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Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi-tool, Nylon Sheath

Rugged construction, spring loaded pliers, external locking tools and an extra grippy handle earn this tool its moniker: the Ultimate Multi-tool.

Item # 31-000749
  • Open Length: 6.3’’
  • Closed Length: 4.0’’
  • Weight: 8.8 oz.


  • 12 Stainless Steel, Weather-Resistant Components
    • Needle Nose Pliers
    • Fine Edge Knife
    • Serrated Knife
    • Saw
    • Phillips Screwdriver
    • Small Flat Driver
    • Medium Flat Driver
    • Lanyard Ring
    • Bottle Opener
    • Can Opener
    • Scissors
    • Wire Cutters
  • Ergonomic Textured Rubber Grip - Maximizes comfort and reduces slippage
  • Spring loaded jaw for simplified single-hand use
  • External components for easy access
  • Patented Safe.T.Plus System - Enhanced safety by locking components into usage position
  • Nylon Sheath - Lightweight, military-grade, mildew resistant
  • Includes Land to air rescue instructions
  • Priorities of Survival - Pocket guide contains Bear’s survival essentials


4 good tool. crap sheath David - MAR 31, 2016

Tool great for my uses.
Sheath is crap.
Would be happy to pay extra for better sheath. Leather would be great.

5 Great tool Dillon - DEC 30, 2015

Works great! Very handy

5 like Majid khosravi - DEC 25, 2015

Works pretty good, I like it

5 amazing survival theorist - DEC 11, 2015

my firend has it and my firend love make things of wood and when he gets this he was quicker and beter then i try it and it blow my mind it has lots of tools in it,its sharp,and handl isrealy good for holding

i recomend this enywon who wont bear gerberswich army knife

1 suspension BRyan - DEC 7, 2014

save a few $$ get a suspension. you are just paying for the Bear Grylls name on the side.

3 Get suspension Chandler - AUG 12, 2014

I got the gerber suspension multi took and it's the exact same thing only with out the bear grylls name! Get the gerber suspension multi tool

5 love it umayr - AUG 5, 2014

so amazing i love this tool i used the wire cutter and it cuts almost any wire and the knives are so sharp

5 price jake - JUN 24, 2014

very expensive

5 Amazing tool Killian - JUN 13, 2014

Amazing multi tool sheath haven't ripped yet but very impressed

3 Building Maintenence Jeff Long - JUN 4, 2014

I really like the multi tool, but the sheath belt loop ripped only after about a month of using it. Gotta figure out another way of carrying it........

3 hr manager noe reynes - JUN 1, 2014

i use my bear grylls multi tool for hiking or around the house. most of the tools work great. however, the scissors were the first to give out then the some tools started to loosen up. and I am not even a heavy user. no service center for gerber here in the philippines to avail of my warranty. hope you can help.

3 Advertising Photographer Jeff Lendrum - MAY 16, 2014

The sheath is terrible design and not practical. Hard to open tools quickly ... not as friendly as I thought it would. Bought it at Gander Mtn and they were all wrapped with no display models to preview.
Good looking tool and works well if not in a hurry.

4 Maintenance Supervisor Bill Welch - APR 22, 2014

Sheath fell apart after a couple months but a great tool. I use it all the time.

4 Love it! Ryan - APR 3, 2014

I love this and also the PC250MTK ( ). I have had the Porter-Cable oscillating multi-tool for a while now. I decided to buy this because I had used a friend's high-dollar name brand multi-tool and really liked it, but I couldn't see paying triple the price for the big name. I have used this every day for many different things including cabinet and deck work. The "no tool" blade change is great and time saving. The 10-foot cord is a good length. Overall, it's very comparable to the Big Name Brand. The only downside is that the blades are a bit pricey and don't last very long.

3 surveyor chris - FEB 24, 2014

Tool is awesome!!!
Sheath broke in less than a month, how do i get another (better) one?????

1 weighs a ton mr p - FEB 1, 2014

If IM going to carry this thing around without the sheath and rip my fingers apart trying to get it closed i would rather carry a bunch of seperate tools that actually work.TRY it in the store if they have an open package,you will see.

5 its awsome logan - JAN 19, 2014

knife and is great for survival. 5 stars


I have been carrying the Bear Grylls Multi-Tool everyday since April 2012. I was initially attracted to the spring-loaded pliers which allow for single-handed operation. In 21 months of constant use, this tool has functioned as advertised without fail and continues to everyday. The external positioning of the tools allows the user to deploy them rapidly without opening the pliers. The sheath failed within days and was quickly replaced by a military grade pistol magazine pouch. Overall, this multi-tool is a sound purchase for the price. Recommendations: a real military-grade pouch, tool steel instead of stainless steel.

