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Multi-Plier 600 - Bluntnose Stainless

Thanks to feedback we received from our men and women in uniform, we toughened up our Multi-Plier 600s by adding our patented replaceable tungsten carbide wire cutters to this already popular tool. When the cutters become dull or misshapen simply rotate the tungsten carbide cutters 120-degrees, and you've got yourself a good-as-new wire cutter. After three rotations, the entire cutter can be replaced.

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Item # 07500
  • Overall Length: 6.3"
  • Closed Length: 4.9"
  • Weight: 9 oz
Warranty Warranty


  • Easily accessible , one-hand opening design
  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • Replaceable tungsten carbide wire cutter inserts
  • Saf.T.Plus locking knife and tools
  • Ballistic nylon sheath included
  • 14 Tools:
    • Blunt nose pliers
    • Tungsten Carbide insert cutters
    • Wire crimper
    • Fine edge knife
    • Serrated knife
    • Cross point screwdriver
    • Small, medium, and large flat blade screwdriver
    • Lanyard ring
    • Can opener
    • Bottle opener
    • File
    • Ruler
5 roofing inspector stephen aguila - MAR 30, 2016

love my new mp600 they were sent to me as a replacement of my 20 year old mp"s and i have to say i was worried that i would not be happy with something new, but i was sure wrong the mp600 wire cutters are much more effective. thank you Gerber for standing behind your guarantee.

5 Cable/Sat/PC Tech James D - DEC 21, 2015

Had the old non-locking 600 model, which lasted 20 years with every day use. Just recently sent it in for repair & to my surprise, received a new one. This is what "Made In The USA" is all about - dependable, high quality products that a reputable company like Gerber.will stand behind, guarantee and not bow down to a world where everything has become disposable.

5 Golf course maintenance Dan - NOV 9, 2015

Is there a gerber support group? I may need one while my mp600 is in for repair. Carry it every day. This thing is awesome.

5 farm laborer Noah Johnson - OCT 29, 2015

I never leave home without my gerber blunt nose plier. I have had both blades and the screwdriver break. It happened because I was using the tool in extreme applications. I would highly recommend this product to everyone that wants to have the best made dependable tool with you in all situations. To anyone that owns a leatherman get rid of that garbage or leave it at home for the kids to loose. Do yourself a favor and step up to a gerber. It will not take long to out shine any other product that's similar.

5 Mr. Fix-it DJ - OCT 14, 2015

Having used both a Leatherman and a Gerber multi tool over the past 30 years I can tell you this... Both are great tools, so for me it comes down to their warrantees. Both say they have a lifetime guarantee (Not true). When my Leatherman broke they would not fix or replace it. When my Gerber broke they replaced it with a new one no questions asked. Gerber is a fantastic company that truly does stand behind their products. From now on there will always be a Gerber on my hip, even though I'm not a big fan of their triangular cutting inserts.

5 Your Title Gary R - SEP 21, 2015

My Gerber Multi - Pliers was an old style snub nose and about 23 years old when it recently gave out. I just packed it up and sent it back and within a couple of weeks I received a brand spanking new upgraded set of M600 pliers with a new sheath. I love Gerber products and dealing with them is second to no one. Thinking about buying a pair, think no more and go for the best!!

5 Tent installer Matthew - FEB 9, 2015

Been carrying this tool for three years and no complaints yet. Love the blunt nosed pliers and one handed opening as well as the lifetime guarantee. Awesome company with awesome product and service!

5 Diyer Gill - JAN 24, 2015

Sent my old beat to hell mp600 in to Gerber
And they they sent me a brand new mp600
In the mail two weeks later . Can't beat that
Gerber is the best of the best . I love gerber
Multitools they are made for the working
Man. Gerber all the way.

5 Steeple Jack Paul - DEC 26, 2014

Been using them for 18 years and the best thing to have when working 800 feet on a tower to change the lights and work on the power feed to them. After 18 years, the knife and the file have broken after heavy use, will be sending in for repair. The blunt nose are the best for working on a tower. I will be lost wile they are out for service.

5 Forest Ranger Kevin Pittman - DEC 14, 2014

This is my second model 600. My original lost the rivet where pliers hinge but considering the work I put it through I am still impressed and consider myself and it inseparable. Gerber stood behind their product by sending me a replacement. The one I have now has the replaceable wire cutting teeth and are broke. I will be asking for new cutter teeth. I am not sure which I like better, replaceable cutter or the original built in cutter. I hope to see if the second set hold up longer. Either way the one handed convenience of opening this tool is a lot more convenient than the unfolding type multipliers. It sounds cool too when you flick it open.

5 Best multi-tool John Tewelow - NOV 7, 2014

This has never let me down. I have had it as an EDC since 1994 and it has done every job I have givin it. I own other multi-tools but none could replace my Gerber

4 repairman vuky - OCT 4, 2014

I've been using the previous version for over 19 years, and I can say it's a great every day tool! The nylon sheath is heavy duty!

