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Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife, Fire Starter Replacement

An essential feature on the Ultimate Fixed Blade, this Ferrocerium Fire Starter Replacement is offered to replace that one you used up surviving out in the elements or maybe the one that you lost while out there in it. Or maybe you just like to have a back-up plan. Always. Priorities of Survival Guide NOT included.

Item # 30-000573


  • Ultimate Knife Fire Starter Replacement - Ferrocerium rod locks into sheath
3 Decent Whiskeywill - MAR 27, 2016

Good camp knife. Magnisiem piece fell out first time in the bush. Bad design comming out if bottom. Should come out of the top

5 Frontier Jeremiah J. - MAR 2, 2016

Saved all me fingers and eight of me toes. Pinky toes, who needs'em anyway? Trust me,mine were always more trouble than worth. Fewer ingrowns, the way I see it. Thanks to Mr. Bear Grylls and the fine folks at Gerber for a product worth its weight in whatever one holds dear.

5 Never a bare grill with this on hand. Great knife with excellent ferro rod. - MAR 2, 2016

Received this awesome unit as a gift. Ergonomicly speaking, best feel, bar none. Paid it forward by giving each of my best buds (4) the gift of this bad to the bone, must have, refuse to ever part ways with, outdoors (or indoors,maybe, if the need arises) tool.

5 Great Knife Doug B - DEC 19, 2015

I used this knife for the first time this year. Can't complain it is a great knife very solid for chopping down small trees. I field dressed two deer with no problem. I did however cut the small plastic collar off the fire starter that holds it in the sheath by accident. Kind of wish the fire starter wasn't in the sheath upside down now I have it tied to the whistle. It sometimes gets in the way when trying to use the knife.

5 just me Tammy McCall - DEC 16, 2015

love this fire starter, crossed river, camping, and hiking and started fire with this, love it, i also have the pro series, i tied mine w/ a orange para-cord matches my knife, recommend this to everyone. :)

1 Mr. Daniel - NOV 21, 2015

Considering that this knife has a horrible name behind it from its issues at release and persisting issues with this starter, I would suggest dropping the price of this striker.

5 Dougbo Doug - SEP 15, 2015

My buddy gave me the Bear Gryll Survival knife as a gift. It is quite rugged and I love it. Lost the fire starter somewhere in the outdoors. Would suggest everyone tie them to the knife sheath with a 6 or 8 inch piece of parachute cord. Anybody using this item to make fires should also carry a zip lock bag filled with dryer lint. It is the perfect tinder and lights immediately.

4 Most excellent Bill - AUG 10, 2015

Very easy to use and very good fire stater.

5 fghjk vbnm - AUG 6, 2015


1 Your Title joe - AUG 3, 2015

Lost my firestarter after the 2nd outting. Friend with the same knife lost his after minimal use also. Disappointing for a name brand product.

1 Your Title Damian - JUL 29, 2015

Haven't bought one yet gonna buy replacement soon because the one my knife originally came with I did not know how to use it and stripped the part that keeps it locked in place so it falls out so mr.camper that's more than likely the reason yours falls out

5 Super after sales service Jason Challinor - JUL 29, 2015

Great after sales service from a dedicated team of people, Alex looked after me and I'm all the way over in the UK!!! Ultimate knife and fire steel are excellent I've had the knife for a couple of years now, and when I contacted the gerber team they helped me with my request
All I can say is excellent!!!!
Keep up the work!

4 product user Stuart - JUL 15, 2015

if you attach the whistle that comes with the knife to the loop, you can pull that up and put it under the sheath strap, it works great

5 Fire starter Brandon - JUL 4, 2015

Great product, it clips into place and will not fall out of the knife sheath.

1 Backpacker/Gear Reviewer Joshua - JUN 12, 2015

Not a good design to have the fire starter facing downward. It is easy to lose/fall out of the sheath, which is what happened to me. Left me without a fire starter. In my opinion, have the fire starter holder that's on the sheath, face upward, thus eliminating or at least reducing the chance it falls out.

5 Survivalist/I'm 11 Bæ Johnson - JUN 3, 2015

Best ever I've started hundreds of fires with it but my stick falls out of the thingy.

1 camper jg - MAY 22, 2015

flint gets lost. never fits right and ive lost two now. very frustrating, don't waste your money.

