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Bear Grylls Parang, Nylon Sheath

The Parang is a modern version of the traditional jungle tribesmen’s machete. Its heavy blade makes short work of branches or vines. An invaluable tool in the jungle.

Item # 31-002289
  • Overall Length: 19.5’’
  • Blade Length: 13.5’’
  • Weight (with sheath): 25.4 oz.
  • Weight (no sheath): 19.4 oz.


  • Angled Blade - Ideal for clearing brush or limbs
  • Robust High Carbon Steel Blade - Enhances strength, corrosion resistance and ease to sharpen
  • Full Tang Construction - Boosts durability
  • Ergonomic Textured Rubber Grip - Maximizes comfort and reduces slippage
  • Lanyard Cord - Acts as guard, enhancing grip security
  • Nylon Sheath - Lightweight, military-grade, mildew resistant
  • Includes Land to air rescue instructions and SOS
  • Priorities of Survival - Pocket guide contains Bear’s survival essentials


1 not cool... Carter - SEP 9, 2015

All these comments are 5 star, but i was chopping off a tree branch and the blade completely curled over. The edge of the blade made a complete U-turn so that a 5 inch section of the blade was facing the sky....but that's what you get for an awful quality stainless steel

5 Your Title Chris - JUL 22, 2015

Excellent...compared it to a standard machete or hatchet it's far superior. Was able to down 2 to 4 in diameter trees with significantly less effort. Best hacking blade I've ever owned.

5 perfect tool kyle - JUL 15, 2015

It is well balanced and can clear a path through lots of shrub. I also use it to cut bamboo and it hasn't even got a chip in it however even after I dried it well it began to rust a bit.

5 Outdoorsman, Efficient Liver Adam A - MAY 30, 2015

I felt confident going into the forest or dense bush with this fine machete, even places where I knew wolves and coyotes could be. Once I sharpened the blade a bit better than factory it took a long time to dull. Useful for not only cutting paths/branches, but also as a self defense tool.

5 yard work. .. elmo Calderon. .. - MAY 30, 2015

Perfect for around the house work. I cut down a tree and the clean up was ez thanks to this knife. Thanks Gerber.your the business

5 BEST MACHETE EVER!!!!!!!!!! crunch - FEB 26, 2015

This machete is AMAZING first day i got it i cut down a tree that was 12 inches in diameter like butter.To see to see this baby in action click on this link it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Avid Woodsman Zach Smiley - JAN 12, 2015

I have put my machete through the worst it can imagine. I use it on a daily basis and have broken 2 so far in 8 years because I misplaced a chop and cracked the handle. They replaced it for me when I returned it. I chop trees of all kinds from hardwoods to softwoods to saplings. It is the greatest thing. I abuse it with large trees of 12+ inches in diameter on occasion and it's still hanging around. I don't go into the woods without it. The weight of the blade is great because it forces it's way through the tree and isn't heavy once used to it. But the weight is great no worries or issues

5 IT'S cool racer 77 - JAN 11, 2015

IT'S coo

3 Question Elyieth - DEC 23, 2014

Why does this item break when chopping stuff

5 Hiker Cat - DEC 3, 2014

Does anyone know what the best sharpener would be for this machete? I have read a lot of reviews about it not being as sharp as some had hoped, so I figured I would purchase a sharpener along with it. But am having a hard time finding info on this. Thanks in advance!

5 Network Engineer/ Backpacking with kids Jerry White - NOV 30, 2014

Had this over a year. I have used this several times in the brush and it works great. It's light enough to swing however it wouldn't be the best tool if you were swinging this all day. It's on the heavy side. Because it's heavy though, the blade is thicker. This means it also can be well used for small branches and things more substantial then just brush. I've used mine on small branches and trees for clearing. I recently just took the kids on a 5 mile and used the back end to drive my bear grylls knife through some pecans we found on the trail. Only sharpened once since I got it and it's easy to sharpen and holds an edge. The grip is awesome. Not sure about the other complaint of it being to small a handle.

5 Your Title derrickburge - NOV 2, 2014

Just got this today, I love it. Great addition to my Gerber collection.

