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DMF Folder,Tanto, Serrated

Never step outside of your stronghold without this knife. Made to be a post-apocalyptic everyday carrier, the DMF Folder is 24-hour peace of mind. The DMF boasts a locking tanto blade for quick insertion and deep penetration into the decomposing flesh of the undead. It’s complete outbreak protection in a rugged, compact package.


*Also can be used as a super rugged folding knife for everyday carry.


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Item # 31-000583
  • Blade Length: 3.5 in.
  • Open Length: 8.4 in.
  • Closed Length: 4.8 in.
  • Weight: 6.2 oz.


  • Manual Opening (No springs)
  • Wedge Lock - Ambidextrous blade release
  • Reversible Pocket Clip (optional carry)
  • Pommel - Striking for defense or egress
  • G-10 Handle - Sure grip with bare hands or gloves
  • Modified Clip Point or Tanto Blade
  • Partially Serrated Tactical Blade
5 DMF MF'ers! EJD - AUG 30, 2013

Wow, this is my new favorite knife!

A rugged Post-Apocalyptic ECD, just like Gerber said it would be. For the time being I will use this as a Pre-Apocalyptic EDC!

This is my first Tanto, and I have to say, yeah I f'n love it. Can't stop playing with this knife.

Also, the clip feels and is very sturdy and I have to say I love the new Gerber logo's!

4 Bro Anthony - MAY 24, 2013

Great knife wish the blade was a bit longer though

5 Very sweet knife! Dan - MAR 24, 2013

Got this knife as a birthday gift and have carried it everyday since then. Very solid and trust it to do any job I need it for. Would definitely recommend this knife as an EDC. Nice job Gerber!

4 Apocalypse Deterrence Kit EJD - NOV 5, 2012

I bought the Gerber Apocalypse Deterrence Kit, which came with the (Gator Machete Pro + DMF Tanto), that I found online for $50 and free shipping, so well worth it IMO.

Love them both, they feel great, and you feel pretty good holding both of these in your hands, lol.

5 MR. STEVE STROUD - OCT 17, 2012


5 Awesome Dave - JUN 20, 2012

This is an excellent folder. Great steel. Great locking mechanism. Absolutely love the tanto blade. Perfect for what it's designed for. I certainly wouldn't be forcing this thing for log splitting (for obvious reasons). Goes well with my kit.

5 @Gary Ryan - JUN 19, 2012

Mate. First of all... Why were you splitting logs with a folding knife?!! Come on mate! Thats what axes/hatchets/ and machetes are for.. Or the very least a solid fixed blade knife. I certainly wouldn't go putting a folder through that much abuse.

2 Outdoor Enthusiast Gary - JUN 13, 2012

This knife is simply for a tactical purpose and NOT FOR CAMPING! I split some logs for a fire and the tanto blade began micro fracturing. JUNK! Tanto blades suck period get a drop point or just non tanto-blade! Learn certain uses for certain knives I guess.

4 USMC Sean G. - MAR 21, 2012

i bought this knife as my everyday carry, and its very good quality blade. but the locking system on mine is failing, it likes to open while its in my pocket and I've ripped open enough of my jean pockets open because of it. But other than that, its a good knife just keep a tool ready to tighten it around.

5 Walking Dead ? Bryan Love - MAR 17, 2012

This is an outstanding well made knife!! awesome job Gerber!!
One question was this the knife that Rick stabbed Shane with in the Walking Dead.

5 Zombie Slayer Michael Facundo - MAR 4, 2012

Just got this knife yesterday sweet knife! Very durable good job Gerber!

5 knife The walker downer - FEB 27, 2012


5 Sharp and Dangerous Zombie Bob - DEC 13, 2011

After getting stabbed once in the chest with this I realized that the knife I was being attacked with was a Gerber knife. The partially serrated blade sliced my rotting flesh like it was butter. Unfortunately it is still lodged in the back of my spine.

5 Apocalypse Survivor Amar - NOV 30, 2011

when dealing with zombies, you want to be as far away as possible; when you're forced to get up close and personal with them, this is the knife that you want. two thumbs up!

1 Zombie Hunter Adrian - NOV 22, 2011

Due to the length of the blade and my experience at getting up close and personal with the meat eaters, it poses a risk not worth taking. I do not endorse this particular knife.

5 Walker Slayer Joe - NOV 2, 2011

Me and a few of the guys were cornered in a department store one day. We needed to get some wheels fast but needed to blend in with the walkers. We figured out that we could blend in by covering our selves with their guts. We started discecting a walker w

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