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Bear Grylls Canteen

Inspired by the classic military canteen and nesting cup, Bear Grylls and Gerber have updated the design with a BPA free water bottle, snug fitting nylon sheath and leak proof lock top. The two-handled cup is aluminum, suitable for boiling water. The outside of the canteen is textured to avoid spills or drops, even when you’re wearing gloves or exposed to extreme conditions. For survival in the wild, a water bottle simply won’t cut it.

Item # 31-001062
  • Size: 10" x 6" x 3"
  • Weight: 12.5 oz.
  • Steel Type: Food Grade Aluminum


  • Food Grade Aluminum Cup with Heat Resistant Silicone Handles
  • BPA-Free Water Bottle
  • Nylon Sheath with Belt Loop
  • Textured Exterior
  • Leak-Proof Lock Top
  • 1 Liter Capacity
  • Priorities of Survival Guide
4 Superman Kent Shortreed - MAY 30, 2016

Super great piece of equipment! Thie canteen fits my needs and is what is advertised, The cap broke and have been unable to replace it. Where I purchased it, has not been suportive. Gerbergear isn't my last resort!

2 I would not invest in this canteen Nolan - MAY 12, 2016

Though this product holds lots of water. the orange lid attachment breaks easily and it has happened twice for me. I tried to boil some water and it destroyed the cup.

5 like all the bear grylls gerber product i give it 2 thumbs up! dave - MAY 5, 2016

I bought this canteen and have been happy with it for the most part. The plastic tab at the top snapped on mine which has made hanging it a little more difficult. I did not find the weight on my hip to be to much at all however i do feel that a shoulder strap option may be the right way to go with this product. Over all like all the other bear grylls gerber product i give it two thumbs up. Great product for your minimalist camper who loves multifunctioning gear.

5 Veteran Jeff - FEB 14, 2016

I picked up two of these at Walmart. After reading the number of reviews, it seems there are a lot of false posts and haters on this site. This canteen is just as durable as military grade and holds MORE water than the standard US military issued green canteens. It has a solid design and is very functional. It DOES NOT LEAK from the top (filled it with water, closed the cap, and sat it upside down for 5 minutes...) as some have said. Also the sheath is NOT TOO TIGHT, but is snug by design. Since it has a stretchable strap and Velcro closure, you can adjust it to your own tastes. Don't believe the BS from the Bear haters, buy one yourself -- it's money well spent.

4 4star isaiah - FEB 3, 2016

its good i just got it a second ago and waid it with water in it and it almost waid nothing nothing wrong with it and it has bear grylls pocket guid and nice cover and a coocking cup and holds a lot of water the reason i did 4 star is beacuase i would like if the plastic would be a tiny bit better like metel

3 Outdoorsman Nomad - NOV 26, 2015

Would be almost perfect if the sheath was molle compatible and had some pouches. Canteen itself is tough tho. Just wish I could actually carry it. Three pounds is alot on your belt.

5 hiker and camper homer - SEP 2, 2015

this is a great canteen we have two of them they funtion great no leaks at the cap hold lot of water we use them every weekend and love the cup

3 Is anyone listening? NoBullBob - JUN 22, 2015

Sheath is too tight, maybe because the canteen holds 1200 Ml vs 1000 Ml (1 Liter).
At the advertised price it should include a strong enough adjustable shoulder strap with
a shoulder pad(with the extra 200ml of water and case you've got almost 3 lbs hanging on your neck). Maybe a few storage pockets on the side of the sheath. Also, an elastic strip around the sheath to hold a small can of bug spray or mace (for bad dogs). Come on guys, it's time for an upgrade..

2 The cap is crap Gabe - MAY 30, 2015

I've only had this for a while and after a few times out in the field, mind you not even I heavy conditions, the top part of the cap snapped off and now it's basically rendered useless because there really is nothing to hold the water in.