5 Retired Mike Benjamin - APR 24, 2014

I had Gerber tool for many years and carried it regularly while working as a professional firefighter. Now in my retirement and disabled by cancer, I still use my tool for many household tasks. When my tool broke a blade, I returned it assuming the blade would be replaced. Today FedEx dropped off a package, and to my total surprise, Gerber sent me a completely new tool, and it looks like one step better than the one I sent for repair! Never did I expect that a company would go to this extreme to supply such excellent customer service. If anyone has any questions regarding the products or the customer service of this company, I would rate them a solid 10. Thanks for your help and keep up the good work!

1 Asst. Chief-Fire Trent Howard - MAR 27, 2014

We have issued blunt nose pliers for years to every FF/Medic but will soon be looking elsewhere. Do not spend your money on this model if you ever want to cut anything with the cutters. The rest of the features are nice but if you ever try cutting something put your goggles on as the carbide has a horrible tenancy to shatter. It could not cut one barbed wire fence on a large grass fire the other day. You don't have to worry about the handy feature of rotating it a 120 degrees because you will not get the opportunity too. Come on Gerber you can do better than this.

5 maint. tech Bob Diederich - OCT 31, 2013

Great tool, needed warranty for broken screwdriver they sent me a better one. This tool has saved me soo much time, feel naked without it.

3 Surface and Underground Mine Surveyor Phillip Kurzyna - AUG 29, 2013

Im a big fan of your hunting blades. I recently purchased a model 600 blunt nose stainless multi-plier. I really like its form and functionability. But, about 2 weeks ago, I was using the bottle opener, and the end of it broke off. Nice tool but I'm not too happy about that

5 Appliance and Furniture Store Owner Mark schreiner - JUL 17, 2013

I have used this Multi--plier for at least 30 years. I do not leave home without it. Every repair person on earth should have one.

5 Mr. JOE - JUN 7, 2013

Very useful tool, I've been using the previous version for over 15 years, I broke the knife, dulled the file and serrated blade. I mailed it back to GERBER to have it fixed. They fixed my old one and sent me an upgraded version with two nylon sheaths. I never leave home without it.

2 Marine Engineer Josh - MAY 16, 2013

While it is overall a good tool, the carbide cutters are a terrible design. The older design with integrated straight blades was more rugged and reliable.

3 Military, CFB Shearwater TJNugent - APR 13, 2013

Issued this tool and everything is fairly sturdy and lasts except those Tungsten Carbide insert Cutters, replace them with something stronger and you should not have to pay 1/3 the price of the complete unit for those cutters - and Lifetime Warrenty should be on the cutters also, or don't put on anything that is not lifetime warrented.

5 Pro Home Repair Jeff R - APR 8, 2013

I own a home repair / remodeling business and have owned at least 3 versions of this tool over the last 10 years. I use them every day, and the only time they have ever let me down is when I either: 1) use them for the wrong purpose (files don't make good pry bars), 2) zap the blades while trimming hot wires (could have sworn I flipped the right breaker!), or 3) lose them at a construction site (darn aftermarket pouch with pivoting clip).
I'd love to get the Diesel model in a blunt nose version, but the big jaws of the 600's suit most of my needs just fine - can't live without the one-hand flick! I'm about to send in two damaged pairs (my fault) because the nice lady in customer service said that the lifetime warranty would cover it - can't beat that with an ol' Weatherman!!

5 Installation and service technician Jay - MAR 6, 2013

I had the previous version of this model and found it to be indestructible in nearly 30 years it never failed me once I carried it everyday and used it everyday. It has now been lost in a building in Iowa that I spend 3 hours retracing steps to find but not to be found. I have kept the nylon sheath for memories. I will be purchasing this model and am expecting the same quality and trusty worthy tool.

2 Your Title James - FEB 8, 2013

Overall a good tool. The carbide wire cutters are terrible!!!!!!!!!!!! tried to cut some wire of relatively thin thickness, on the third cut the carbide cutters shattered. The old design was much better

5 Roadie mike d - JAN 24, 2013

Great tool!
I have tried them all and always come back to these. Forget the gimmicks of other tools, this has everything you will need on your hip. I have dropped this from 50 feet and it is reliable as ever. Not sure how long I have had it but I have had to have the velcro replaced on the sheath it's been a while

5 Grocery store owner Graham Pryce - NOV 26, 2012

This tool has never left my belt in years. So long I'm not sure how long - I suspect 20 years. This tool is my third hand - I use it evert day. It's such a pleasure to use a tool that performs above and beyond. I have other makes ( presents ) but I always use this one. As I said "Never left my belt" . Great job - thank you

5 fleet mechanic john b - NOV 19, 2012

litterally my right hand device ive lost mine and cant find one anywhere in town... im lost

5 Water Plant Supervisor Earl Hurling - NOV 1, 2012

I have owned the Multi-plier 600 for 10 years, and it has proven itself to be indispensible on more than one occassion, on and off the job.

5 Pipefitter Larry - AUG 8, 2012

I have had the Multi--plier 600 for 15 years, and just love this tool. I use it everyday. I really have no use for a lanyard ring but if I ever need one its there.

3 Powerplant mechanic Daniel - JUN 16, 2012

600 Mutitool I broke the end off of the pliers twisting them, it really surprise me.

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