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Diesel Multi-Plier Black, Sheath

This is one of the biggest, toughest multi-tools that also features the ease and convenience of wrist-flick deployment. That's the story behind the Diesel Multi-Plier.


We're talking about an industrial-strength tool here. The kind that pulls no punches and shrinks for no task...regardless of how tough it might be. The individual stainless steel tools are bigger than average, and more rugged than normal. And each one locks into place for maximum safety and security with the Saf.T.Plus system.


Maybe you could get by with a lesser tool. But why run the risk of all the cussing and fuming when you can own the multi-tool that rules the road? Diesel. The one tool you need when you can only carry one tool.

Item # 22-41545
  • Overall Length: 6.61"
  • Closed Length: 4.92"
  • Weight: 8.6 oz.


  • One-handed opening
  • Inboard tools
  • Components:
    • Needlenose Pliers
    • Wire Cutter
    • Partially Serrated Knife Blade
    • Cross Point Screwdriver
    • Small, Medium and Large Flat Blade Screwdrivers
    • Can Opener
    • Bottle Opener
    • File
    • Saw
    • Scissors
  • Fully locking blades
5 Recently bought Jerry Conner's - MAR 11, 2016

Best multi tool I have ever bought its rugged as can be just wish had more tools in it who needs 3 flat head screw drivers Gerber you did a hell of a job on it in sorry Gerber some of your customers make city complaints on there's breaking they need to get over it that's why there's a lifetime warranty

4 Low Voltage Tech Ted - NOV 22, 2015

Great Tool! Only downside is the plastic locks on the side are flimsy. The screws in them fall out. If they fall out in a place other than your pocket you're screwed.

5 bushcrafter jz - JUL 18, 2015

awesome knife! I use this multi tool often in the bush. It is a must have when making snares. All the attachments are very strong. Only complaint is that I wish the pliers were not protruding when closed.

1 US Army Retired Peter berry - OCT 13, 2014

I am not real sure what happened to the multi tool quality glass multitool I bought that held up I bought at clothing and sales on Schofield barracks in 2007 I wish I still had it since I lost a year and a half ago I have bought three of the diesels they are not professional grade they break constantly.The diesel I currently have the first time I tried to use the Phillips said it broke the first time I tried to grab something with the needle nose pliers the needle nose tip broke off the pliers and it wasn't and I broken jaw's and I've broken tips before on the older models and when you break them it's because you were doing something wrong,my 14 month run in Iraq I carry to combat folders Gerber Applegate's combat folders and two multi-tools I've been carrying them Gerber multi tool on my side since I was old enough to buy one I'm 39 I'd say have a pretty good idea of what works and doesn't work.i'm US Army retired and a master diesel mechanic. I would love to have a good Gerber multitool it didn't break within five minutes of giving getting it out of the box please reproduce some of the older versions that held up for a long time ,thank you!

4 Provrn strenght raulc5 - MAR 9, 2014

Great multi tool, better than my suspension multi-plier. Truly made for soldiers. Strong and useful in hundreds of ways and single handed use very convient. Even covered in sand, still has smooth one handed flick of pliers. This tool is epic and can take a beating. Use it daily and when in the field.

5 Best multi tool I own Bill - JAN 21, 2014

This is a great multi tool. One of my favorite tools on it is the blade. It came in razor sharp and is amazing at keeping an edge. Even through a good amount of use, it remains the sharpest knife I have. The saw is great. It can saw through branches but the spine of it can also strike a ferrorod. I have had no problem with the wire cutter being damaged. It. May not be a part of the list of tools but there is something like a crimper. Not as good as the MP600s but it works. Lastly, the can opener is great because it is arp and has a little bit of a point.

5 awesome jacob - JAN 5, 2014

this is awesome

5 US MARINE Dan - DEC 18, 2013

greatest multi tool i have owned by far, use it for every situation. It takes the abuse out in the field with ease. Sand gets in it and easily washes out and remains in top condition.

4 multi-tooler Mkf - DEC 7, 2013

I love the diesel. I have strapped it to my belt every day for a year at my work and just for life itself. The components wash clean with water and the design lends to a new sort of quickness that I personally had not experienced before the gerber 'diese'. People are always really impressed at the first sight of it because popping it from your belt to 'ready' is so fluid. I dig the half serrated bit in the knife and the little saw has been useful too. I gave this 4 stars because I just looked at the tip of the pliers and noticed they are bent in different directions. It's hardly noticeable- the edges don't fit flush together. I will continue to use my Diese though because it has never failed. No complaints on the sheathe. No complaints on the velcro. Keep bringin' it Gerber !

5 Top of the line tools Ryan - SEP 20, 2013

My father and I have been owners of Gerber tools for a long time. The tools never once have failed us and remain as the best tool brand we own. The Gerber Diesel is a well designed multi-tool with many features of which are all used all of the time. I had a Gerber multi-tool 2 years ago but someone stole it and I felt as though I was lost without it because it was always by my side when needed and at tha point I was not sure on what tool(s) to use afterwards, so I went out and bought the Diesel. And I love it.

5 US Navy - JUN 18, 2013

My favorite multitool, i have had many other brand tools and this is easier and more rugged than the rest, has been through anything and everything been by my side for 4 years and the only complaint i have is the blade has some strange serrations that are next to impossible to sharpen but the straight blade side of it retains an edge nicely. Best tool i have owned.

5 User Dave - APR 25, 2013

Great tool. Superior to Leatherman. As previously stated, the case will wear fairly quickly so I had a Kydex holder built for it and couldn't be happier.

5 Officer Cook - DEC 12, 2012

As a tactical officer I typically carried two Diesel Multi-Pliers. One on my duty belt and one on my vest. I love them and have gone nowhere without since I was in high school. I just wish I could get a better case for the four multi-tools I own. Nylon wears out, velcro wears out, and a large nylon clip flap doesn't exactly work on my new duty belt as I transition into law enforcement. How about some leather or some kydex?

5 Cant live with out it ! Dan - AUG 29, 2012

I've had the stainless model for who knows how long, Use it everyday it recently broke a rivet hope warranty covers and it doesn't take long to fix. I don't know what I'll have to use till I get it back. Gerber for life !

5 Your Title Luc - MAR 3, 2012

Just got this last week and so far its great

5 Great tool Jordon - JAN 2, 2012

This is the best tool I have ever owned! All the tools I need and nothing I don't. I have had two other Gerber tools and a rescue knife and they have all been great!

5 Exelent Steve - DEC 28, 2011

Exelent tool! Similar to the military issue multitool it's very durable and stable. Its well built and you shouldn't be woried about throwing it around or scratching it up, it will stay as tough as new.

5 very good joe - DEC 8, 2011

Great tool, feals tough ... and it is !

5 Awesome Finn Erickson - SEP 30, 2011

This is a great multi tool I've had mine for about three years and had no problems with it . Its tough functional and easy to use and the flick feature is a nice touch.

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