3 Tooyah Whatzit - APR 10, 2015

for $43 this better be prepackaged with bear grylls' pee

5 cool jt - JAN 11, 2015

It's cool

3 NOT leak proof Bill - DEC 29, 2014

I can't believe that for how expensive this canteen is that it leaked so badly. I had to search the local Ace hardware store to find a rubber o-ring gasket just to seal this thing. If you DO buy one of these, the o-ring size you'll need is a #45 1-3/8 X 1-3/16 X 3/32 Stock # 35759B. Even from WalMart, this thing was over $30 with tax, so you'd expect the quality to be perfect quality. Once you fix the leak, the canteen seems rugged and the cup is sturdy but will NOT fit a U.S.G.I. canteen stove. You're much better off hitting your nearest Army surplus store and hand selecting a stainless steel canteen cup, a canteen stove, a new canteen and a Molle II pouch to store it all in. (Which is STILL cheaper than this thing.)

4 wrong the replyer - DEC 15, 2014

if you git a military canteen that is aluminum they git rusty on he in side and cost 14 buck at army navy surplus. If you git a plastic one it is not BPA free last time i checked.

1 Mr. Haiqi Liu - OCT 13, 2014

Good idea for the product, but the nylon sleeve is too tight. VERY difficult to remove the bottle. Also, the pin connecting the attachment for the bottle cap snapped off on mine. Would not recommend getting.

5 Prepper Ken Simpson - AUG 23, 2014

Great product. Boils good. Really durable. Better than military grade.

5 Mister the Jon - AUG 11, 2014

amazing peace of kit, stands up to everything i put it through and still looks like new.

5 Survivalist Rhett Johnson - JUN 7, 2014

Defiantly worth the price, and a must have survival item.

5 james jameson james - MAY 29, 2014

now I can drink my own piss

5 Fantastic Duncan - MAY 18, 2014

I got my canteen because of its resemblence to a military canteen, and the fact that it could carry so much water. Personally, I didn't expect very much from it. Little did I know, it was the most fantastic water carrier I've ever had. Throughout a lot of drops (Due to lack of hand-eye coordination) the durability has really proven itself. The drops were not due to the gripping, but to simple user error. Sheath is great, BPA free is a huge bonus, and it is going to Peru with me soon….

4 great starter, needs a lid, and MOLLE cover Fred - MAY 12, 2014

Great starter kit, Needs a Lid for the cup, and a MOLLE capable cover with a larger pocket for water tablets.

4 great starter, needs a lid, and MOLLE cover Fred - MAY 12, 2014

Great starter kit, Needs a Lid for the cup, and a MOLLE capable cover with a larger pocket for water tablets.

4 secuirty officer M Bohne - APR 6, 2014

The only issue with this was the pouch, So I replaced it with a modified 2 quart canteen pouch. Overall I was satisfied with to get a second one.

3 Awesome Bottle, Bad Sheath avid camper/hiker - FEB 2, 2014

I've had this for about three quarters of a year now, so here's my opinion:

The canteen itself and the pot are great. They work, flawlessly. Sometimes water spills into the pot when i'm filling up the canteen and the handles have gotten loose, but that's fine. What really needs improvement is the sheath.

The only carry option other than your rucksack is the belt loop, and when there's a liter of water hanging on your hip it's quite uncomfortable. It pulls down on your belt a lot, and the only way to compensate for that is making your belt ridiculously tight, which is also uncomfortable. And then if you need to jog, it flails around on your hip like a wild animal. Which is even more uncomfortable.

Also, the velcro strap doesn't work anymore, the hooks simply all got bent or flattened. and velcro kinda sucks anyway. And the handles on the pot tend to get caught on the sheath when i'm removing or inserting the canteen, which is very inconvenient.

