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Paraframe I - Stainless, Fine Edge

Like all eight knives in the Paraframe series, the Paraframe I is based on the same minimal frame-lock design. It’s a beautifully simple, open frame knife with a fine edge locking blade that is lightweight, easy to clean and opens effortlessly. Built with a smooth stainless steel handle and a clip for secure travel, the Paraframe I is everything that an everyday carry folder should be.

Item # 22-48444
  • Overall Length: 7.01"
  • Blade Length: 3.01"
  • Closed Length: 4.11"
  • Weight: 2.6 oz.
  • Lock Mechanism: Frame-lock
  • Blade Style: Clip Point
  • Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless
  • Blade Type: Fine
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Opening Style: One-handed opening


  • Frame lock handle design
  • Lightweight open stainless steel handles
  • Sturdy pocket clip
4 Your Title Jeff - SEP 16, 2013

Great knife. Easy to open easy to use. It's my EDC and I use it all the time. Just wish they made a left hand version but its still fast and easy to use. Still tight and solid after 6 months continuous use. Love it.

4 very handy knife!!! gary - AUG 20, 2013

I have owned my plain blade for two years and carry it every day. I have no complaints at all. I live in the woods and I fish, hunt, and camp. A year ago, while visiting, my 30 yr old son just had to show and tell me about his new knife he loved not knowing I had the exact same one. What a great father-son moment1

5 Retired/Navy, etc Bayou Boy - AUG 15, 2013

I love this knife!!! Easy to open with one hand, light, easy to sharpen, slim design, and is my first pick of ALL my knives for daily use!

3 Okay Connor - JUN 9, 2013

I bought this knife a couple months ago and quickly found out it opens too easily, often with just a slight flick of the wrist. Easy fix if you have the right tools.

4 Would buy serrated BOLTZ - JUN 3, 2013

I would buy serrated if I had the chance again. The knife is good but a fine only has so many uses.

5 Awesome Man RedShadow - MAY 7, 2013

Great knife, very useful. This is my survival knife.

5 work on a farm Austin - APR 27, 2013

Got this knife for $20 at dick's help up very well.. trust me it has gone through some tough work on the farm.. would recommend it to anybody looking for a good reliable knife

5 Retired-Knife Collecter John Bo - FEB 5, 2013

This is my EDC. I am very pleased with it and it is very dependable. I stake my life on it. It opens very easy. It took awhile to get used to open it. The fault lies with my old arthritic 74 year old hands.

4 Good, But Chipped. Nate - JAN 26, 2013

I bought this knife the day before Christmas. Then on Christmas I used it to cut through thin plastic and it chipped. This knife seems reliable and I would buy it again. I am contacting the company and hoping they will replace it. If not I will buy a new one. :\

4 Strange design... MBT - JAN 17, 2013

I like the knife for many attributes, but the handle the design. The space on the hollow handle is enough so that you could cut yourself. I am surprised no one else has mentioned that as an issue. For that reason I wouldn't make it my survival knife...

5 E. Markus - JAN 15, 2013

Love this knife, dad bought it for me for $5 at a pawn shop, what a steal. But this knife really is amazing, I love how lightweight it is, and it really keeps its edge. But what I think is the most impressive thing about it is how tough it is. I was mowing my yard once and dropped it in the grass, ran over it twice with the lawn mower and not a SINGLE scratch on it ( I think it dented the mower blade). This knife is one great buy, never leave home with out it.

5 Your Title Robert Gabrielle - DEC 28, 2012

I believe this is the best all purpose knife made, at any price. Holds a razor edge the blade has as of yet to become wobbly and believe me it gets some rugged use. One fine knife

5 The Man BigOArmyman - DEC 24, 2012

Awesome knife! I like the fact its easy to clean. Im in the Army & Do construction too. I have cut out chaulking in showers, cut out sinks. I love it so much, that when I forgot it at home during Range fire, I sent a person to get me another one. Thank goodiness the PX carried them! Once home I switched back to old faithful!
Only thing better would be light weight Titanium!
I will run mine thru the dishwasher & then lube it for almost no assist opening!

5 Avid outdoorsman Carlos - SEP 19, 2012

I’ve had this knife for about 4 years now, and have used it on many of times hiking, back packing and of course the hardest of them all…car camping. I have sharpened this knife about 5-6 times, but in my opinion, and my son’s, it has a razors edge. I love the size, weight and feel of this knife.

4 novice kevin ledford - AUG 8, 2012

Just got it, very sharp, seems to be well made, perfect size

5 Love it Noah the boy scout - JUL 8, 2012

It is light, compact, and a rugged knife. I've only had it a year but man has it preformed.

P.s. KNIFEMAN just put loob on the joint to make the opening e-z

5 Sick knife Josh - JUN 30, 2012

This knife is the best

2 eh this isnt a good knife knifeman - JUN 12, 2012

its hard to open, the lock is hard, its really stiff, and its not that sharp, buy the air ranger instead of this

4 good knife Brian - APR 18, 2012

I bought this knife for daughter who is a Venture Scout to use and it has held up to 3 years of hard use. The only reason it was replaced this year was she lost it. She now has another one and is very happy with it

2 Not so good... Adam - APR 4, 2012

I have the older version (before they changed the logo), and it was extremely dull when I got it. Never has it been decent for use other than as a screwdriver... I've tried sharpening it and it just doesn't hold an edge. Not the Gerber I remember...

2 Your Title DMK - MAR 21, 2012

Great-until the lock wears out. Nearly sliced open my fingers with it. Other than than that, you cant get a more durable knife. I had a Presto for a few months, And had the inside begin to rust on me( yes-, I submerged it a few times.)

2 everyday user jason - DEC 4, 2011

This is the only gerber ever to give me trouble. The liner lock wore out and no longer truely locks. I can no longer trust it.

5 Great Knife PJR - OCT 23, 2011

A no-frills knife for anyone. Perfect size and weight for any pocket and a great feeling knife in the hand. I own quite a few pocket knives and this is one that I carry on a daily basis. My de facto all purpose cutting tool.

5 Amazing GLH - AUG 20, 2011

I have had this knife for 2 years. I have used the crap outta it and I EDC it every where. I have worn the finish off it and have sharpened it about 3 times. It holds an edge very well. It also sharpens up very well. The size is almost perfect for me. I w

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