5 Outdoors enthusiast Adam - OCT 21, 2014

I shopped through a 10 inch log with only minor sings from missing and hitting rocks. And it barely dented, and tore through bush and small trees

5 Service director Matt - OCT 5, 2014

Awesome tool very tough and seems to hold a good edge

2 Your Title Henry - JUL 17, 2014

First impression....Handle is much too small for a good solid grip. I am an average sized 5'11 male and I just cannot get a good solid grip. No fear of it slipping out of hand, the grip is a solid material but just needs more girth in the grip.

5 love it Tyler - MAY 30, 2014

i got it a couple of weeks ago and i love it, razor sharp and very good quality

3 Ok tool Jerry - APR 19, 2014

I remember when I bought this parang a few years ago for cutting a trail through the forest , and then after 50 hacks on trees the actual blade split right at the top of the handle . Recommend for small brush and sticks not small or big trees

5 Police Captain john wallace - APR 8, 2014

Handle has a excellent grip. I have only used the Parang for a week.. It cuts good.. I am content with it.

5 Retired Old Goat John Bo - APR 1, 2014

I like this. Good blade. Ergonomics great. Need I say more?

5 the best joe paye - MAR 30, 2014

Love it and the new hatchet

3 Outdoors men JD - MAR 12, 2014

IT feels and swings great nicely weighted but the blade broke out of the Handle while chopping almost killed my dog. Sending in for Warranty replacement...

5 Just bought it Brandon - MAR 6, 2014

Just bought it at Walmart I did not test it on anything other then paper and it is very sharp. Has a nice grip handle not to big not to small just right. The blade has a fair thickness to it but its also not heavy its a very light parang and would be great for anything in the woods or wild without adding to much additional weight.

I seen reviews youtube on how it performed and from the videos it did excellent. But now that I actually can hold it I would give it 9/10 would be 10/10 if I actually tested it myself but I would rather keep it in excellent condition until if or when it is needed.

5 Hafiz Hafizuddin - FEB 17, 2014

nice to use it as it purpose to break the trail in the jungle in my place south east asia, but one thing that i still searching for the info, how to take care of this parang, whether to use some kind of lubrication on it after use or we can make it sharpen again using the any kind of material?

5 Your Title jimmy p - FEB 5, 2014

THIS is the best machete. Easily cuts through brush and tree limbs. has a little trouble with green wood(young wood) though.. The sheath could have a better design

4 kinda sad ace - JAN 23, 2014

great blade just wish it was longer but other than tht great job

5 awesome! isaiah - JAN 3, 2014

this parang is awesome! it performed very well when we went camping it can take a heavy beating also it came shaving razor sharp. keep it up gerber

5 very good tool a guy - DEC 28, 2013

this is one heck of a tool! this machete is for clearing tree limbs, brush and vegetation, and that's exactly what I did and it worked like a charm when I took it camping. Also the machete is well balanced and sturdy, nothing was loose. KEEP IT UP GERBER.

5 scout review joshua - DEC 7, 2013

very gripey handle goes good with the weighted blade, ive been using it for 2 months and the blade shows no signs of wear. (used to cut brush and tree limbs)

5 Whoa! Dalton DeBorde - NOV 21, 2013

I am a young outdoorsman and i picked this up at walmart and its great it keeps an edge and will make small trees look like butter.overall great knife

3 to short mr boyscout - NOV 20, 2013

gerber make a longer version otherwise great

4 Ready ! Bluegrass Moose - NOV 3, 2013

Good tool for the price. Good design shape. Full tang construction would be better, especially considering the recall (2 of them, one for the sheath and one for the Parang). I returned my first Parang thinking the replacement would be discernably different. Visually it's not. Gerber told me the blade is slightly thicker and the tang extends further into the handle. Still only one bolt through the tang. The blade grind wasn't what I preffered so I worked it over with a mill bastard file and then sharpened it to a keen edge. With that said it's an excellent tool within it's limits. Easy to sharpen yet holds a decent edge as long as you dont put it into anything you shouldn't. IT'S NOT AN AXE. Don't use it as one.