4 Me Joshua Martin - MAR 26, 2015

These are awesome. I added a strap to the sheath so the fire starter can't fall out, very easy and looks and works very well.

5 gunsmith / outdoorsman parkergunworks - JAN 11, 2015

I actually made a spear with my survival knife and dispatched a wild boar which we ate all.

1 bad gear - JAN 6, 2015

this was very bad. I have the ultimate knife.It does not fit. waste of $5

1 Chief pilot Robert Grimm - DEC 13, 2014

I have had numerous Berber knives and multi tools for decades now. For our pilots they are considered essential equipment on our planes. However after purchasing the 30-000751 survival knife with fire starter I have been dissapointed that the firestarter insists on falling out of the sheath. I have lost two now and have resorted to buying a third and NOT placing it in the sheath and carrying it elsewhere, which sort of defeats the purpose. Sign me as dissapointed in this item. Bob Grimm Sioux City, Iowa.

5 Improve Lock ADD - DEC 10, 2014

Improve the lock mechanism. I ordered a backup for the inevitable moment when the fire starter falls out and I don't notice. It fell out a few times already.

The equipment itself however, 5 stars.

3 Disappointed Brent - NOV 29, 2014

Love the knife and the flint but while on a moose hunting trip when it came time to make a fire the flint was gone I guess it got snagged on a branch or something really disappointed me good thing we had lighters I give it 3 stars because I really like every thing about the knife except that the flint is only held in the way it is and not locked in better

5 personal trainer jim ruzicka - NOV 15, 2014

awesome knife package! my nephew had got one also but lost the fire starter too.I started thinking about it and came up with the solution when mine also fell out. I took a 10 inch steel fishing leader and attached it to the starter and the sheath,works great. no more lost starters !

4 Owner wandelent7 - NOV 4, 2014

This should not be on the bottom of the knife.

3 firestarter Jacob - OCT 4, 2014

does this go with the new ultimate survival knife or only the old one?

4 Why is the fire starter fighting gravity? Jacob - OCT 2, 2014

The starter should be mounted the opposite way so the handle faces up not down. It doesn't lock in so if you knock it can easily become lost. Love the knife and the sheath just change that one feature.

4 Why is the fire starter fighting gravity? Jacob - OCT 2, 2014

The starter should be mounted the opposite way so the handle faces up not down. It doesn't lock in so if you knock it can easily become lost. Love the knife and the sheath just change that one feature.

4 Hiker hkrgirl - AUG 29, 2014

The fire starter works great! I would give it a 5 if I weren't having to order a new one because mine fell out on what was basically a stroll through the woods.

3 Backpacker Justine - JUL 27, 2014

The fire starter must have fallen out while I was bush wacking. This greatly disappointed me because the fire starter works so great. I'll now know NOT to keep the fire starter attached to knife now!

5 medical interpreter Noe Navar - JUN 25, 2014

instead of buying one im just gonna go walk in the woods, w/ these reviews it sounds like there are about a million fire rods out there

5 Strong Side Malcom Smith - JUN 19, 2014

Sweet flint love it, starts a fire reallllll fast.

#awesome #seahawks

5 jayjay Jonathon isaac Ehrig - MAY 21, 2014

the GERBER SURVIVAL knife is so cool BEAR GRYLLS

2 Your Title WilliamEden603 - MAY 11, 2014

It worked fine but mine snapped the second time I tried to use it very unhappy

5 CLO zainee44 - MAY 10, 2014

lt looks really cool for such a small thing

5 great ethan - MAY 1, 2014

amazing knife

4 Camper Charles - APR 12, 2014

Works well, should have put a lanyard on it before my first outing. Lost it quickly.

4 shipping to argentina Maximiliano - MAR 18, 2014

I would like to know if you send the product to Argentina and what is the cost?

5 Great Knife Kenny - DEC 26, 2013

5 avid adventurest garrett - DEC 13, 2013

i do believe its on you if your striker "flew" out of the sheath is there not a chance you didnt properly secure it. it takes me a good while to get mine out its great how lack of prep results in people blaming things that they were in control of canoeist your comment lacks everything justification beibg numero uno

5 CEO T-Town Enterprise - NOV 25, 2013

It is a absolute hand warming, life saver.Must Have!!!!!

