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Bear Grylls Basic Kit

Lifesaving in an emergency. The Basic Kit’s mantra is: Stay prepared. Stay alive.

Item # 31-000700
  • Sheath Dimensions: 7.0’’ x 5.0’’
  • Overall Weight: 4.2 oz.


  • 11 Piece Kit
    • Waterproof Bag
    • Gerber® Mini-Paraframe™ Knife
    • Emergency Whistle
    • Fire Starter
    • Waterproof Matches
    • Snare Wire
    • Emergency Cord - 121 inches
    • Cotton Ball - Fire Tinder
    • Lightweight, ripstop nylon bag with waterproof zipper
    • Land to air rescue instructions
    • Priorities of Survival - Pocket guide contains Bear’s survival essentials


5 Cool Drew - JUL 5, 2016

Its a nice little kit. The knife is what tempted me to get this. Its a really good deal, although I got it from amazon.

5 great kit connor - JUN 30, 2016

I have lit many fires with it and it came inhandy when they forgot to bring matches

5 perfect for life Dante - JUN 14, 2016

Nice kit

4 Pretty good little kit JennXnr - APR 11, 2016

This is a pretty solid kit for hiking. A little over priced tho. And I would add an emergency blanket to it.

4 like Majid khosravi - DEC 25, 2015

Works pretty good, I like it

5 Saved my life Survivor - DEC 22, 2015

I was hiking and got lost for a week, this no doubt saved my life. With out it i would not be here typing this review.

1 Sucks Nicholas carroll - DEC 16, 2015

Don't buy this the firestarter is very crappy after about 50 strikes the rod broke DO NOT BUY THIS ITS SHITY

5 Transport Supervisor Peter Fernandes - NOV 4, 2015

One of the best survival kit and the Mini Para Frame knife & fire Starter kit makes it worth purchasing - would suggest to add a good quality whistle to this kit as this kits Represents a great Brands- Bear Grylls & Gerber.

5 Aircrew Survival Equipmentman, USN Samuel - MAY 27, 2015

This is a decent little kit to get your survival equipment kit started.

5 GREAT KIT GUYS NICE JOB!! Ethan - MAY 21, 2015

Great survival kit I took it apart and made a first aid witch the plastic and I carry the knife on me everywhere I go except school so yup guys worth the money

4 Nice little kit Ian - APR 30, 2015

I like that there's room to add some small extras, still waiting for the replacement matchbox, requested that over 2 months ago, not sure if its a legit offer or not.

5 Awesome little pack Mohx408 - APR 1, 2015

It has been a very good survival kit over the past weeks, but I highly recommend it for hiking,camping and other activities

5 Very good IT' GOOD - JAN 28, 2015

its very good if i take it how many days i will waiting to get this thing???

5 awesome kit connor - DEC 26, 2014

nice kit . really good quality knife. like the flint and steel. good for 17 dollars.

5 it save my life jack reacher - NOV 14, 2014

one day i was hunting i got lost in the wood for three days. on the first night i was very hungry because my gun broke while i was hicking so i look s the surival kit and i found the snare wire so i made a snare and i left it there all night and then i woke up the next morning i got a nice rabbit so i clean the rabbet with my gerber knife witch i love so much .then after i clean it i made a nice big fire and cook the rabbit . and the next couple of day it went just fine.

3 Good for beginners Cliff - SEP 12, 2014

This isn't exactly the kind of kit you want your life to depend on, but its great for kids and people who like to go on casual camping trips and hikes. I got one for my son on his birthday and he loves it.

I do have one complaint, however. I think it needs more first aid elements. At least some gauze and antiseptic wipes.

You shouldn't buy it though. All the items that are in this bag you can get in better quality and cheaper at walmart.

3/5 decent.

4 Decent survival kit Bryson H - JUL 9, 2014

This is a survival kit you SHOULD NOT fully depend on. I think it needs more to be better. But, remember the more you know ,the less you need.