3 Aircraft Mechanic SImon - DEC 21, 2013

Great Little tool. Very versitaile. Rubber on the hand grips is not oil resistant. They say the nylon case is military grade, well I feel bad for whatever military they got it from. Mine ripped in two places in only 2 weeks of using it and the belt loop tore out.

5 crawfish Andy W - NOV 11, 2013

One of the best multi tools I've ever used, grippy handle ,sharp knives, screwdrivers, spring loaded pliers , great for everyday use! I seem to use it on a daily basis at work for something .... And it always does the job!

3 mechanic/underground miner leif - SEP 18, 2013

its a good knife . the rubber grips came straight off ( didnt like oils) broke the phillips screw driver ,hmmm but over all this kife is all good and strong it takes a kicking under ground everyday..i need a new holder for it 1 year and that is just fell apart .i think gerber should come up with a miners version . the flik is way better tool

3 Sheath is toast Jack Glunt - SEP 11, 2013

Belt loop tore off my belt, lasted about a month. Tool is ok, sheath not so much.

3 Your Title Nathan Fitchette - AUG 15, 2013

Awesome multi tool! I love how strong and sharp the knives are but my nylon sheath ripped on both sides after 1 week.

4 Great EDC tool 816 - JUL 7, 2013

great EDC tool..same problem with the nylon sheath after a month the belt stitching came apart..

1 Fisherman Jörgen Lo - JUL 2, 2013

My tool have rust after one days use, I'm not satisfy with the quality. How ever the tools are good and easy to work with but the material quality is poor.

5 awesome multi tool chewie25 - JUN 20, 2013

so good been it since last Christmas and it rocks still

2 Mr. John K. Winters - MAY 20, 2013

To what military is that "military grade" nylon sheath referring to? Didn't last a week, lucky I didn't lose the tool. One of those "Ergonomic Textured Rubber Grips" manage to come off, doesn't affect function, but definitely detracts from appearance. One of the screws that hold the blades in place managed to work lose and almost got lost and almost lost some blades and the spacers between them. Managed to get it all back together, but I'm definitely keeping an eye on it. Other than that it's not a bad tool, but If I was to buy a replacement I'm not sure if I'd buy the same thing again. Once bitten, twice shy.

4 ok ok - APR 20, 2013

the belt loop riped got it fixed. i love it best of my tools.

2 Wildland Firefighter Gregg - APR 19, 2013

Great tool, but the nylon holder broke pretty quick. The belt loops on it busted the stitches.

4 Hunting and Camping Brianna - APR 18, 2013

i got this multi tool i love it i would recommend it to any one for everyday life and survival and i love all my Gerber gear

5 Lava guide Bryan Arther - APR 7, 2013

Found this tool with broken sheath on the lava field . Thanks

4 Random Guy Ken - MAR 24, 2013

Nice tool and very handy, first tool that I ever had. And I agree with them, the belt strap for the sheath can easily be worn out at your first look.

4 Great Tool! BG310 - MAR 12, 2013

This multi-tool is great I'm really impressed, but I agree with others the nylon sheath isn't the best. Within the first couple of days the stitching started to come off. Except for that it's a great tool, I love it! Well done Gerber and B.G.!!

4 great but could be better JP - FEB 27, 2013

It would be my favorite multi tool if the blades were longer. if they were it would be.

4 Vineyard Worker Rik - FEB 1, 2013

The tool is excellent ! impressed with funcionality and quality. However .........
Nylon Sheath - Lightweight, military-grade, mildew resistant, well, this sheath is mickey mouse, the stitching on the belt loop is already coming apart after 1 week use :-( . Will have to find a real military grade sheath before I lose this great tool.

2 CNC Machine operator Steve Balicki - JAN 29, 2013

Great Multi-tool, but the sheath is cheap after a week-end of camping the bottom of the sheath stiching tore open.

1 Student Joel - JAN 21, 2013

The tool was great! A survival tool is only helpful if you can keep it with you. The sheath broke off my belt and the knife was lost within one week. If I cannot rely on the tool to stay with me it doesn't matter the quality of the tool! This is my first experience with Gerber, and I'm not impressed.

