last 10 years and will never buy anything but for a knife to carry daily. I am a carpenter and use this knife for everything you can imagine. Best knife I have ever owned.

1 Crappy Your name - JUL 7, 2013

It sucks. It doesn't cut very well at all

5 No hate here Chris - JUN 1, 2013

Its been on my belt off and on for years for random uses fishing cardboard who knows what else, still perfectly intact and clean and I think it would still be sharp enough even without the occasional sharpening... its well worth its cost especially when you find it on sale ;) you wont even notice it on your belt

4 good pickle killer - APR 11, 2013

I do really like this knife.

4 Good Pizzaman - APR 6, 2013

I used it for a couple days and the lock is excellent the blade is pretty sharp too, would be better if the blade had a thumb stud or be bigger

Overall i think this knife is for camping, backpacking and things like whittling.

5 Retired Old Goat John Bo - FEB 22, 2013

This is a good EDC. Compact.good frame lock-up, Sharp. Wish it had a thumb stud, to match the other two knives that I have in my small collection. Easy to open. Good back- back up to the larger knife.

3 Horrible Your name - FEB 21, 2013

Came out of the package extremely sharp, and held it's edge. However, I find it is useless for cutting anything bigger than string. Plus the screws stripped out in just two months of little use.

4 2 is 1, 1 is none prepper - JAN 20, 2013

I give this knife a four out of five stars for its lgihtweight, compact, and liner lock design. The only wish i had was a thumb stud.

pros- lightweight, compact, clip, very sharp out of the package, and feels very good in your hand.

cons- pretty hard to open, no thumb stud.

Overall, i would recommend this knife to anyone from weekend camper to survivalist.

5 Soldier jon - JAN 12, 2013

Nice little knife, needed a non serated edc back up and this does the job perfect. I carry minimal items in my pockets and only carry tools such as my multitool, a larger blade, an edc pocket knife and now this smaller back up. Love it so far. Would have liked a thumbstud but this is not meant to be your main knife and made to be affordable. Good deal overall

4 Like it Rhino - JAN 5, 2013

I wish the blade locking mechanism was different. It took a little time to figure out. Also wish it had a thumb stud. Love the shape of the blade though. Overall good little knife!

2 Nice blade, not great for dropping in your pocket Galen - JAN 3, 2013

The blade is reasonably nice, but the knife overall is hard to carry in your pocket because several knife features tend to pick up or grab on to keys, coins, or other items in your pocket.

More than once I was annoyed to draw the knife out and to have to spend time removing a coin wedged between the frame and blade or caught behind the belt clip before I could use it.

The blade does seem nice - keeps its sharpness well and has a shape that lends itself to control

4 MONEY CLIP JACK - DEC 31, 2012


2 Disappointed for the Second time Greg - DEC 10, 2012

Forgot I actually bought this knife a couple of years ago as an everyday pocket carry knife. I returned it b/c of it's lack of easy of operation. I'll be returning it for the second time.

Positives: size, looks, feel, clip, a little heavy but tolerable.

Negitives: not easily opened. Need two hands and a strong thumb nail. Would be nice to open with two fingers. Blade doesnt alway lock in the open position. Needs an extra push to make sure it's locked. Disengaging the lock is ver y cumbersome. The end of the clip needs to be more rounded and the tops of screws needs to be smooth. Tends to catch on clothing.

5 Pocket Friend Mike Deen - NOV 2, 2012

Kept this in my pocket for years. It was my first Gerber. Once I was an adult I got knives with larger blades, but I still keep this friend in my camera bag. Even after years the blade is still great. This is why I'm loyal to Gerber, even the small products are made well.

5 woods badass connor - AUG 4, 2012

i like this little knife because it is lite wait and strong. this knife will last a fairly long

4 Sooner Fan Garret Reynolds - JUL 3, 2012

Considering the price tag, this knife has performed far beyond my expectations. IF ONLY IT HAD A THUMB STUD!!!!!!!!!

5 fly fisherman mission - JUN 25, 2012

got this knife for christmas last year and have only used it a few times. i'll be taking it with me to camp. overall a strong blade, just as sharp as the gator

5 its all KNIVES Camper - MAR 24, 2012

Great little knife and 1st one, as soon as i opened it i cut myself.

5 Great Little Knife Grant Hartman - MAR 13, 2012

I have had this knife for a long time and even lift it out in the rain for a couple of days. Still works as good as when I got it.

5 Survivalsteel Tiger - FEB 25, 2012

Hi, Great Stuff But Can Anyone Tell Me where it's selling for cheaper.

4 IT Pro, Camper Christopher - FEB 4, 2012

I own two of these knives, and it's a great little blade for the price. It's lightweight and it stays sharp for a long time. I'm very rough of these knives and they hold up well. One of the blades doesn't stay locked all of the time, the clip has slowly ground away from years of use and i have to bend the metal lock sometimes to get it to stay locked. Overall, i'm very happy with these knives.

4 Not Bad, But... J.O'B. - FEB 2, 2012

I've had this knife for about a year and it delivers some solid performance. However, there are some problems with it. The blade does not have a very high level of edge retention, and a couple of months ago the threads in the holes of the knife handle holding in the bolts for the pocket clip stripped, which was very disappointing. Gerber may have fixed that problem since, but still something to be mentioned. There are better knives, but this one is worth its price.

4 Good Knife Hunter - JAN 17, 2012

I bought the Mini Paraframe instead of the full-sized version because the larger one is a bit bigger than I wanted. However, I cannot understand why Gerber equipped this knife with fingernail notches rather than the thumb studs like on the original Paraframe.

4 Basic User Chris - DEC 11, 2011

I got this one over a year ago and the things still sharp and only has a few scraches on it. I haven't even needed to sharpen it! I use it about every week to open boxes, and whatever other things I need it for. I am looking on here to get another one!

4 tff tff - OCT 14, 2011

Fine knife. I think the overall length is only about 5.25" instead of the 6" listed.

3 Basic User Cartoon King - OCT 5, 2011

Purchased this knife as an all around pocket knife for under $10 nearly a year ago.

It is solid and have no worries with it folding in on me. Locking blade is secure.
Was a little stiff at first but keeping it oiled to prevent rusting (yes have had r

4 Big Cheese Barry Roberts - SEP 30, 2011

Just received the knife. Seems solid. The blade is sharp and evenly ground. It's a little hard to close.

2 Your Title Evan Vittoriano - SEP 17, 2011

Purchased this knife at Dick's. I had been all over looking to purchase an LST. As the LST no longer has a pocket clip, I chose this as a replacement. I am GREATLY disappointed.

-The blade was not sharp and was ground unevenly.
-There are PLAST

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