5 Gameiro jarvis - MAR 26, 2014


4 good but ... egal - MAR 26, 2014

its a good kit but i missing the water bottle

4 ehhhhh it preety good cyrusd1 - FEB 9, 2014


5 sweet little pack josh - JAN 14, 2014

a nice basic survival kit. plus its cheap i recommend this for anyone whose going on a outdoor trip and is packing light.

5 Very good M Matthews - DEC 27, 2013

This kit is very good. People say the fire-starter is bad, but with a little practice I started fires in 10-15 seconds. You have to scrape off the black layer before it will work, and it's much easier to use by sliding your thumb closer to the end of the scraper and with PRACTICE. The knife is good and convinced me to buy more Gerber knives. The cotton works great when you poof it up, matches, whistle, and the rest also work good. My only complaint is to add more thread and wire, which look twice as long on the package.

5 great for comping ABCD - NOV 10, 2013

I recently took this on a camping trip and it worked exceptionally well. The knife was sharp right out of the package and the fire starter worked great. Nice job on this one Gerber.

4 Bad inner bag G-man - OCT 28, 2013

Really like the whole product but the inner bag broke. Other than that all good.

5 Good little kit Awjadcd_ - OCT 27, 2013

I wish the knife was a little bigger though

5 it rocks bob - OCT 26, 2013

its waterproof I tested it the knife is the best knife I ever had

3 Cheap Blade Johnathan - SEP 1, 2013

The blade is very cheap i need to sharpen it once a week, but the pack is pretty useful for a starter that dont knows thing about survival

4 Its just a basic kit newo - AUG 31, 2013

Guys, its not a survival kit it is just like a starter survival pack. If you want something great to rely on buy the Bear Grylls survival kit and stop complaining. All it needs is more cord and something else to fill it up, like a button compass.

4 cheap little kit Doug Coga - AUG 22, 2013

The waterproof bag ripped on its 2nd hike and the firestarter is crap. Overall, it is a decent kit for 20$ though.

4 NOT WATERPROOF Vincent - AUG 13, 2013

It is awesome little kit but the outer bag is not waterproof and the inside bag tears easily.

5 its a starter kit alaskaboy14 - JUN 15, 2013

it doesnt have to have every little thing

its a good kit the knife is well made

3 Your Title Jeremy - JUN 4, 2013

Overall the kit is a great buy, but after a bit of use the rod on the fire starter came out of the handle. Also a bit of the knife chipped off and made the locking mechanism a little less safe. That caused me to make extra sure the knife was locked into place whenever I use it.

5 AWESOME Jamie - MAY 26, 2013

I can buy this kit in a store 20 minutes from my house. But its also a great kit, if your in a survival situation.

1 survivalist travis - APR 25, 2013

yah ..where is the water treatment tabs or whatever water IS the single most important thing to have in survival mode

5 Boy Scout Boy Scout - MAR 19, 2013

Love this kit and supper small!!!!!
over all great thing to have for the outdoors

5 Love the kit Austin - MAR 12, 2013

I love this kit but you should add like a small pouch of water

3 Your Title wade hainline - MAR 10, 2013

I'm a bit suprised there is no water purification tablets in this kit. Drinkable water is one of the most important things in a survival situation.

5 lol abdi - MAR 9, 2013

i really like this kit but you can add a little more stuff like the signaling mirror more cotton ball i know its basic kit but if its survival the most you have the better the chances of getting rescue

4 Great for out side survival Adam Nielsen - FEB 22, 2013

its a great product for outside survival. plus it has a fire starter. most kits dont have that. the thing thats it needs to improve is to have more things inside the kit. like medical supplies. bandages atlease. but i have to give it credit on the knife. the knife is great. theres a little problem with the handle in a way but u can get used to it. thank Bear Grylls Gerber product

Adam Nielsen

5 Great Your name - FEB 20, 2013

Nice kit

5 Very Nice Kit Mike - FEB 20, 2013

It is great and to make the fire starter work you need to scrape off the black paint.