So if Gerber could do this to the sheath, it would be the most amazing water bottle ever and totally kick butt:
-Replace the velcro with two or three snap closures
-Add a shoulder strap, leg straps, or something to make the bottle stay secure on your hip
-Adjust the sheath to make it easier to remove with the pot

So please, Gerber, make a better sheath (or a whole new product, like you seem to do a lot), because this canteen rocks and it deserves a good sheath. There's my constructive criticism. :)

5 aaa niall - DEC 26, 2013

what a kit

5 Army Matt - DEC 10, 2013

buy a real US GI canteen and cup at an army navy store for under 10 bucks... it's the exact same thing but it's not made in china

5 Army Matt - DEC 10, 2013

buy a real US GI canteen and cup at an army navy store for under 10 bucks... it's the exact same thing but it's not made in china

5 IDK IDK - NOV 24, 2013

Is the top plastic, I can't tell and would it still melt by boiling

5 thesurvivor Thebosssurvivalist - NOV 12, 2013

love this canteen. took to te mountains last week did great u should get it

1 Get Real BillyJack - NOV 3, 2013

Nice looking canteen and all but $37??? I can get a military grade canteen with a proven design used by our military from the surplus store with a carrying cover all for around $8

5 the first nick. y - OCT 22, 2013

The bg gerber canteen is Beast. Only thing that could make it better is a cup lid. And stove like canteen store

4 Very good bottle Vincent - OCT 15, 2013

Very good bottle of 1L, but water splash a little bit out of the bottle if is full, even if is greatly lock.

5 survival darren - SEP 14, 2013

Everything I have that is bear grylls is very durable and handels very well.

5 ace sammy - AUG 14, 2013

I just gotta have one of these....

5 Survivor Daniel Ranger - AUG 13, 2013

Even if I don't win your contest definetly on the shopping list....Cheer's. LOL

5 NINJA Donald Edinborough - AUG 13, 2013

I think it needs a cover.

5 canteen abdi - JUL 25, 2013

Its is a very nice durable canteen one of the best i've seen

2 Mr. Cody Hasin - JUL 9, 2013

The canteen is a good size and able to hold a LOT of water when compared to other containers, but water leaks out of the cap! So if you are bouncing around (walking) it can/will loose water. When I need water I don't want to worry about if I am going to be short because of a faulty design/cap.

5 Customer John Gressley - JUN 26, 2013

I have used this canteen on every hunting & camping trip.

3 Moldy Good - MAY 24, 2013

My canteen got moldy

But it was a good canteen

5 Legend Tripper Robert Robinson - MAY 15, 2013

When I first ordered this canteen, my first thought was it is nothing more that a re-styled military canteen for kids. Well, I was wrong. This new canteen, introduced by Bear Grylls, is one of the best canteens I have ever owned. It is constructed of a tough plastic and holds more water than the standard military canteen. It easily goes in and out of it's nylon pouch, which is made of a quick drying material and is easy to carry on your belt. The canteen cup is colored orange, which I suspect is to make it easier to see in the jungle or woods and to be used as a signal device, in a survival situation. All in all this is a well thought out product and I highly recommend it to not only campers but for kids who are into scouting

5 100% Satisfied Ultimate Survival - MAY 6, 2013

Im an adventurer, and rely a lot on my gear, and it has to be able to stand up to almost any situation you can put it in. I bought this canteen questionably, but after many tests, it has met and exceeded all of them. A lot of people have been complaining about the rubber handles on the nesting cup, how they fell into the fire, and because of it the handles burned off. Well for those people the nesting cup isnt meant to be set on a rock or something but you are supposed to hold it with a stick through the handles over the fire, and the handles wont burn off. The canteen itself is very lightwieght, with a heavy-duty sheath, and even though the canteen is thin, it insulates the water well and keeps it from freezing. I am 100% satisfied, and I must say that this is the best canteen I have ever purchased.

5 Your Title Your name - MAY 3, 2013

my dad has 1

5 Great Buy For Any Born Survivor Born Survivor - MAY 3, 2013

Great Buy! Everything about this canteen has been outstanding! The heavy-duty nylon case has stood up to almost every situation possible. The canteen itself is lightweight but carries a lot of water, and even though lightweight, it insulates and keeps water from freezing. Cup is heavy duty metal, and even though there have been some complaints about the rubber handle, you can put a stick through the handles to be able to hold it over the fire without melting them. Everything about this canteen meets and exceeds my highest expectations, and the warranty form Gerber is one-of-a-kind.