4 Parts and Shop worker Wenston - JAN 19, 2013

The first 2 days i owned this tool the sheath broke and it was lost for a month. Finally after cleaning out a project I was working on that month the tool was recovered. Since reunited and orginal sheath has been disposed of...the tool has worked great since. To better serve you customer Gerber, make sure to make the product good all around. Don't half ass it.

3 good Johannes B. Klein - DEC 17, 2012

well.... it's good to use, but not enough for survival, because the tools inside are too short and the pliers is too wide, so you need a big hand.

4 rescue squad john - DEC 15, 2012

first thing to do is throw away the sheath. like ken, the thing broke within 2 hrs of putting it on my belt i almost lost the knife.

had a good one by raine and am using it now.

the knife is excellent and has most anything you need. it is excellent in quality and looks like it will last forever.

4 Maritime Police L. Lopes - DEC 4, 2012

Very good tool, but the sheath is quite disapointing. Also, the ruberized sides weren't well glued. Still, its solid and relliable.

2 Real Estate Broker Ken - NOV 29, 2012

I really like the tool. I use more than half of options. The big problem is that the black case that comes with the tool is very poor quality. I was walking through the woods and rubbed against a tree and the case holder tore off my belt and I didn't knkow it. It took me several days of retracing my tracks to find my Bear tool. Why sell me such a nice tool w/a cheezzy case to where I'll loose it.

5 cool good - NOV 15, 2012

i love it.but i niked the plirers.

4 Pinoy Pride Sherwin Guarde - OCT 26, 2012

I just got the tool today. It has everything i need. all the months research on what multi tool to buy narrowed me on this one. only downside is the nylon sheath so i got one one custom made from a local tailor in case the original wears down. Overall a great must have! Good job Gerber and Bear! i'm a big fan of yours.

5 good survivalist - OCT 23, 2012

the tool and sheath are good. but i nicked the pliars.

2 Sheath Trouble Andy Pate - OCT 20, 2012

Bought the product on Friday, on Satruday i attached the sheath to my belt prior to driving to a location to work, Started work, and had no multi-tool on my belt, I found it inside the car with the sheath belt strap broken on my very first trip with it.. Tool is ok for my needs but the shetah is absolute garbage and does not represent good quality for Gerber at all

4 outdoor enthusiast barry - OCT 8, 2012

got mine recently but seems to be a good solid piece of kit,i have had a few and this one seems to be the most robust.

2 Your Title Firefighter - OCT 1, 2012

Awesome tool...but the sheath is garbage. Too difficult to put the tool back in, not to mention the strap has already broken on me once. Gerber's warranty is great. They sent me a new one ASAP. But what will they do when it breaks again and I lose my tool? Are they going to send me a new tool???? Gerber needs to send out replacement sheaths. The sheath is just not Gerber quality.

4 Mr Perry Hammond - SEP 29, 2012

Excellent multi tool except the nylon sheets started to come away from the stitching the minute I took it from its packaging!

1 Your Title Dave - SEP 23, 2012

This is not a new Bear Grylls tool its just a Gerber suspension with new handles.
I for one found the suspension to be useless, all the blades are way to small, and the Philips screwdriver was useless would not work at all.

4 awsome!!!! bears ultimate fan - SEP 13, 2012

has everything on it except a good file.

3 Firefighter Kevin - AUG 15, 2012

Love the tool but the sheath broke after 3 weeks. I will have to see how legit Gerber's warranty is.

4 Jake Jacob - JUL 18, 2012

It's a great multi-tool, however the sheath is horrible. After two days the seems started to come unraveled so that it won't attach to my belt anymore, I have to carry it in my pocket now.

2 User JD - JUL 15, 2012

The wood saw is lousy. Bear would not be satisfied with its performance. My Swiss Champ's saw is great in comparison. Redesign the saw!!! And the vertical belt loop on the pouch was only half attached to the pouch. I had to sew it back to the pouch. And the sewing on the vercro pouch cover was coming loose so I had to sew it, too. Gerber and BG should be ashamed.

5 11 yrs old Jack - JUL 13, 2012

This the best multi tool i ever owned great for a bug out bag it just needs a file

2 Mr. Ryan - JUN 16, 2012

Great tool, just save your money and grab the Suspension, as it is just the same tool, less the B.G. endorsement. Not to mention $20 MSRP difference.

4 Tools are great Loren'z - JUN 1, 2012

tools are well built ....
like some other reviews the small pocket in the sheath is catches the tools ..
it will be awesome if they use a hard leather sheath
overall: no complaints with the tool

5 Great Sam - MAY 22, 2012

Awesome multi-tool and has a good option of blades as well as tools. Well done Gerber and Bear Grylls!!