5 great knife tennyson - NOV 23, 2013

I love this knife but my fire starter is gone an I have Know idea what the heck happend to it.

5 awesome knife bob - NOV 15, 2013

the knife is awesome if you are in scouts or just in the willdernes you can survive it is not just the knife it is also the helpful little thing it comes with get the knife and you can find out the how awesome the knife is

4 Barn Maid-en 'Texas' - NOV 10, 2013

Ditto. I am luvn this knife! But-same here :(
Always have my blade with me, cuz we feed the critters early morning {in the dark, never know what is lurking out there} and then again back to the barn late at night.
My flint starter too fell out somewhere between 2 barns. Well I found it at day break and the 'bar' was broke. wahhhhh.
I hope I can get a first time courtesy replacement too.

5 Scout Dad gatorjerky - NOV 4, 2013

We love the knife. My son and I love it for fire starting. He's always the first scout to get the fire going!

5 GREAT KNIFE ALL AROUND! Andrew - OCT 25, 2013

I think its an amazing knife all around... just saying if you watch the show you learn to improvise.. I simply took the string and whistle, put in on the flint . then undid the Velcro at the bottom of the sheath ran the string throw that slit , strapped the Velcro back thus making it attached to the sheath at all times. they cant do everything for us now guys. haha jk jk but really is a great tool all around great buy.

4 falling out fix. Ethan - OCT 12, 2013

When I got the knife, the first thing that i did was take the whistle thong off and attach the rod to it. After i did this, I would put the rod back in its place, and fold the sheath on the lanyard with the whistle sticking out one of the sides. This would keep the rod from falling out. WARNING THOUGH: I did have the rod break though when I tightened the lanyard to hard. otherwise i find it's one of the best easy fixes.

5 The KNIFE Alexander - OCT 3, 2013

This is really a good knife, best buy anyway! And I think that those guys who lost their fire starter didn't put it all the way in as it should be. You need to push it all the way into it's holder to make it sure not to fall out. When you place it properly it will be impossible to get out of holder by itself.

5 Mr Kenny Petersen - SEP 21, 2013

Great knife for all "nature" purposes. Weather you looking to go fishing, hunting, be a boy/girl scout or home security, this is a great knife with a lot of potential.
Great quality, and it gives me the drive to me out in nature and explore with my perfect knife.

5 Great Knife! Lucas - AUG 24, 2013

This is an awesome knife for what it costs, a tip for the fire starter; strike fast and gently
I also have the bear grylls scout knife, and I highly recommend it

4 Canoeist Wes - AUG 18, 2013

Great knife. But when I was canoeing on a trip I took the blade out of the sheath and the flint flew out of its holder into the lake. So I think gerber should have to replace it because of the defect.

3 me too chris - AUG 16, 2013

I too love the knife and the concept. however, like many others, I also had the fire starter fall out on a trail in the ozarks. Solid knife and system, flawed fire steel placement and carrier.

3 Never lose it again! Mercedes - AUG 15, 2013

Take the whistle off the end, loop it around the hole on the starter, and velcro it through the velcro loop at the blade tip end. Now the starter can't get lost, and bonus it gets the whistle away from the hammer end of the knife.

1 Camper Dave - AUG 13, 2013

knife is excellent, heavy duty and fits hand well, but went camping with the knife once and didn't use fire starter..... came back and noticed it had apparently fallen out while hiking.... seems like a flaw in the defect. from the pic above it looks like it should have a string going through the flint to attach it to the sheath. Overall the main reason for picking this knife was to have the fire starter option so only one star for now....

5 awesome Ben - AUG 5, 2013

i bought this instead of the whole thig and it still works great. Whenever i go out on any trip in the wilderness i have this item in by bag

1 canoeist at heart gary - JUL 30, 2013

only used it once to see if it worked. Then it fell out on a portage.

Life time warranty ??

Design defect should be covered under the warranty.

5 question MITCH - JUL 28, 2013

quick question will this work on any knife?

4 fire starter replacement David Leblanc - JUL 5, 2013

I like this fire starter i use this in the wild and is very usefull

5 Simple Jim - JUN 18, 2013

Take the whistle off the handle of the knife, attach it to the fire starter, then flip it up and secure it under the Velcro with the Bear logo on it.

2 Lost on Day 2 of hike Bill - JUN 9, 2013

Day 2 - fell out of knife sheath. Bummer. Now have to buy replacement.