3 OK Me - MAR 26, 2013

It Is a nice canteen and it comes with a canteen cup but the rubber on mine melted off

4 Your Title Your name - MAR 24, 2013

Works well holds a lot of water and nice to have on your belt but the cup gets black when put on a open wood fire make sure you use a camping burner, this does not effect the water inside the cup though

4 Also jack Jack - MAR 22, 2013

It seems great but I want to prepare invade the world breaks into all hell, and it would be nice to see this gear in od green

5 Expectations Exceded getoutsideandplay - MAR 14, 2013

I love this product from Gerber! It was bigger than I expected, and even though there are complaints about the handle I think it is a very good design. The people who had their handles burn had dropped the nesting cup into the fire, resluting in the melting of the handle. But this design allows you to use your good old poke-stokin'-poker (stick) to hold it. Good design, Heavy duty case, and AMAZING customer service (better than any other company I have ever known) on Gerbers part. Expectations exceded! Keep up the good work Gerber!

5 Kick butt awsome - MAR 6, 2013

im a boyscout i use it all the time but the handle even got warm over a fire wich is a good thing

3 Mr. Muskoka78 - FEB 26, 2013

Same thing here!!! Not at all leak proof.
Bought a slip joint washer for 1-1/4 O.D. tube from Canadian Tire. It fits snug inside the cap and doesn't leak even when tipped upside down and shaken.
Simple fix, but still a bit disappointing that Gerber hasn't spend the pennies to include a washer inside the caps given this is a widespread occurrence.
Would be 5* worthy if not for the necessity of having to buy the washer.

4 Poor Handle Caine - FEB 9, 2013

Two complaints.

The rubber on the handle burns on the smallest of flames. Good Job on thinking a head. Also the canteen has a small base, which was to small to sit on my gas burner, hence leading to melting of the handle. Which would make it impossible to put on an open fire.

big fan of your gear.

2 badass jake - JAN 17, 2013

Bear Grylls doesnt use a canteen he just drinks pee

5 Great Construction Rooky Woodsman - JAN 5, 2013

Everything does what it's supposed to do. A liter of water can feel heavy on your belt, but if anything is worth the weight it's water. I hooked mine up with a shoulder strap and have found it much more comfortable to carry.

4 Great Canteen red - DEC 27, 2012

I think the canteen does a great job of storing water in a non-leaking container. Other water storage components are bulky or are a bother to carry. My only complaint about it is that when you hook it up to your belt and try to take it out of it's sheath it's a little too snug and can be difficult to take out. Other wise it is a great product that i would recommend to anyone who loves the outdoors and likes spending lots of time in it.

5 Awesome sruvival canteen! Smartin247 - DEC 26, 2012

This canteen works great. The cooking cup is great to with its handle so that you can connect a pole or stick to it. And the sheath work great. Over all this is awesome product to have.

5 Survive Rip - NOV 10, 2012

Love this canteen!!! I have had no issues with any plastic taste or smell. Use this canteen every day. Put a big carabiner on it so I can hook it anywhere. Holds plenty of water and so far has proved quite durable.

5 survival awesomeness! blake - NOV 10, 2012

I like this canteen because it is nice and big.The cup that attaches to it that's made out of medal is very handy to boil water to decontaminate it. It is a dream come true to me!!

2 scrap the aluminum for teflon Just a thought - NOV 5, 2012

teflon coated stainless steel instead of aluminum would have been ideal for the price point.




I like it because it is very comfortable and its size is excellent

5 review MItch - SEP 29, 2012

this is worth it weight in gold. it is one liter bigger than you your normal canteen and weighs approx. 3 lbs. it has a stow away tin cup u can also drink with the sheath is awesome and hooks to the bag or your belt. I would recommend.