3 Meh... Jean - JAN 13, 2013

This kit, for what you pay (+- 25$) isn't bad at all but there things that are not good about and that you'll have to replace before really using it.
The good parts:
-The knife is very nice, well made, solid, very satisfying.
-The matches are good too, but burn very fast, so watch out about that.
-There isn't much to say about the whistle, but it's good, pretty loud too.
-The "Priorities of survival" booklet is definetly a helping thing in this kit, tells you everything about shelters, food, rescue, and more stuff you'd need to know if you're not very experienced.
-The emergency cord seems solid enough to me, but of course it won't go a long way so you would have to buy yourself a longer one.

For the bad parts:
-The fire starter is awful and the cotton ball won't even catch fire after 5 minutes of frustrating use of the fire starter, and it even broke on the first day, the handle and stone fell apart. So YOU WILL HAVE TO BUY A BETTER ONE, preferably with no handle, so less chances of breaking.
-The little wire id very fragile and breaks easily.

All in all, not a bad buy for 25$ but some parts need to be replaced.

5 grear starter kit ghostrider2012 - JAN 3, 2013

my buddy Ryan and i bought this kit at Canadian tire. it was good the fire starter was hard to figure out the knife was so sharp right out of the packaging

5 Your Title Matt - DEC 30, 2012

Looks great and i will buy one right away.

4 Good Kit But.... Harrison - DEC 22, 2012

Could use some fishing stuff and a button compass instead of two types of string

4 Check your gear. Rooky Woodsman - DEC 16, 2012

I got this for about 15 bucks at Dicks Sporting Goods. Most of the gear was pretty solid. The knife was actually so impressive that I am looking into getting a paraframe I for everyday carry. The fire starter however had a few hiccups. The rod came lose from the plastic grip on the third or fourth swipe. I have glued it back in place and have had no more issues with the piece. Over all it is a good basic kit, just check your gear before having to rely on it.

3 could have more stuff skh - DEC 13, 2012

awesome knife guys rest isnt bad. fire starter sucks the knifecame out sharp. i could shave with it

4 Good Kit for the money Joe Dremmel - DEC 13, 2012

Good little kit, only thing I would add is a button compass. Good kit for the money.

4 okay kit john rambo - DEC 4, 2012

I had this kit for a few weeks, I have to say its pretty cool. knife is AWESOME, could use more snare wire, for all u fikle customers get this kit, its awesome

1 READ BEFORE BUYING mike - NOV 25, 2012

actually, the real bear grylls survival kit is piss

5 knife man goos knives - NOV 17, 2012

best knife there is

4 Good kit NICK - NOV 11, 2012

Good backup kit but i wish it had a bigger knife and a more waterproof bag

2 Poor quality fire starter Karen Browne - NOV 8, 2012

Bought it today for my sons birthday, gave it to him and within the first hour the fire starter was broken. We had watched and supervised the 4-5 times he got a spark when the plastic around the flint cracked and a triangle piece fell out, leaving the flint loose in the handle till the next attempt it fell out. Shame because that was the most excited thing in the pack he was wanting.

3 Decent, but needs work T - OCT 23, 2012

Pretty good idea, but I had to customize it a bit to feel safe. The fire starter is great. I wish there was a lot more string and wire, though, So I had to add. Decent for a start.

5 is this kit good lewis - OCT 19, 2012

is the kit good

1 Mr Peter Oliver - OCT 15, 2012

It's a joke. You will not be prepared if you rely on this. Knife is minute (more like a toothpick), tiny piece of "snare wire", tiny piece of cotton wool. I am sure not even Bear will be able to light up the cotton wool with this "fire starter".

3 Your Title Bernie - OCT 9, 2012

Meh. Ok kit. I carry a bigger, better knife normally. The waterproof matches are a joke. They burn SOOOOO fast its hard to use them without burning the hell out of your fingers. Everything else is good though. I carry it in the glovebox of my car, and when I'm camping.