5 Great beck - JUN 8, 2013

I love this fire starter it is so awesome I just love it so much

2 Not happy Jonny - MAY 19, 2013

Nice to see replacements readily available, however shame this must be because of a design fault meaning that I am not the first person to have lost his. I'll order two and find a way to prevent it falling out in future, pity no one noticed this during the design process, don't think Bear Grylls would like this feature! Plus being in New Zealand, I can find no stockists of replacement parts, so having a friend ship it.

5 wow hey - MAY 5, 2013

its so bad and good

1 Director of Corp. Quality Assurance Peter - MAY 1, 2013

A great knife concept. However, not enough thought was given to the fire starter. As indicated in the reviews, it falls out and is lost quite easily and right up front. I had to tie a nylon string to it to prevent loss. Great idea for replacement part sales but not great for rep and word of mouth referrals. I suggest a little "Quality in Design/Sales" meeting for the fix and or next generation. Lastly, the rod should be a little longer...

5 hunter merlin - APR 30, 2013

Good fire starter but it fell out on me.

2 environmental sustainability consultant environmark - APR 21, 2013

Falls out of the sheath yo easily. I will dril a.hole through handle and affix a lanyard.

5 "CLicks in" Parker - APR 15, 2013

The fire starter Clicks in the slot but if you attach the whistle to it then its more likely to catch on a twig or branch. But it does throw a great spark..


if it falls out of the sheath ties the whistle lanyard to the fire steel and put it In the sheath and open it to the sharpener and take the whistle and put it on the opposite side so it's between the nylon part and the kidex part of the sheath but if u do this its awesome
plz tell me how to buy dis
i realy searching for this

5 Your Title Ric - APR 10, 2013

Badass knife usd it for everything in the wild and had no fails somthing you want in the woods. Great price to prolly last forever

5 Experiment Dash Lambda - MAR 21, 2013

Great fire starter. People say it falls out of the sheath, but mine hasn't even hinted at budging. I love it.

5 great fire starter Ethan - MAR 9, 2013

an awesome fire starter. throws a great spark. i lost mine because it fell out thou so what im gonna do when i get a new one and put the whistle on it and wrap that around the plastic part of the sheath.

4 Mr> zach - MAR 3, 2013

i just got back from the pisgah forest where i was building a wickiup deep in the interior and utilizing my new BG knife. I love it. Made starting fires a cinch. however as you can probably already guess, I lost it while tromping through the woods. It fell out. I am ordering a new one and will lash it to the sheath, which i would have donen to begin with except I had no idea that would happen.

5 Falls Out Roger - FEB 14, 2013


5 If it falls out Survivalist - FEB 13, 2013

If it falls out of the sheath ties the whistle lanyard to the fire steel and put it In the sheath and open it to the sharpener and take the whistle and put it on the opposite side so it's between the nylon part and the kidex part of the sheath but if u do this its awesome

1 i like it yosh - FEB 9, 2013

I've used it and it makes great sparks but, i don't like how it falls out

5 Survival Instructor KatanaBurner - JAN 27, 2013

One the best compact ferrocerium rods I've ever used. It's just big enough to start even the biggest fires. My only con thought about this is that the connector to the sheath could've been made a little tighter. Or maybe that's just me using it like it's going out of style.

5 550 cord roger77 - JAN 12, 2013

I tied the striker to 550 cord and looped it to the end. if it falls out, it stays attached, therwise product is awesome.

5 Your Title Your name - JAN 2, 2013

i this was to last longer it would have to be made of a harder metal which produces smaller sparks and would make lighting fires a nightmare. so that makes t a good product

5 Practical Knife/Starter Set up Jason - DEC 27, 2012

Very much enjoy the design having the Fire starter neatly secured. The knife is stong and durable. Wore down the striker fast, therefore will be looking to replace it where able. Overall enjoy very much!

4 Not Rocket Science Erich - DEC 25, 2012

It may be a design flaw that the fire starter falls out easy but if you cant figure out an easy way to keep it in there then you don't stand a chance if you really need to survive in the wild.

5 your title John rambo - DEC 5, 2012

I will be getting one for christmas.

1 Farmer Shawn - NOV 11, 2012

Fire starter fell out and was lost within one hour of wearing the knife. There should have been some kind of clip or string to keep it attached.