4 Best Plastic Canteen I've had Keith - SEP 27, 2012

I've used military canteens for a long time and I love the plastic the gerber one is made from. Had it for a month now, use it every day, have never washed it and still no bad taste. The canteen cup works although I would have preferred a steel one and the rubber on the handles falls off after a few fires. All in all worth the money to have this and much better than any military combo I've used.

5 dude guy - SEP 26, 2012

okay the bottle dose smell like plasti but thats no reason do be worried about your health the bottles fine and i used mine to boil water to cook breakfest to makeing tea from pine needles. Also the canteen is way bigger then a military surplus and is textured i usually have to take my gloves of to hold my surpuls cantten and have replaced it with this bear grylls one. Only complaint is the sylacon grip sucks but it works better when there of any way so still cool

3 Your Title Steven - SEP 13, 2012

Got a pair for me and a mate and the "heat resistant silicone handles" fell apart on the fire.....

1 Worthless The Dude - SEP 13, 2012

How are you going to make a survival canteen that is made with BPA plastic? If you want quality buy a military surplus one for way cheaper. Sorry Gerber but your products are just garbage.

2 Plastic smell in the canteen Jason - SEP 9, 2012

I got it with price $26 on Amazon and it looks cool I love the color and style. But I found this canteen is made in china, there's plastic smell in the canteen, and I try to wash the smell off for 3 days, but still don't work, Is this really BPA FREE? Now I'm worried about wether it’s harmful for health....

5 The canteen Sasha - AUG 27, 2012

This canteen is a very good for bushcraft.I bring it all the time

5 GREAT bear fan - AUG 24, 2012

this canteen is really great!! its been trough many, many backpacking trips and its made through so id say that although it does cost quite a bit its definetly worth it.

4 outdoorsman and tradesman Nolan - AUG 23, 2012

I loved this canteen so much. I probably used this more then anything else either at work or in the woods or trailing on my motorbike. I was loving this and the cap split on me today out of nowhere at about 2 months old. Nothing even happened to it and i have a 8 hour motorbike ride tomorrow in 30 degree weather .. I'm so let down its not even funny. Are there cap replacements?

3 Mr Thommo - AUG 13, 2012

Just wondering why they didn't make it all of stainless? Yes it will be negligibly heavier bit would be safe to heat and safe to drink and bulletproof! That's why most still use the world war2 could produce the 1and 2 quart examples could maybe make the burner underneath as well. Why use bpa plastic? Will it be like other products that claim tO bpa free which later are proved to be not! Stick with stainless not this plastic crap!!!

3 nice not worth the price alice - AUG 10, 2012

it is nice and well beuilt but for 10-15$ i can buy a new military canteen and a great heavy duty stainless steel canteen cup that i find i prefer. it holds the same amount of water and bpa free and i get better pouches for it but the bear one is nice wish it was stainless steel for the cup and the belt loop sucks on the bg pouch. i give it 3 stars because it is over priced for what else is avalible on the market your better of with genuieen surplus.

5 Great product - but the Sheath is too tight Peter Aden - AUG 8, 2012

This is another product which meets the high standard now associated with Bear Grylls products. However I do have one gripe - and that is that the sheath is too tight and causes the metal canteen to jam every time I pull the bottle out. It's not a biggy, but I do find it quite annoying and it could be easily solved by having the sheath a little looser.

But all in all I still recommend this as an excellent product.

3 a good canteen, but massively over priced Brad P. - AUG 7, 2012

I bought this canteen expecting it to be better than my military surplus canteen. I bought the surplus one for 20 bucks and it came with a carry pouch, cup with handles as well as the canteen, so I think the Grylls one is just as good but over priced.

2 Backpacker Ex-Infantry - AUG 3, 2012

Really? $37?
My old Army canteen and cup look just like this (without the fancy color) and it only cost me $12, with a cover.

