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Downrange Tomahawk

When you’re in a situation where time is of the essence, you can’t waste time wondering if you have the right tool for the job. No matter what’s on the other side of that door or barrier, you want a tool with the same single-minded determination as the man wielding it. The Gerber Tactical Downrange Tomahawk is a marvel of simplicity and efficiency in service of solving serious problems. No moving parts to break or jam, no extraneous gimmicks to get in the way—just a well thought-out design and three-quarters of a century of Gerber craftsmanship in your hands.


There’s no arguing with a tomahawk. This is largely due to the Downrange’s three-tiered approach to tactical breaching. The axe head’s beveled edge is capable of chopping through drywall and turning walls and doors to splinters. The backside of the ax head functions as hammer for getting through hinges, locks, doorknobs and anything else that’s there to slow you down. The third threat is a pry bar at the end of the handle, controlled by a cutaway grip in the ax head.


Opposite the business end of the Downrange Tomahawk is a hefty pry bar. With a solid marriage of physics and force, you can confidently pry away using the cutaway handle in the ax head for leverage. The 420HC steel body with Cerakote™ will not bend or break, and the desert tan G-10 handle has integrated scales to keep the tool firmly in your hands no matter the conditions.


Tomahawks don’t exactly fit in your pocket, so it comes with a sheath that’s as practical as the tool itself. No matter what line of duty you serve in, if this tool is going to make it to where the action is, it has to be easy to carry. Which is where the MOLLE-compatible sheath comes into play. It readily attaches to your pack, standard webbing or body armor, so it goes where you do.

$328 Currently Out of Stock
Item # 30-000715
  • Overall Length: 19.27" (48.9cm)
  • Weight: 1.9 lb. (861.8 g) without Sheath, 2.5 lbs. (1133.9 g) with sheath
  • Steel Type: 420HC
  • Handle Material: G-10
Warranty Warranty


  • Unique Gerber design axe head with integrated Prying Handle
  • Hammer Head
  • Pry Bar
  • Desert Tan G-10 Scales on Handle
  • 420HC Steel Body With Cerakote™
  • MOLLE- compatible Sheath
  • Built in Portland, Oregon


4 Great Tool - 1 Suggestion Soldier - Army - APR 29, 2016

I love this tool, solid extremely versatile. I do have 1 suggestion that I personally think would be amazing. Give me a kydex sheath for the pry-bar end that is formed into a spade shape. This thing can already do so much you might as well let me dig a foxhole with it.

5 Chuck Norris Obama - SEP 8, 2015

I use this multipurpose weapon of mass distraction very effectively. Insurgents kneel before it...and when snipers scope in on me...the sight of it burns their eyes out. Nukes are rendered obsolete...everything else is just a toy compared to this. In fact...unless this tool is properly carried it's breaching powers are magical. It can breach a Vault door from 3 miles away if the thought should cross your mind. Just remember this...never bring guns to a Downrange Tomahawk fight... you will surely lose. I am also changing the name from Tomahawk to TomaEagle. Because Eagles are more awesome...and destroy all other birds.

1 Ground Radio Bad Product - JUN 9, 2015

Heads up, it comes unsharpened. After a few hours of sharpening, I finally got a nice edge on the axe head. Used it a few times on 1 1/2 - 2" logs and noticed a large chip in the blade. I reshaped the blade and honed it back to a nice edge. After a solid day of use, the entire axe/hammer head is now bent out of proportion and blade completely unusable. Pry bar also bent and non useable. Do not waste money on this product. Buy a more reliable and separate axe and pry bar.

1 Classified Classified - MAY 25, 2015

Well, I used this item in the field not knowing it would be the worst mistake off my life, the pry-bar broke and the head snapped on contact, I was not amused.

5 enthusiast agitator - JAN 29, 2015

I'd love to own this tool like all my Gerber gear I'm sure this won't let me down for whatever job i need it for. For our service men and women the price should not matter your paying for dependability.

5 Force Recon Ranger on Seal team 24.8 #OAF Snake 7 - NOV 12, 2014

Can we make it bedazzled with a sharp pointy back end? That would make it look really cool.

5 Retired Ranger (Combat Medic) MSG/E-8 (Ret) - AUG 17, 2014

In the Rangers we have this "type" of tool in our deployment gear. I have used this tool in Panama to Somalia to Bosnia to Afghanistan. Bottom line folks add this to your "essential" equipment list..... Always keep your powder dry, and your hatchet sharp.....
Rangers Lead The Way....

5 Veteran Gilly - JUL 29, 2014

Sgt. U.S. Army (Ret) is an idiot. The product is ideal for any hard working soldier. I've been down range and brought things like this back. I say go for it, buy this product. Dont listen to anyone who retires a SGT.