5 Your Title Johny - OCT 28, 2013

Best machete for Canadian hard wood forest, great for opening trails, two thumbs up on this product

1 it sucks james - OCT 6, 2013

it cant do anything good

5 Great Tool Hiker - OCT 1, 2013

Relatively heavy machete that makes it good for wood chopping, but still lighter than a hatchet or axe. It doesn't bend or wobble like other machetes, and its balance point is at the bottom of the edge, so that helps it chop wood too. You're not gonna chop down a tree with it, but it might serve the purpose of a lighter hatchet if need be. And the sheath kicks butt. I would definitely recommend this tool.

3 Mr Alan Linnitt - AUG 26, 2013

The parang is excellent however I put mine away in a hurry without looking and sliced through the sheath first time cutting my thumb. The stitching is very thin and there should be some protection.

5 Your Title lc380573 - AUG 7, 2013


5 great Alex Schultz - JUL 10, 2013

Best product I have seen for cutting tall grass and small trees, you could not brake it if you tried.

5 Former Us Army Infantry Jim Bacon - JUL 4, 2013

i have the Bear Grylls Ultimate survival half serrated with sheath and firestarter rod and it was an excellent buy so bought the Parang. Quite happy this is a crazy sharp large blade, excellent handle and after chopping everything i could find as firewood, slicing rope even skinning game in a pinch i have to rate it 5 stars for the money!Retired USAF if you're going to compare it to a milspec knife thats a bit of an unfair comparison, for a branded knife it's an excellent buy and i have already purchased a second for use around the house in the yard!

3 bad case very good blade zoon - JUL 2, 2013

I have a friend and he accidently put the machete in the case backward and the whole case ripped but I have seen it at use and its awesome!

1 JUNK!!!!!!!!!! Trevor!!!! Ounce Again GERBER!!!!!!! - JUL 1, 2013

My grandpa got this for me.... it broke with first use.... Got recalled..... Got it back. Felt weak..... Now there is a recall on the sheath!!! Really Gerber. U make knives for the military and you can get this right in the first try..... no so far for u 3 tries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 best machete i ever bought dallin - JUN 27, 2013

this machete is a very durable knife it works amazing for chopping wood or cutting through small trees or tall weeds that are getting in the way it comes really sharp out of the box and is just a amazing machete.

4 Great blade Oompas - JUN 14, 2013

This machete is a great tool. my only headache is that the stitching on the sheath tore when a Scout tried to force the blade in backwards. As such, I have just submitted a request for a new sheath.

Keep up the good work Gerber

5 HIKER BUSHCRAFT Ben - JUN 12, 2013

I was a skeptic at first, not liking th 'Bear G. branding" but I must say... this is one terrific parang... heave but light enough not to wear you out... Great for battoning wood.. I had my doubts but hey, this thing ROCKS!!!! It takes a licking and keeps on going and going... Dont be fooled by the sissy look... It is all business!!!

5 AMAZING! Andrew - JUN 7, 2013

This machete is definitely worth the money. The blade is strong and fairly sharp out of the packaging. The handle is comfortable, and the sheath seems durable. The signals on the back are a nice touch and the pocket guide has REALLY useful info. BUY THIS IF YOU CAN!

5 Legend Tripper Robert Robinson - MAY 15, 2013

This machete comes with a good sharp blade and I see they have made it lighter that previous versions. the sheath on the hand is not as good. In fact in tour open when I took it out of the package. I have to now use an old sheath in order to take this machette parang with me. It does hold it's sharpness a long time after repeated use. All in all it is a great machete

5 bad ass Michael - MAY 14, 2013

i love this knife it is one of many great knifes that gerber make.I have cut throw a 7inch log with it has been but to the text and will be worked very hard over the years.and it dose better than my Axe when cuting throw a log.

4 not bad Josh - APR 22, 2013

It is a great blade for its price in my opinion. The handle to me is very comfertable and it chops very well once sharpened But due to its rubber grip i can't pinch grip without having my fingers hurting so i wear gloves now. Not a true Parang since it doesn't have 3 edge types and it needs to be a little longer/thicker but since most of the people purchasing this blade probably won't want to sharpen it in 3 different ways or need the extra weight. Great buy and I hope to use this in the long term when i go camping.

