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Applegate Combat Folder - Double Bevel, Serrated

As legacies go, a man could do worse than being survived by the knife he designed. Such is the case with the late Colonel Rex Applegate who was one of this nations top authorities on close-quarters combat. The Applegate-Fairbairn Combat Folder stands with the Covert & Combat as lasting symbols of the Colonels dedication, expertise, and sense of purpose.


It should come as no surprise that these knives are known internationally as best-of-class among folding tactical knives. They've rightfully earned a reputation for unmatched strength, durability and balance. More than that, tactical professionals have high regard for the high-carbon stainless steel blade. The glass-filled nylon handles. The Covert and Combat have the patented roto-lock system.


Whether you choose the special operations black or the advanced camouflage green handles, they all come with the added convenience of a hearty pocket clip keeping the knife within easy reach.

Item # 45780
  • Overall Length: 10.06"
  • Blade Length: 4.48"
  • Closed Length: 5.64"
  • Weight: 7.4 oz.
Warranty Warranty


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Patented roto-lock system
  • Glass-filled nylon handles
5 retired sgt medina - MAR 28, 2016

I had this knife for quite a while and would recommend it to anyone who is going to depend on it for surviving the long haul.

5 Your Title jason brock - MAR 11, 2016

I'm loving it...

5 best knife ive ever owned Eagle Scout - JAN 26, 2016

go to pocket knife it has been used abused and miss used and just wont quit! i would recommend this knife to anyone who finds themselves needing a great tool that wont quit. if you need a box opener go get one if you need a tool you can put your trust in pick one up as long as you dont lose it this knife will out last and out preform your needs hands down.

4 SSgt/USMC Hundley - OCT 8, 2015

Great knife! I got two issued in Iraq back in '06. I lost one but I still have one that's going strong despite having lost almost all of the handle screws. They don't seem to have any effect on the operation or strength of the knife as a whole. The false edge on the top of the blade can easily be sharpened and maintains one hell of an edge. I teach CQC techniques and worry about the handle being a bit slippery in adverse conditions. With its size alone, it is a very intimidating knife to pull in a self defense/ hand to hand situation.

5 retired WesternDigger - AUG 25, 2015

had the knife for nearly 15 yrs, lost it this last week end. I would tell anyone this knife you just can't bet it, some well find it lost it at the football park watching my grandson play football { peewee] they are a ball to watch

5 Your Title James - JUN 24, 2015

Love this knife,

my PSG in Iraq for OIF1 got them for us.

it was a great knife, but unfortunately I lost it somewhere along the lines :(

4 Mr. Michael Pierson - APR 21, 2015

I own this knife and love it, but hate the steel. Why haven't you come out with this 41/2" blade model in the 154cm? Thanks

5 Blue Collar Guy Alfred - APR 18, 2015

This the best edc knife you can get for the money. Wel made and aesthetically pleasing- I've never been happier with any folder as much as this one. Don't wait...get and you won't be disappointed . Plus it comes with a cordura sheath with a horizontal carry option to boot.

4 moldmaker fx4real - FEB 12, 2015

although it is a linerlock the rotary lock saves the knife from being obsolete

5 navy jesus - SEP 30, 2014

i've had mine since 2008, still love it to this day, and it goes everywhere i go.

5 De oppresso liber Drew - JUL 15, 2014

A huge thank you to gerber on this knife. Issued to me just shy of 10 years ago, it has survived multiple combat tours, being abused as everything from a daily use knife, to can opener, and even a pry bar on several occasions. Though it's beginning to show its age after 10 years I just had it cleaned and sharpened today and it is still good as new with zero flex while deployed. Couldn't possibly be more impressed!

5 Police Joshua - MAR 23, 2014

Super heavy duty. Fits great in hand. Everyone at work wants one. Have had mine since 12/2010!!! Over three years. Flawless blade!

5 Best Knife I've Owned Career Law Enforcement - FEB 6, 2014

A friend of mine gave me this knife for a christmas present. Being a police officer I have always carried a knife and consider it another back up weapon. The knife is very well made and, as stated in another review, easily deployable. I've had the knife for some time now and it still has a good edge on it with no damage. I highly recommend this knife.

3 Retired Jarhead jwlehman - JAN 25, 2014

Awesome knife...shame it's not made as an automatic.

5 Retired Glen - OCT 8, 2013

Went through three of these knives, they never failed me until someone else needed it more than me. Decided I couldn't afford a forth one.

5 OldRedClay Bought This For My Son's Tour - APR 2, 2013

Bought this for my son when he went to A'stan. Wanted a backup for him that wouldn't fail when he needed it. Everyone from the First Sgt. on down tried to talk him out of it. It worked when he absolutely needed it, nuff said. Not sure what that is really worth, guess it would be anything I had to keep him safe. This was a bargain. In his words, combat tested and worked like a champ (still like my Gerber MK II though).

5 My favorite knife Patrick - FEB 7, 2013

I got this knife in Iraq. It's very well made. Still has a good edge on it with no damages,

5 Infantryman Cowdy - OCT 1, 2012

Had it in my calf pocket for years, always there when I need it. Stays sharp, fast to deploy, perfect for instant cutting needs.
Lost the clip recently, but had a short lanyard that saved the knife from loss. Still dependable and ready for work after many years.

5 True alternative to a fixed blade Tanino - AUG 31, 2012

You just need this knife. It is not always possible to bring a fixed blade, even a conceiled 4 inch blade or a randall 25 and, with time, the classicals 5 inch handle folders shows their limit in the field.
Then comes this outstanding big knife. I love it so much i bought the older green handle one and the anniversary S30V version. Note the upper edge can be sharpened as the blade fully enter the handle when folded. Years of use and always the same pleasure, i don't even think of not bringIng it when i go for a trip in the 'green'. The only industrial folder who gain respect from friends, users of traditional big french regional folders, where 4 inch blade is a strict minimum . . . You wont regret your purchase.

5 Hunting Veteran Don - JUL 14, 2012

Carried this knife in Afghanistan and many hunting trips. The edge retention is nothing short of phenomenal. It requires careful handling since sharpening the top side.

5 Survivor Jake - JUN 17, 2012

Just got it, and this is one sexy ass knife! Wish I could get my hands on the auto version though...

4 Veteran Mike - MAR 17, 2012

I bought this knife in '04 during my first tour in Iraq. It's as solid and durable now as when it was new. I've never seen rust on the blade, or any decay of the handle at all. The case is still in great shape also. I had to abuse the hell out of this thing, and my Gerber Multi-tool. Neither have ever let me down. The knife feels good and sturdy, never feared a collapse from this folder. Not a throwing knife. The only thing that would have made it better (and maybe armor piercing) would be a top side blade. Overall 4.5 out of 5.0

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