5 first dwarf to be an outdoors man david - NOV 11, 2012

this is great that you guys sell this separately!! i broke mine recently and i was bummed out about it! but its an awesome product!! it only take couple of strike with the right tinder!

5 Retailer Michael Runyan - NOV 5, 2012

Works Great! I have been using this product for some time and have never had a problem. After lighting 30 plus fires in various conditions it shows normal wear as compared to other fire steels. It worked perfectly fine on a Western Illinois rainy day afternoon using natural tender.
I am a shop owner that specializes in survival and preparedness products. I have used many fire strikers through the years, and this works as well as any.

4 Your Title Erik - OCT 22, 2012

How long are these going to be out of stock I broke mine in half second time using it and want to order a couple new ones?

5 Survival King Kyle - OCT 7, 2012

It does wear out kind of quick. You should only have to use this once in a great while though. If you have a cotton ball or char cloth to put the spark on then it only takes one stroke. I think it is a excellent fire rod, especially in combonation with the knife. If you want to practice with a fire rod get a fire steel brand ferro rod- the army model. It is big and will give you hundreds and hundreds of strokes. But, as far as this fire rod, it is the perfect size in combonation with the knife. I mean, if you are home why use it at all? Use a mag bar or matches or a lighter.

5 Fire starter Jim - OCT 2, 2012

This is to outdoor man or anyone that can't light cotton balls first time. Open up the ball and put a finger tip of vasaline on it then rub it in. When you need to use it this should light first time. Fire started quicker and your flint used once

2 Your Title Shawn - SEP 29, 2012

The first time I wore my knife in the woods I lost the fire starter. Maybe I didn't have it secured but I was definetly disappointed. Now I'm going to purchase 2 just in case.

3 Outdoors Man Andrew - SEP 21, 2012

It wears down really quickly and the only place I can replace it is online which is going to cost me a lot more than I wish to pay for it. It works ok, it took me a while to get a tinder ball going but once I had it going I was able to get my fire going.

5 arkansasmntkid Calvin - SEP 19, 2012

Survivor Man-- operator error.

does wear out quick but it is easy to replace, and its not meant to last forever. works every time i use it, even after i wore it so thin that it broke almost 3/4 of the way back...i still got it to work.

5 Bg knife kit Wildside - SEP 17, 2012

Best knife ever .. Fire starter works great and evrething .. But Fire starter does wear out fast enought if you spark it like 10 times to make fire .. Great kit overall tho

5 wow pepe - SEP 15, 2012

this fire starter is really awsome it works great

5 wow pepe - SEP 15, 2012

this thing is so cool it works so awsome if people can't start a fire with this then there dumb

4 Your Title Robert - AUG 27, 2012

This is good but it wears out pretty quick

2 Survior Man Sam - AUG 25, 2012

This thing doesn't break but it is 100% useless i tried to start some dry tinder and it won't lite at all

5 Awesome Wes Eubanks - AUG 21, 2012

The greatest knife combo for the average outdoorsman

3 Fire Rod Chad - JUL 22, 2012

As far as the knife itself I couldn't ask for better. Its sharp, comfortable, and the bright orange aspects make it good for night time use. However, within the first 5 minutes of experimenting with it I broke the fire starter rod and was unsuccesful in starting a fire. Lucky that happened in the safety of my back yard and not in the wilderness.

5 Your Title evan - JUL 3, 2012

I love this knife alot but i wish the flint would last longer

5 Bear grylls Andrew - JUL 2, 2012

i love the ultimate it is what it says ULTAMATE i love it is the best knife i have tryed

5 Best Survival knife out there. Tanis Coolbsugh - JUN 30, 2012

As an Eagle scout,and avid camper. I have had,and used many different types of knives. The Bear Grylls ultimate survival knife is best one to have. Nice non slip grip,nice weight. It just feels right when you're holding it. I highly recommend this knife. There's not another one like it.

5 bear Grylls Rado - JUN 28, 2012

That is good ! It really is a wonderful knife.

3 Your Title Your name - JUN 13, 2012

wish the rod was denser so it could last longer

5 Very Good Miles - JUN 7, 2012

I bought the Ultimate Survival knife a little less than a year ago and I have never been disappointed. It really is a wonderful knife. The only thing I worried about was how fast the flint was going away. When I look at it now I realize it hasn't deteriorated as much as I thought it had, but I knew eventually I would need a replacement. It works very well and it is very snug. I have never had a problem with it falling out. I really recommend both the knife and the flint. They really are top quality.

