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Infinity Ultra Task Light, White LED - Black Body

When darkness is the archenemy of productivity, grasp your fingers around the Infinity Ultra. A pint-sized but powerful L.E.D. light featuring Gerber's patent pending technology. Its the kind of light you want when the space for gear is limited and the need for brilliant light is mandatory.


Our circuitry is coated with epoxy for durability and reliable performance. Heck, the Infinity Ultra is even water resistant, thanks to the rubber o-rings that seal it tight and true.


And what about that L.E.D. bulb? Well, it'll never need replacing. It'll blast out a beam for 30 feet. And it'll burn for upwards of 60 hours on the AA batteries we've included. With an anodized aluminum housing and a rugged pocketclip, this little light machine more than earns its keep.

$25 Currently Out of Stock
Item # 22-80012
  • Lightsource Type: L.E.D.
  • Lightsource Quantity: 1
  • Output Color: White
  • Modes: steady white
  • Housing Color: Black
  • Housing Material: Anodized Aircraft Aluminum
  • Battery Type: AA
  • Battery Quantity: 1
  • Weight: 2.2 oz.


  • Water-proof to 3 meters
3 EMT E. - APR 9, 2015

I got one of these several years ago. When I first got it, I thought it was perfect for an EDC flashlight. It was compact, lightweight, and powerful enough for my needs.

Until one day it rolled off a duffel bag, roughly 10 inches off the ground, and landed on the sidewalk. I didn't think anything of it at the time. But I went and tried to use it shortly afterwards, and it was "flickery." Sometimes it wouldn't come on at all; until I knocked it against something, and then it would come on. But even then it still would flicker. I can't recall how long ago this was, but it has performed the same ever since. When it works, its great; it does exactly what I need it to do . . . . when it works. I do recommend this light; I just don't recommend dropping it from ANY height. I'm not sure what ". . . coated with epoxy for durability and reliable performance. . ." means, but I don't think it means what Gerber thinks it means. If a fall from less than a foot causes this kind of damage, it doesn't speak very well to their definition of "durable."

5 SGT USA Broncos OP8 - DEC 31, 2014

I have the RED LED, went to Afghanistan read my maps, instructions in sand storms, rain and even clean up weapons in total darkness. The enemy didn't even know we were there. The best flash light I ever had.

5 Night Shift Supervisor RomRom - JUN 20, 2014

I've had a couple of the red LED lights, and carried them constantly over the years. Excellent lights-- went through the washer without incident, simple to use, plenty of light for tasks. I used them to read without disturbing my wife, for checking on the kids without waking them up, and for moving around the house at night without destroying my night vision. PLEASE MAKE THE RED LED VERSION AGAIN!

5 Perfect for a doorman Bouncer - JAN 2, 2014

I'm always on the lookout for a solid, compact flashlight for my security duties. Very small, lightweight, plenty bright for my purposes. Twist to turn it on, press down on the butt with your thumb to toggle\strobe. Perfect for checking ID's, searching the floor, or signalling coworkers.

3 USN TJ - OCT 29, 2013

I so wish this still came in the Red LED only version. That is the only true night vision saving option for me! bring back the RED LED version!

5 My EDC light GERBERFAN69 - JUL 17, 2013

I have carried this light daily for over a year. Carries light as a feather, battery is long lasting, and it is built like a tank. Love it.

5 In the woods Scouter - JUL 9, 2013

On my 3rd one. It survived several backpacking trips and finally ousted my LED conversion "other aluminum AA flashlight" from my pack.

1 Former LEO JB - JUN 29, 2013

My son, SSgt/USA, gave me one of these with the red bulb. I have treasured it because he knows my tactical needs. Unfortunately, the bulb went intermittent and now it's dead. I see no way to replace the bulb, so now it is useless.

It's not the price I regret, it's the sentimental value, AND the utility. Oh well, for $22, what should I expect.... But from Gerber? Hmm.

2 Your title Jim - MAY 1, 2013

For a bit more money you can probably find a better flashlight that gives more output (lumens).

However, I appreciate how this flashlight is very sturdy and doesn't feel cheap.

2 Mr. Bob Bob - DEC 12, 2012

I have one of these that I've owned for a little while now. It's always worked fine for me. Puts out a lot of light for such a small device. UNTIL, I dropped it one time. It was a small drop too; only about 2 feet. But now it doesn't work so well. Sometimes it will blink out randomly, sometimes it won't come on at all. I had been curious about the "epoxy coated circuitry," but didn't want to test it. I guess I know now.

1 Mr Anthony Cunningham - OCT 7, 2012

I've carried one of these around for a while. It was fine when I last used it in June. I decided to check the battery in October and found that it had stuck fast in the barrel of the torch. Seems to be impossible to remove it so the torch is ruined.

5 Your Title SteveAC - AUG 26, 2012

I own 2 of these. Carried one to the gulf with me back in 2008, and used it at night to read by. Can't beat the fact that it requires only 1 AA battery. I use the lithium batteries and get better run time.

I won't go anywhere without at least 1 of them with me.

5 SGT Gabriel - FEB 29, 2012

Simply love it! Attach a ring to it and hook it anywhere, battery life is great. Had it for years and still works; really handy, I always have it on me.

1 Capt. Jay - JAN 20, 2012

Intermittent light due to poor contacts inside flashlight. Otherwise perfect size and very durable.

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