5 Your Title Eric - MAY 13, 2012

This is the best multi tool I own. It easily holds its own against my Leatherman Wave and frankly is much easier to open/use (and it is much cheaper!). This is the best made knife in the Survival Series and I would highly recommend it to anyone that endulges in hardcore camping, survival, etc.

5 Zombie Survivalist/ Author Roddy - MAY 10, 2012

All around probably the best multitool I have ever owned. Compact and easy to carry and just as easy to use. Nice grippy handles and the spring loaded pliars are incredibly handy. As long as you use the knives for things they should be used for you will never have a problem. Admittedly there is some difficultly getting the pliars into the case but putting the holster on your belt horizontally or black tape on the priorities of survival easily solves the problem. All in all I highly reccomend this tool.

4 Your Title alex - APR 30, 2012

great all around, but the sheath is a tad tricky when it’s on your belt and you try to put the tool back in.

4 Alright Kyle - APR 24, 2012

I like it but the knives go blunt easily but not to mention the tools come in handy when you need them

5 Your Title Your name - APR 17, 2012

all necessary tools with great quality

5 Awesome Survival Man - MAR 5, 2012

Its very compact study and easy to use, I give it 5 stars.

4 CRW - use for everything - MAR 5, 2012

They should have made the blade a bit better and the sheath is just awful and very difficult to use.
Overall a very good tool to have and keep.
I live in a place that does not sell Gerber and had to have a friend get it from overseas. So cant make changes.

5 AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!! nate collins - MAR 4, 2012

this is one of the best multi tools iv ever had definately recommended.

4 Not Bad Tyler - MAR 4, 2012

The price is a little high but it is pretty good. But for multi-tools I carry Victorinox. But this tool worked great.

5 A Good Addition to the Multi-tool Stable Grizzled Old Silverback - FEB 11, 2012

Just added this one to my collection of multi-tools. The features and ergonomics of the Ultimate Multi Tool are useful across a wide range of my daily activities, from work to sporting and leisure pursuits. I like having the ability to wear the pouch laterally along my belt, rather than hanging from it. It doesn't hang up on the car seat or get in the way of the seatbelt when worn that way, and it spans the space from one belt loop to the next just right, so it doesn't slide around. It's a keeper.

4 Mr Sailor Navy guy - JAN 5, 2012

Great tool, very handy..this tool always in my pocket..

4 US military Peter - DEC 30, 2011

Am having problems with the scissors, feel the spring could be a bit longer, as it slips past when trying to use scissors, Hope that upgarded would be available. Otherwise I use this tool on a daily basis

5 Mr - DEC 29, 2011

The most sturdy, functional and useful multi-tool I have ever held, seen or imagined.

As well as just being extremely high quality in every aspect, there are a few simple things you that separate the tool from the other models:
First, having tools positioned so that they can be used both when the knife is open and closed is brilliant.
Second, the locking system is the best type I have ever seen and will never break.
Third, the pliers are sprung which is just amazing.

I would have payed well over £100!

5 BEST tool so far jerrad babinose - DEC 25, 2011

i use it for everything. All componets work beautifully best tool ever. would recommend use to anyone. buy this tool.

4 owner nw roof and gutter maintenance max morter - DEC 22, 2011

i bought 2 hours ago tried using the scissors to mess with my mom she was just starting to knit something and just pulling out the yarn i was going to cut it with the scissors and they went under the spring witch happens every time i try em now not even letting them close all the way as well as like another guy stated going into the sheath catches the smaller pocket other than that amaxing so far and if they fix these problems i am hoping they may trade me for the fixed reissue model

5 Camper John Ruiz - NOV 13, 2011

I carry a multi-tool with me especially when I need it the most. This is the coolist tool that I have ever used. Very helpful and love all the tools on the unit.

4 Your Title Rob smith - NOV 8, 2011

Love this tool. Only has the tools that you need, not a bunch of unnecessary stuff. One problem that I found was the scissors slip under the spring so they do not function that well.

5 Photographer Michael - OCT 29, 2011

Beaiutiful, works so awesome, 5 stars. Can't wait to use it camping

5 Great so far Chad - OCT 26, 2011

got it just a couple days ago, so far works good. the tools are handy and I have already slit a ducks throat with this knife. the blade is sharp and the sheath is good... the only thing is that some times the pocket for the survival guide catches as you a

5 stock lucas - OCT 12, 2011

mi duda es para cuando tendran esta herramienta en stock me encanta y la estoy buscando por todos lados hace rato

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