5 First and Last Machete Marquis - APR 18, 2013

This machete is great. I promise you the minute you take out one of these bad boys, no one would dare mess with you

5 Best Ryan - APR 17, 2013

Used for camping, gets firewood better than any hatchet or other machete I've ever used, worth every penny

5 Your Title Awesome - APR 8, 2013

So i picked up the Parang today, i love this blade it cuts through wood like butter great great blade

2 Your Title Your name - APR 7, 2013

i hate the sheath! having one custom made

5 awesome jaqaun - MAR 11, 2013

awesome machete i love it

5 toughest edge I have ever seen Noble - MAR 9, 2013

The blade on this thing refuses to dull, and it takes down trees like as good as any wood ax i have ever used. I have put this thing through its paces and it has yet to disappoint.

5 Awsome knife Joshua Manning-Campbell - MAR 4, 2013

I loved your mattete it was great for me and my dad it workes very good on cutting branches and vines thank you Bear I love your Knives

5 Duh Donny - MAR 2, 2013

For the People cry about how it doesnt cut threw anything thing you dont know how to care for a blade, first thing even if its new you should get a wet stone and sharpen it, 2nd if you dont want it to rust CLEAN it after you try to "cut" a watermelon...idiot..

5 Your Title Cam - FEB 2, 2013

Great parang for clearing trees and even uprooting some larger plants. Always in my truck for when I need it. Mine was recalled and I was quickly sent a brand new parang with a better sheath. Gerber rocks!

5 perfect for hiking iamROYAL - JAN 27, 2013

i got one of these in summer 2011. i was working at a heli ski resort in the middle of no where. i cut paths up mountain after mountain with this bad boy. i also have the gattor jr. but i stopped using it when i bought this one..

5 Best Sean - JAN 26, 2013

The best machete I have ever had.

4 New Parang Is Sick! EJD - JAN 21, 2013

Love this guy, I actually had the "Compact Parang" first, but didn't agree with the thin handle on it...just personal preference. So I returned it and bought the big brother. The handle on this thing is exactly what I wished was on the Compact version...anyway. I love it, great for day hikes in the backcountry and stays in my pack all the time.

For the dude below asking about a Pommel on the handle...just improvise, use the Parang to chop a thick branch off to use, or find a rock...there are plenty of things to use around you, be creative!

5 To outdoorsmen Grobbie - JAN 13, 2013

You don't need a metal pummel on the handle why would they make a new model with a pummel you r going to stab yourself if you hammer with the back of a machete that unsafe and stupid

4 outdoorsmen Jordan - DEC 29, 2012

This is a great tool, I only have one gripe against it. The tool dose not have a metal pummel for acting as a hammer to pound steaks around the camp site. Meaning I must also carry a camp hatchet to facilitate my needs. That becomes a weight burden having to carry two tools that buy simply placing a pummel on the parang could be accomplished. If Gerber were to re-release this item with a metal tang pummel I would defiantly buy the new model, and discard my hatchet and former parang all together. In exchange for what I believe would be the best, well rounded, durable, high value camp blade ever devised. Please let me give you more of my money and come out with a new model parang featuring a tang pommel.

5 awesome ht5mdpreep - DEC 16, 2012

you can get a new case on ebay JRTOTT05 but there about 15 dollars

5 Nasty!!! :) Joe Dremmel - DEC 13, 2012

Picked one up 12/09/12. I don't know about all of the past troubles on the recall parangs, but mine is awesome. Holding an edge very well, and the blade is still straight and true. Scary sharp, and very lightweight. Great buy now days.

5 look ing for a good blade samuel - DEC 5, 2012

they look cool like the fact it's got rubber hand
and want to know if it's got the power to knock out small trees

5 question jakob - DEC 4, 2012

can someone tell me about that machete

5 your title john rambo - DEC 2, 2012

i really want one, i hope i get it for christmas

5 bear machete jtrott05 - NOV 27, 2012

Beautiful tool id love to have to make trails for our quads let me know when its available

5 Case stitch unraveled need to fix Shamonwhi - NOV 25, 2012

Were can I have my case for my Parang fixed. Stitching were sliced by the Parang and now it will not fit snug in the case. Can I buy another case separately?

