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GDC Hook Knife

No one doubts keys’ usefulness--they start cars, get you in and out of places and keep your stuff, well, yours. But to really elevate their role, the Gerber Daily Carry Hook Knife adds lifesaving potential, in the form of a reliable, easy-to-access blade that’s always in arm’s reach.

A True Utility Blade
The idea behind this 2-inch stainless steel hook blade is simple: create an ultra-stealthy knife that lives on a keychain and can be used to quickly cut yourself out of a piece of clothing, seatbelt or other safety strap, should you ever get stuck in a tight spot. You’ll also find lots of ways to use the knife for many of life’s little non-emergencies. At home, put it to use opening a box or an envelope. Out in the field it’s great for small tasks like cutting fishing line, trimming a tarp or opening a package of freeze-dried food.

A Safe Grip
Wrap your finger around the ring, press your thumb against the thumb grip and you've got a solid hold that won’t budge when you put a bit of power behind a cut. When you’re done, the blade snaps back into its sturdy, safe sheath.

Item # 31-001695
  • Overall Length: 2"
  • Weight: .27 oz.
  • Steel Type: 7Cr17
  • Handle Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Sheath Material: Zytel 101


  • 2-inch hook blade for swift cuts
  • Stainless steel construction for durability
  • Circular, aluminum handle with thumb grip
  • Locks into sheath for added protection
  • Keychain ring on sheath
  • Backed by Gerber’s Lifetime Warranty


5 Little dull. Jesse G - DEC 9, 2013

But can be sharpened.

1 Good idea, poor execution. Kevin - NOV 25, 2013

I bought one of these because I liked the idea and thought it would make a good addition to my keychain/briefcase emergency kit. I was sad to find that they don't stay in their cover very well. I don't feel safe carrying it in my pocket because it is constantly sliding out of it's cover.
Again, it's a good idea - but this one doesn't live up to what I've come to expect from Gerber knives and tools.

5 Manual Required For Some redriderbbgun - OCT 30, 2013

this is great for EDC and will always come in handy but people that dont know how to cut with it will find it difficult. remember it is a hook knife so your motion to cut will be way different than a standard knife. sheath holds hook in place which is good and wont fall out, ring is a bit large unless you have fat fingers.

1 Looks good but not for opening boxes Steve - JUN 13, 2013

I Tried opening a box with this thing and I figure it's easier using a pen.. This hook is not pointy enough to puncture tape and I think is too thick to go on the grooves of the box so I guess is mainly to cut strings and belts Ill give it 1 star because I don't think it's that useful for a edc.

5 chef eric - JUN 6, 2013

Functional style with minimal noticeability equals a great product. I want two.

5 Grocery retail worker. Curtis G. - APR 10, 2013

Working in retail, I've had countless situations where a small sharp blade would be great to have. This filled that need perfectly and for the price I would recommend it to anyone to have as a back-up.

5 omfg #YOLOSWAG - APR 5, 2013

looks AWESOME, functional and cheap!!! the tree most important things ;)

5 Useful Redditor 66 - APR 2, 2013

Very useful but there are many other things like this on the market. This is much less expensive though.

3 JP John P. - APR 1, 2013

Wait, where's the blade? I like the idea, but this thing confuses me. I guess I'll just have to find one.

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