5 cant wait colton - JUL 3, 2012

it hasnt came in yet but iv lokked at it and felt it its a very durable and high quality canteen i cant wait untill this canteen comes in

5 good but belt loop backpacker - JUN 30, 2012

This is one of the only canteens you can buy nowadays... i dont have any surplus stores around me, so this one at dicks sports was a find. So far this has lasted the back country of the arizona desert during one of my backpacking trips... the only issue is the belt loop. They should add a picture of that because it sits on you belt in an awkward position which i hated, but i solvied it but just getting a strap to sling it around my shoulder.
works great! i wonder why canteens arnt as common as theey used to be

5 26.00 colton - JUN 29, 2012

for the people that think this is overpriced u can get it at walmart for 26.00 dollars so just know that before criticizing

5 dave JOHN D SHARPE - JUN 23, 2012

I bought this canteen when it was $10 cheaper, but I tell you what, It's 95 here in TN. every day! I had to clean out a garage the next day. I filled this canteen up halfway with water and froze it overnight. That canteen kept ice water for over 24 hrs in 95 degree heat and even longer! You get a 5 star from me!

3 Big G Really good find... - JUN 13, 2012

Yeh cant argue great product lives up to the name.
Iv had several flasks ranging from cheap to the NATO standard and this is up there with that.
Dont like the comment from Weekend Ranger: 'If your any kind of outdoorsman you should get one of these'.
Been in British Army, retired to the states, iv been fortunate enough to meet some of the top survival teachers in UK and the world and i can assure you they havent had one of these, find out what works for you and stick with it regardless of brand or image!

4 Weekend Ranger Joe - JUN 6, 2012

Just picked up one of these and I'm very impressed. The bottle is big, sturdy, and looks great. The cup is a good one too. It's tough, looks good, and secures tightly to the bottle. The carrying case is very nice. The single Velcro strap keeps the bottle secure and there's a side pocket for whatever.
All in all this is the best canteen I've ever had. It's even better than my old issue from the field. If I had any hang ups it would be the price. It's definitely worth good money but to save a few bucks I ordered mine through Walmart for $27. If you're ANY kind of outdoorsman you should get one of these.

3 scout leader nice canteen, but overpriced - MAY 23, 2012

nice canteen, would recommend , but not from this site , its $10 less on Amazon

4 Nice, but slightly heavy Jakob - MAY 21, 2012

Bought one of these to bring on a "survival" hike, to impress my scouts (aged 9-12).
The scouts were duely impressed - but so was I, I must admit.
The canteen is very sturdy - and does not add any nasty aftertastes to the water, not even water stored in it overnight.
The sheath is sturdy as well - and does a good job of keeping the bottle insulated.
The cup proved to be great for boiling water, brewing tea as well as eating/drinking from.
The only things I really do not like are the weight and the fact that the piece of plastic, that holds the lid together with the canteen is too stiff - a softer pirce of rubber would have been a lot more comfortable.

5 Zombie Survivalist/Author Roddy - MAY 10, 2012

I love this canteen! It's made of durable plastic(I've broken dozens of waterbottles) The aluminum cup is sturdy and the rubberized handles are definitely handy. Like all Bear Grylls gear the sheath hooks nicely onto your belt; freeing your hand and pack space. All in all an essential for anyone straying from home.

5 canteen james the survivor - MAY 7, 2012

i am geting this in 2 days so exited and cant wait i have always wanted this cup and bottle in fact the the first time i saw it i did a little crap in my pants.

5 Durable Mitch - APR 17, 2012

Good canteen all around , perfect for the hiker, outdoorsman or survivalist.

5 price xvaier - APR 2, 2012

you can get it for just 28$ on amazon and not 37 here,;) just a little heads up

1 Realist Daniel - MAR 31, 2012

For $37 rrp.. its cheaper buying a US GI canteen with kidney cup and cover. a proven canteen

5 bear grylls canteen survival expert - MAR 31, 2012

I think it's the best thing out there. I think this because once I tried it in the field, The aluminum cup works great and you can put it over a fire, and the bottle is high grade, and holds a lot of water. The sheath is good, it easily fits on a belt. The price is high, but I highly recomend for anyone who knows anything about survival.

