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Gator Saw III

This sheathed, pack able field saw offers the utility of a bow saw in combination with a sporting hack saw... all in a traditional, collapsible frame format. There's a 10" bone saw, a 10" wood saw, and a 20" collapsible chain saw. The handle is Gator gripped. And our wing nut wont go flying off in the field; we've made a special attachment system for that baby.

Item # 22-41514
  • Overall Length: 23.25"
  • Weight: 32.00 oz.
  • Blade Type: Coarse/Wood and Fine/Bone
  • Handle: Gator-Grip


  • Compact for easy carrying with other gear
  • Fine saw blade for hardwood and bone
  • Coarse saw blade for wood
1 Alaska Guide Steven Untiet - AUG 26, 2014

Nice saw, couldn't cut any moose bones with it or find replacement blades??

4 Explorer Homesteader - SEP 29, 2012

Good product, Nice case. I also had lateral flex with the 20" blade, But I love having it to really get cutting on bigger logs or use separately with the supplied hooks. Mine had a problem with the front pin not holding the blade (any of the 3) but a slight grove cut into it solved that. The rear pin was canted so no problems with the blade staying in place on the back. I liked the fine tooth(bone) blade better then the "wood" blade, I found it cut with less effort and I was able to process wood very fast. All in all it was a good purchase. Now I just need to find some replacement blades.

4 Survival Expert Zee-Man - FEB 28, 2012

Very nice tool! The frame has a little too much lateral flex, but appears very strong nonetheless. The flex does not seems to affect the cut when using the 20" chainsaw. I don't know what impresses me more, the saw which is excellently designed or, the carry case which is equally well designed.

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