4 classified the canadian - JUL 27, 2014

good looks and good workmanship. CR means cheaper for enlisted individuals. lighter entries makes this nice but going into more fortified areas something a little more beefier with a weighted entry. Pry bar is nice and the handle is very versatile.

2 its got the looks but the price injun joe - JUL 10, 2014

it is a little impractical for the price :(

1 Marketing Gimmick IRQ/AFG Combat Vet - JUN 23, 2014

All this BS "tactical" crap makes me laugh! Companies nowadays peddle everything as "tactical". LMAO.
Tactical wipes (yes, dag gone butt wipes are being sold as tactical I guess ICO your a$$ gets in a fight with the crapper!), tactical gloves, tactical boots, tactical socks, etc. Gimme a break. A hatchet no better than what my local Fire Dept heroes use, Gerber calls it TACTICAL and charge twice the price! LOL

5 Aircrew Survival Equipmentman/ USN PR2 Maxwell Taylor - APR 24, 2014

One of the most usefull items a person could hope to have in an extended survival situation is a medium wieght cutting tool such as a hatchet or tomahawk. Its critical for building temporary structures in a timely manor to isolate yourself from the elements. Just having a knife might not cut it... No pun intended. This product seems to be very well designed. They thought of everything.

5 SGT, US ARMY INFANTRY, D. Williamson - APR 3, 2014

I think it is excellent, Who retires as a SGT unless they were a combat related injury. oh you stayed in a chu? wtf i slept with my head in the dirt the whole time on actual patrols. lol why would you even bother (RET)ard

3 BC Retired esisco - MAR 27, 2014

Does that hole in the head fit hydrants or residential gas coks?

4 MSG Caldwell - MAR 21, 2014

Jaysun - Who retires from the Army as an E5? This tool has clear application. Someday when you aren't managed like a private you'll make purchasing decisions on behalf of your unit and look for cost and weight reducing tools like this. Looking good Gerber.

5 Booger 10thMtnMan - MAR 7, 2014

NM, Built in Portland. Just ordered one

4 Col. Special Ops Robert Classified - FEB 12, 2014

My strike team invaded a suspected terrorists house with these, and it is proven to be very useful in close quarters and hand-to-hand combat.

5 6 STARS USMC02 - FEB 11, 2014

This thing is freakin awesome. Exceptionally well made. Throw those SOG hawks in the trash, this is the best bang and value for the buck. RMJ makes only a slightly better product, but costs almost $475, Overall buy one and keep it on hand in your vehicle. You never know when you might need it.


2003-2004 I kept a machete, tomahawk, and sledge hammer with my vehicles at all time. It was on my bug out bag with extra ammo. Some knives cost 100$. This is very reasonable in all types of combat to dismiss it shows a lack of experience in both combat operations, and close quarters.

4 navy veteran ET Carter, USN vet. - FEB 2, 2014

Awesome piece of Hardware, lightweight, yet versatile many uses in breach as well as hand to hand, so, for those who think it reeks of C.o.D. I feel sorry for you if you had ever needed lightweight, tactical gear in the field.

5 SGT, US Army, Active, EOD Jonathan Sparks - DEC 10, 2013

As an engineer and a tech, i could see applications for this tool in the field. From cutting, to hammering, to prying. Dismissing it as "Call of Duty Fantasy" is a little premature, IMO.

5 Your Title dubs4life7 - SEP 6, 2013

oh man, I cant wait to get my hands on this. I don't know what kind of work one does in the Army that would render this tool useless. I know that It gets tiresome to lug around that blackhawk breach kit, this my not be as heavy duty as all of the tools on the blackhawk bag, but its light weight and versatility has my vote over a 45-50 lb breach kit backpack

1 Sgt U.S. Army (Ret) Jaysun Duran - JUL 31, 2013

This "tool" reeks of the call of duty generation. I swear I wouldn't have packed this item in my MRAP, and if I had my platoon sgt would have laughed at me all the way back to my CHU because there is no way this would have come with us on patrol. Lets not forget that the only way a soldier would get this thing BACK FROM DOWN RANGE would be to have it signed into the unit's inventory, meaning, you wouldn't get it back because the unit would take a loss on their next inventory. Then you would have to explain to your CO why that happened, then he would have to explain to his boss etc. Maybe if you are some Costa "operator" then you could use this, but your everyday grunt? Nope. Nice try though.

5 Your Title Glenn Brown - JUL 19, 2013

Please and thank you. Were do you want me to give you my money for this tool. Outstanding! Thank you!

5 Your Title SSG - JUL 3, 2013


5 Rx2 Productions Pulpo - JUN 10, 2013

What does "Credentials Required" entail?

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