5 Great Balance, Tough Knife Ben - JUN 4, 2012

Great knife. Was looking at the Seal Pup but after holding this knife, I was sold. Great balance and even though I have rather large hands, this knife fits perfect. The comfort grip is nice and reduces shock and fatigue when chopping and slicing. Used the fire steel about 20 times before it finally broke. Again, it is meant to be used for survival so you should probably buy a spare as they are very inexpensive or just purchase a heavy duty fire starter to keep with you. Definately attach a lanyard from the fire steel to your sheath. For a few cents worth of cord, you have just saved your life by having the tool to make fire always attached.

5 Review Satisfied Cunstomer - MAY 9, 2012

The Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife is an amazing product! The knife itself is outstanding and the firesteel broke because i didnt know how to use it. But when i got the replacement i knew how to use it perfectly, trial and error but eventually you will get it right just like me!

5 Awesome Knife, Very Tough Your name - MAY 6, 2012

I bought this knife a few months ago and it has held up VERY well - iv'e definitely put it through some rough testing. After my fire steel started to wear down it eventually broke in two but for $5 you can't go wrong!

3 outdoors man Robert Carey - MAY 2, 2012

well it works good but sadly no free replacement...... :/ oh well

5 survivalist mike - MAY 1, 2012

Well, I haven't lost or broken mine (knock on wood) but I just read enough reviews to make me order 4 (can't go wrong for $20 and like most things, better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it). As for it being upside down, like deltafltsgt had commented, all you really have to do double secure it. As soon as I got the knife the first thing I did was to attach the lanyard to the fire starter and got a small biner so I could hook it on the horizontal loop on the back of the sheath. I always wear it verticle though...seems a bit too long for horizontal wear so those loops had no purpose to me until then. Or maybe I just lucked out because my first complaint with it was that it was clipped into the sheath too good (have to use the lanyard to pull it out most of the time) oh well, can't mass produce something with this many fitted parts and have every one 100% with everyone 100% satisfied. But I do know I am. Cheers and thanks for the great knife gerber!

5 Bear Grylls Knife Smartness - MAY 1, 2012

Hey guys,
Just wanted to let you know, all of you, that Bear and Gerber never messed up anything. This knife has been out for a little over a year and Bear has told me that it works great. So if your disappointed, waaaaaahhhnnn! Buy a new one. Look if you dont know how to use ot then dont cry when the serrated edge tears up. Bear likes it, I like it, my friend likes it.

2 Enthusiast Vlad P. - APR 29, 2012

the fire steel broke inside the sheath. its a pain to get out. i guess this is why they need to sell replacements. very sad :(

2 BetterMouseTrap WhoDo - APR 25, 2012

Question: Why is the sheath mount for the Fire Starter UPSIDE DOWN? It would be so easy for the mount to be made so the Fire Starter won't fall out at the slightest jar or snag. Whoever screwed up should be fired as it causes countless Fire Starters to be lost in conditions in which you would need it most.Please consider correcting the design.

4 outdoors man Robert Carey - APR 11, 2012

i love this feature on the ultimate fixed blade. it works great, is water proof and makes a mean burst of sparks. my only complaint is it wears down very fast, but i'm pretty sure Gerber will give you a replacement if you bought the knife so it's all good :)

5 Such a fantastic knife Ashley - APR 6, 2012

I bought this knife a month ago and I have since then been hunting, fishing, camping, & hiking and this is the best knife I have bought this far. The fire steel works amazingly it's fantastic! I'd recommend this as a great buy!

4 tought knife use it up - MAR 27, 2012

my opinion is its a great knife and although i have seen some people have trouble. the only promble for me was after using the fire rod it gets small and doesent like to lock in place but all i did was place it in the back where the survival book was but i thought maybe by putting an extra o ring in there that might stop it from falling when it gets used

5 deltafltsgt deltafltsgt - MAR 25, 2012

Ive seen a few of you say you lost your fire starter what I do is I take the whistle lanyard from the ultimate survival knife and put it on the fire starter and then after attached to the fire starter I put the velcro that holds the sheath onto the nylon part through the loop and then put it together this makes it impossible for it to come off unless you want it to I hope you all are able to make sense out of that I know its a bit confusing :/

4 Your Title Tony - MAR 13, 2012

unfortunatly i used my fire starter only a few times and the handle on the fire steel snapped from the steel its self. a small flaw but a replacement for only 5 bucks im not gunna complain.