2 trailmaster shane - NOV 20, 2012

please make a different sheath!!!!!!!!

5 43 $ Sativa - NOV 19, 2012

What an affordable instrument of death !

5 sales and hiker/camper chad lathan - NOV 13, 2012

Bear Grylls products are great quality the rubber handles and other small added features in the knives especially .

1 Retired USAF Michael Taddonio - NOV 5, 2012

I am sorry to say this, but this parang is one of the most disappointing tools I have every had the misfortune to purchase. Thank you for the return package, due to the recall on this item. Which was the right thing to do. The blade was so dull it would not cut the skin off a rotten banana. Also, I have never had a Gerber blade come with such a cheaply made sheath. The snaps on the sheath would not snap close. Masking tap would last longer than the velcro sheath strap. I am very lucky to have seen the total integrity failure of the parang on a You Tube review before I tested out this prarang in the field. The total integrity failure of this blade could have caused a severe survival failure in the field. This blade has tarnished the great Gerber name in so many ways that I do not have enough room to explain all the issues this blade could have caused in the field. I am sending the blade back and hopefully the replace may be used to cut rotten oranges without breaking in the future. Now I know why I don't see Bear Grylls using this blade on his show anymore. The Condor Village Parang blows this blade away into dust.

5 Great Machete Ross - NOV 3, 2012

This parang machete is one of the finest blades I have ever owned. Sharp, durable, balanced. All the things Gerber is great at. Anyways, 4 days ago my buddies and I were carving pumpkins, and I decided to have a little fun. I had my friend throw a pumpkin in the air, and I sliced it cleanly in half with the Parang. No tugging or pulling as the blade went through, just a clean sideways slice. Anyways, a great purchase, Five stars!

3 Mr Common Sense - OCT 23, 2012

The steel is better than the 440 series that Gerber normally uses. Sheath is pretty good too. The parang is a versatile design, perfect for building shelters. Now for the bad part. The handle is awful it screams "bear grylls" from every angle. It is uncomfortable, cheap and unpleasant to look at. It should have been steel hand guard and pommel with compressed leather inserts. The blade needs to be 2 inches longer and a little bit thicker. Also, for delicate jobs, you need more room to grip the knife just behind, where the cutting edge starts. The guy below me complained that his knife broke. It shouldn't! I've ran hollow-handle survival knifes through much worse (chiselling concrete with a hammer!) and had no problems. Gerber needs to hire dedicated designers, who would actually use and test the products.

5 great logan - OCT 23, 2012


1 BAD me - OCT 17, 2012


5 the best truth teller - OCT 15, 2012

It is the best gerber product ever

4 an adverage person Kevin Engle - OCT 11, 2012

I like Parang & the knife ..... , it would be nice if the Parang Shealth had an attachment on the front ,so you could attach the knife shealth to it , if you own both.
A couple of hooks on front of Parang Shealth so you could slide the knife shealth down onto the two loops on the back of the knife shealth .

5 mr fotis - OCT 8, 2012

i just bought this parang and i am very satisfied!th metal is very strong!aiso very sharp and very good shape and handle.I thin it will be agreat survival tool for its value!

5 new gerber fan cool dude - SEP 27, 2012

well have had this machete for about 4 days know and am very impressed along with all other of the bear grylls product. I like all other of the bear grylls prouucts went out to try to break them under reasenable conditions just to see if i can in fact wistand the beating that gerber claims it can. And it so woth held it and more, it is well worth the price and cuts wood better then my mini pack axe.

5 arkansasmntkid calvin - SEP 19, 2012

mine is broken , but not due to lack of engineering. i put mine through more abuse all last winter and early spring than any one could imagine. i used it to split mostly every log that went into my fire place, and i would stick it into the top of the log and then beat on the back of it with another log or 2x4 or what was close...and after about 4 to 6 months it eventually broke. i will be getting another one.