5 survival kit tobuscus jr - SEP 23, 2012

i loved mine the first time i got it i tried it out and it worked great! and it also has a cheap price

1 it sucked poo - AUG 27, 2012

the fire starter sucked

1 Bdr. shawn - AUG 25, 2012

bought the Bear Grylls Basic survival kit what a joke it is need to use the flint and steel to start a fire as my lighter and matches got wet and it broke the very first time i used it its a good thing that i only had to eat a cold meal and not needed a fire for survival all in all i would not buy any of the survival kits gerber has to offer as they are of low quaility

4 Couldn't do better A French Soldier - AUG 13, 2012

The nylon bag ain't totally waterproof the miniparaframe is outstanding there isn't enough snare wire to build up a trap but it's still 1an overall good kit.

3 Ok PAT - AUG 11, 2012

this kit is good but can be better the knife is good but there needs to be more added i had to buy more seprate items to put in the kit.

5 Kit DANIEL - AUG 9, 2012

i got this to put in my pocket for everyday carry so that im prepared

4 awesome jason - AUG 8, 2012

i love this kit. i bought mine for $11 but it is tottally worth the cost

5 nice kit daniel - AUG 6, 2012

i got this to carry in my cargo pocket every day so that im prepared.

5 ddg gffd - JUL 14, 2012

i bought the two kits and i combined them and its pretty cool

5 better than others chris - JUL 6, 2012

great bit of kit small and compact, knife was sharp, everything seems great did have to file the striker for the ferro rod to get a nice edge, after that i get a brilliant spark, i got mine for £12, getting one for my son also the bag is great loads of spare room to add to the kit, impressed.

5 Gerber Fan Shimere - JUL 4, 2012

Nicely done! Great to have on hand for those just in case moments!!

4 it has potential backpacker - JUN 30, 2012

I got this kit a while back, and i always keep it in my drop leg pouch when im backpacking.
its a good kit, but i added a small flashlight and a part of those daily pill containers are usefull to add more cottonballs (i also put the matches in there to) lots of room to customize.
i like the paraframe knife too over the multi tool in the other kit.
Also, my basic kit came with the large rope that is in the ultimate kit but not here... strange
I'm tired of seeing "looks good" ... and what makes you an expert on gear just by looks?

4 Pretty well done! George - JUN 16, 2012

I am impressed by most of the items except
the nylon string but the string is long enough for a shelter. Guys it's a 'BASIC' kit, why think
it should have more items?.

P.S Sorry you got fired. :(

5 awsome tye - JUN 4, 2012

very good kit love it

5 Your Title Basic kit - JUN 2, 2012

Its amazing basic kit and inside is lot of thinks,theres also a great small knife!!!!!!!!!

5 DDS Alex - MAY 21, 2012

Nice basic kit, i would add my own things to it to make it ore complete but its a great start

5 Zombie Survivalist/Author Roddy - MAY 10, 2012

Perfect for camping or hiking and even has enough room to add a few medical supplies. This kit is waterproof, compact and an absolute must for anyone leaving home. For the price you will not find a better or more effective survival kit.

5 one of the best kits out there joe - APR 28, 2012

this kit combined with a little knowhow is a perfect combo. it is light, compact and is a very reasonable price, my only criticism would be that the snare wire is very thin and i broke it just by pulling it but it can easily be replaced

4 Missing some basics but pretty decent Tyler - APR 6, 2012

This kit is good but one item i was disappointed about was it didn't have a button compass! Not even the ultimate kit has a compass. Also paracord would be better than the nylon string even when bear said it was paracord in the video. A little false advertisement but good kit for the price. the knife and firesteel cost $20 so good price.

5 bear grylls is awesome austin - APR 1, 2012

i got this kit on april fools day. the fire starter was pretty easy to figure out how to use.i got a nice little fire going using it.i made a tension snare following the directions from the priorities of survival book.i would totally recomend buying this wonderful kit.

5 pretty good kit ben - MAR 21, 2012

good basic kit. this was my fourth bear grylls item and i love it. its small enough to put in your back pocket even. although its not near as cool and useful as the ultimate kit, its still a great kit. i highly reccommend this kit.