4 Scouter Doug - MAR 12, 2012

Great tool, but I lost mine as well. Once I get the replacement I am going to put a short lanyard on it and attach it to the sheath.

5 great knife kit alberto c - MAR 6, 2012

as an us marine this knife kit is a great survival most have.

5 survivalist bob - MAR 6, 2012

Need this asap!!! I've lost mine!

4 Your Title Vic V - MAR 1, 2012

I received this knife as gift for Christmas 2011, and just love it. The only problem is I just got back from a hike and even though I never touched the fire starter, it didn't make it home with me. Seems this may be a design flaw. Sure can use a new one, hope you get them in stock before my next Grand Canyon hike in July.

5 Readyman Jeff - FEB 29, 2012

This tool works great and I got a flame on the first strike. However on my second attempt my rod snapped in two. Luckily I had the other unit in the survival pack.. I really was inpressed how many sparks this item throws

5 Readyman Jeff - FEB 29, 2012

This tool works great and I got a flame on the first strike. However on my second attempt my rod snapped in two. Luckily I had the other unit in the survival pack.. I really was inpressed how many sparks this item throws

3 just a man Chuck - FEB 28, 2012

the grip is not fire resistent in fact mine went up in flames because i was so excited that i actually got a fire started with it i forgot to move it out of the way

4 Broken Luddekungen - FEB 27, 2012

Need a replacement since i hit the notches that make it lock in to the sheate with the knife. Works exellent with a few drops of gas from my chainsaw.

5 LOVE this knife! Dylan - FEB 25, 2012

Great knife, just snapped my rod in half today on accident, waaaaaah :(

5 bassplayer1 dylan campbell - FEB 19, 2012

this is awesome can somone tell me when theyll be back in stock i need one

5 Hurry Justin - FEB 18, 2012

Just bought the knife and I need a new rod. Please start selling them soon.

2 Godlike Jack - FEB 17, 2012

Anybody found a way to replace just the rod?

this is waste of money for consumers to buy a whole new piece everytime

5 Re-Stock Question Steven Williams - FEB 16, 2012

I was wonder if you had a date when the Bear Grylls fire starters where back in stock Item # 30-000573 Thanks, Steven

5 OOS Aaron - FEB 10, 2012

When will this be back in stock.

5 outdoorsman wilson - FEB 6, 2012

GREAT KNIFE! i have started a good amount of fires with this. worth the $.

5 COMMANDO concern - JAN 27, 2012

finaly, back in stock!!

5 Expert Jared - JAN 4, 2012

Great Knife! Started fires from just about any natural kindling I have found. Saw the replacement striker and was going to order it, now it is out of stock. Should have got it the first time I saw it available.

5 Needs Chris H - JAN 3, 2012

I love everything about this knife kit!!! I just need replacement fire starters, any luck on these coming back in stock soon?

4 concern ME - JAN 1, 2012

is this available anywhere else?

4 commando concern - DEC 29, 2011

I have been waiting a long time for these to get in stock, when will they be back in stock?

3 bastian broken - DEC 29, 2011

I found that it takes a fair amount of force to get a good spark from ferrocerium rod but the the notches on the firestarter that make it lock into the sheathe wear down and stopped workinge so i need a replacement

4 needs lorenzo - DEC 28, 2011

i need a new fire starter becouse mine ran out so it would be good if they where in stock.

5 Concern Jesse - DEC 25, 2011

It needs to be back 'in stock' soon. I would like to buy a back up.

5 handy dandy tyler - DEC 22, 2011

used in all types of fire starting

5 awsome commando - DEC 21, 2011

awsome!!!! this is so good, I need a replacement and now I can get it- thankyou gerber

5 ausum branden - DEC 13, 2011

great i have been looking for one by it self but now your out

5 GREAT! easyliam789 - DEC 10, 2011

I lost mine out in the woods and now i replaced it.

5 FINALLY henry woods - DEC 4, 2011

finally!!! ive been looking all over for a replacement

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