5 Best purchase EVER Ken - MAR 31, 2012

This canteen was wonderful! I finally took a break (from throwing money by the handful out of the window of my Porsche) long enough to throw money down the toilet for a canteen from some hack who couldn't even stay on the Discovery Channel.

4 Concerned consumer Gene Busbey - MAR 30, 2012

Nice looking, but the same kit is only $24.95 on Amazon. Would be nice to get the best price directly from vendor instead of someone else. Heck, at least match the better price.

5 Man of Will Bear Grylls - MAR 28, 2012

No other bottle on the market makes my own urine taste so good.

5 Mr. Zen - MAR 27, 2012

I love this Canteen!

5 mcflin john - MAR 27, 2012

here is the video i made

5 Idea James Pailing - MAR 17, 2012

This bottle looks great, can't wait to get my own. I think bear and gerber should make a rucksack like the one he uses in most of his man vs wild shows!!!!!!!

5 Survivalest David B - MAR 17, 2012

Looks Great but whats up with the price. Look, It's a water bottle and a cup. You Can get the same thing at army surpluse for ten dollars. The only difference is its green and doesn't say Bear Grylls. $37.00 Dollars is way to much...

5 AWSOME john - MAR 15, 2012

just got it today its amazing i cant wait to try it in the feild

5 truck driver/ camper michael schaller - MAR 14, 2012

nice water bottle and cup , is it made of gold cuz seems wildly overpriced

5 SurviveTexas RIP - MAR 13, 2012

Got mine today...awesome canteen!!!

5 I CANT WAIT person - MAR 11, 2012

i ordered this a day a go cant wait to get it in the mail!!!!!!!

5 iuhiohiooluh uhuoihuioh - MAR 9, 2012

this canteen is the best because the normal army canteen is plastic and you can taste the plastic when you drink from it

5 Best Canteen I've had yet! Bruce - MAR 8, 2012

This is a great canteen. The textured exterior really makes a big difference when your hands are sweaty. The aluminum cup is also very high quality and fits very practically on the bottom of the canteen. The sheath is also really nice. Here's where my only negative comes in though. I wish the sheath had some sort of molle attachment capabilities. The canteen is pretty large and the cup and sheath only add to the size so the unit doesn't fit in any water holders on my rucksack and the belt loop isn't very realistic. If I could attach it to the side of my pack this would be the perfect canteen.

5 wow so want it Your name - MAR 3, 2012

im trying to get as much bear grylls suff as i can get my hands on because i now follow the religion of beargrylligion but this looks cool anyway

3 Over a fire question - MAR 2, 2012

does that mean that i can put this canteen over a fire with no problem?

5 canteen rico - FEB 28, 2012

this canteen is awesome i cant not think about

5 free samples plz? mike bubrowski - FEB 27, 2012

I want it! Deff a hell of alot better looking then the one i had in the military

5 writer Frank Borelli - FEB 27, 2012

is the pouch MOLLE mountable? or only belt worn?

5 Asia Your name - FEB 27, 2012

will it come to asia?

3 Your Title Brian - FEB 27, 2012

Where is the filter?

This reminds me of the military plastic canteen and canteen cup I was issued in 1986.

I can pick one of those up at half the price or less. For survival situations if I am carrying water I would use a hydration pack (camelback or other) .If i wanted a hard canteen , I would choose one with a filter to ensure the water I was filling it with was clean and potable.

5 So Much Capacity Big Fan - FEB 27, 2012

At first I was a bit apprehensive but I figure I will never be able to pee more than a Liter. Cant go wrong.

2 Customer Robert Sparkman - FEB 27, 2012

Who wants a gold finish when its gonna burn off eventually anyways.