4 Your Title Jörgen Clarke - MAR 1, 2012

Good basic kit. But there are some drawbacks. No safty pins, no fishing kit, no needles and thread, no condom (water bag). Brass wire is stronger than copper, for snares.

5 Scout Pablo Ballado - FEB 28, 2012

Pretty epic kit, got it today as soon as i took out the mini paraframe i got cut. it was suprisingly really sharp out o the box. it took me a bit to figure out the firesteel, and the land to air instructions seemed legit. i havent tested everything out yet but it all seems pretty excellent for the price.

5 best d survival - FEB 27, 2012

best simple kit ever. i added things but did not take any out

5 just order sterling - FEB 23, 2012

i just ordered it yesterday and it will probily save my life one day

5 Good The best - FEB 20, 2012

The best kit I have ever come acros like it

5 A Good Basic Kit at a Fair Price Grizzled Old Silverback - FEB 11, 2012

This kit and half a brain are all you need to survive for a day or two until recused - by others, or by yourself. What it doesn't contain can almost certainly be obtained or improvised from what's avilable in the environment. There's room in the pouch for a few extras - I added an MRE heater bag (minus the heater card) in there for a water bag, a couple water purifcation tablets, a book of regular matches, and a little flashlight. The whole kit fits comfortably in just about any standard jacket or pants pocket - great for EDC.

4 11B - US InfantryMan Marcos - FEB 7, 2012

Love the size and simplicity, I added a couple things extra and never go anywhere without it.

5 great tommy - FEB 4, 2012

amazing best kit ever

5 extremus Tyler - JAN 30, 2012

a must have for all outdoors people or outdoors activities

4 hunter / hiker jack - JAN 8, 2012

Bought 2 one for mine and my wifes back packs we carry them due to there size and functions very handy. Thanks for another great product.

5 it's actually worth 10 stars luke - JAN 8, 2012

it is amazing!!! the fire starter did fall apart but
superglue soon sorted that out.

4 mr daniel brettle - JAN 1, 2012

top notch gear defo need

5 BEAR Ben - JAN 1, 2012

The fire starter rocks ! It was a gift from my Grandmother . The knife rocks. BEAR GRYLLS ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 survival kit andrew - DEC 29, 2011

Ummm..... i just tested everything and the waterproof matches r not waterproof

5 i wish i could give it six stars jr zomibe killer - DEC 28, 2011

The fire starter fell apart but a bit of super glue its fine the knife is good the cord is alrit it is a great kit.

1 Your Title hudson - DEC 25, 2011

This was a gift from my wife and this sucked. The knife was the only thing that was good. The fire starter fell apart, I mean it literally fell apart.

5 It is The man - DEC 22, 2011

Not bad

5 Bear Bear - DEC 14, 2011

Thanks for the support guys. This is a great kit to have in your arsenal. Bright colours and good tips to help you survive.

4 The General Billy - DEC 6, 2011

This is great, and the waterproof bag is fantastic for holding urine when I need something to drink.

5 ;) roover - NOV 27, 2011

amazing tool

5 rocks heaton - NOV 20, 2011

easy to survive anywhere with this

5 dalton dalton pitts - NOV 16, 2011

i think this is cool i would like to have one of these cool survival kits

2 Your Title dave hatton - NOV 15, 2011

kit ok. fire fero rod fell out & lost first time

5 mrs karen miller - OCT 31, 2011

i think this is fab but what about pound stirling??

3 pretty average Steve - OCT 14, 2011

This isn't the best kit, knife is good, fire steel is good, I replaced the cord with 550 paracord and the cotton ball with 3 Ranger bands, the instruction sheet is kinda poor and the snare wire likely wouldn't hold a thrashing squirrel, I also added a cou

4 filice cody - AUG 31, 2011

Over all this is a great tool to carry but II tried out the fire starter and on the fifth or sixth strike the fero rod came out it is not that big of a deal to me I will probably just glue it in but just to better the gerber bear grylls product I though I

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