5 a 2nd idea alex - FEB 26, 2012

yes we all need a Bear Grylls survival backpack

5 Your Title Bruce - FEB 26, 2012

It's kind of hilarious that people are criticizing this and giving it one star strictly based off of the price. While I agree that the price is a little steep, I have a feeling most of those people are Bear Grylls haters and have not actually used this item. If they have, they would realize that it's quality is far superior to that of traditional canteens and the fact the the aluminum cup is built to fit on the bottom saved a lot of space in my rucksack and space is a very important factor when putting together a BoB.

5 Awsome canteen set Thanks Gerber CJK - FEB 23, 2012

This is a great canteen yes it is a little pricey BUT, you dot have to worry about it being unsafe to eat or drink from unlike other canteens and cups that may be coated with who knows what! Basically you are buying a guaranteed food safe canteen and cup from a trusted retailer and i would rather pay $37 for that than buy a cheaper one and pay for it with my health when i get sick

5 An idea Alexander Johan Olsen - FEB 22, 2012

Cant you make a BG bagpack and a BG jacket? Please, that woud be awesome! :D

5 johhny bob - FEB 21, 2012

how good is it/

5 Idk Idk - FEB 19, 2012


5 Student Akitudja Ádám - FEB 17, 2012

Please make a video with Bear Grylls and with his Canteen!!!!

5 Excellent Cody A. - FEB 17, 2012

Today i had a chance to finally use my canteen. Living in colorado it gets extremely cold during the winter nights. While taking a small trip i decided to stop to make a fire for boiling some water for hot chocolate. This boosted my morale and kept me warm. All this was done with the ultimate knife, my canteen, and some knowledge(also courtesy of Bear Grylls). Bottom line is the canteen is an extrordinary item.

4 sweat nathan - FEB 16, 2012

never seen it before is it available in australia

5 Quick question Mike - FEB 15, 2012

I bought the canteen and it is really awsome I like all the bear grllys items because they are really well made items. I do have a question. The orange canteen cup it's a great color. Is it safe though? I know the add says food grade aluminum. But what is the orange coating made out of. Can I really safely eat and drink out of this cup? I want every body to know by asking this question I'm not saying anything bad about any of the bear grllys products because they really are top of the line. I just need a little education about the cup. Also this products comes with a awsome cover/ holder that they do t show in the picture it really is a awsome canteen.

1 Your Title Your name - FEB 15, 2012

i will stick to the normal military canteens no need to reinvent the wheel

1 dodoman poopoohead - FEB 15, 2012

first of all 37 bucks for a canteen with cup i can get this all for under 17 buck ripoff

5 Australia awsome - FEB 14, 2012

will it come to Australia

5 ultimat cooking power Bear - FEB 13, 2012

very nice looking design well done

5 Germany Andy - FEB 13, 2012

Great survival item! When will it be available in Germany?

5 keep it in stock tommy - FEB 11, 2012

will you keep it in stock forever

5 amazing tommy - FEB 11, 2012

best survival item ever

5 Amazing. Andrew Cheon - FEB 10, 2012

I feel epic while drinking water out of this. I don't use cups anymore, even at home. Haha.

PS; I was half-heartedly hoping for a video of Bear drinking out of the canteen. That would have been awesome.

5 ing jhonny C - FEB 9, 2012

5 Can't wait Coleby A - FEB 9, 2012

I just bought it when I saw it for sale and I can not wait until it comes in. Bear Grylls is AWESOME!

5 Wayne John - FEB 7, 2012

When can i buy this amazing item? When will it be out in stores?

5 I want this Jeremiah - FEB 7, 2012

Looks awesome,i could use this

5 I want this Jeremiah - FEB 7, 2012

Looks awesome,i could use this

5 Just cannot wait James - FEB 4, 2012

This new range of Bear Grylls gear for 2012 is fantastic.. I'm a big fan and can't wait for this any longer :)

5 When can i buy it? Mathisen - FEB 3, 2012

when can people buy this botle?

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