5 wow Jason - SEP 2, 2012

my brother got the long version of the gator machete and the blade flexes a bit, I got one of these parangs off of ebay, and it's as good as I expeced a little more. the blade seems to be twice as thick as the gator, and it doesnt flex at all. it's very well balanced and durable. you can use it to pop the cap off a beer bottle (check on youtube for that). I'd highly recommend this machete to anyone thinking about prepping, going camping, or needing a good tool to use

5 mountaineer dylan - AUG 31, 2012

used this parang on a 26 mile hike in the montana wilderness it performed great needs a sharpening if used alot. but all in all would recommend. mine never rusted one bit and we were up at 10,000 ft in rain and humid areas. my brother was with me on our hike and is a ex spec ops soldier and was very impressed so much so that he is going to get one

4 Hiker and Camper Bama Bull - AUG 28, 2012

My daughter gave me this BG machete as a Christmas present and I was very excited to add it my pack. Nice sheath. The only problem I encountered was that the blade was NOT sharp! It was so dull that I barely could cut a stick of butter. After I had the blade sharpened by a local professional it was able to cut through butter, vines, branches and other vegetation. Lanyard is a little small and barely fits over my leather work glove.

5 Zombie Slayer Extrordinaire! Bashin' Bob - AUG 24, 2012

Very Nice Parang, but so far no zombies to try it out on. :'-(
However it works well cutting small brush, large weeds and vines and the occasional SNAKE! when I'm not leaping in the air and running away from them. ;-)

4 Photojournalist Jake - AUG 23, 2012

This is a very well made knife but it does need sharpening big time, ceramic rods and cheap diamond rods will not do. You need a grinding wheel. This is a tool not a collector sword and rust will happen. The grip is great and the sheath is designed to reduce accidental impaling in this lawsuit environment . I like the thing.
Jake Canada.

5 Quality piece of gear Dave - AUG 21, 2012

I've had my parang for at least 6 months and have used it for bushwhacking on multiple search and rescue missions in Western Washington. It's compact size makes it easier to strap to the outside of a pack and its heft help it cut well. I have not had any issues with rust despite use in the wet northwest. Its a great peice of gear, if you need a machete, buy this instead.

4 great quality gvarr - AUG 1, 2012

realy nice! need to sharpen it, make sure to oile the blade and this machete will be there fore you when you need it

4 Sad face Jr. Survival - JUL 27, 2012

Big fan of the bg series this was a great buy but I was wondering why it's almost same $ as the compact fixed blade and now I know... Wasn't prepared for rust

5 great blade jason - JUL 16, 2012

some friends had this blade in nicaragua. Mr. dave up above said that this blade couldnt cut through a watermelon and that is rusts quickly. He is WRONG and must not have had this gerber parang. the one i used in Nicaragua was without rust and with one swipe cut through a 10 inch baby palm like butter. I just bought mine and look forward to using it on a zombie or 3!

3 Good for price Andrew - JUL 11, 2012

The sheath holds it securly, but it is hard to get out. THe shape is great for clearing out brush, howerver blade was not sharp out of box and doesnt seem to keep an edge, however i may not be sharpening correctly. Great grip and swings well, definately worth buying.

1 Mr. dave - JUL 3, 2012

POS! wouldn't cut thru a watermelon. Blade rusted the next day! Too hard to get out of the sheath. Not good at all!

5 :) jacob - JUL 3, 2012

i ordered this porang and i have a knife and axe/machete collection but i use them all the time i also have the ultimite knife the canteen cost alot of money for a bottle

5 very high quality colton - JUN 29, 2012

this is a very high quality machete /parang and is greatly usefull fot cotting trees down. easy to sharpen. and for those that believe good i would say it would be a good zombie killing weapon as a secondary especially if you have no guns. it is also better than a regular machete because of the shape how the blade comes before the handle. point is if youre willing to pay atleast 20 or 30 dollars this is definitly a good buy

5 illes - JUN 29, 2012

very cool

5 awesome christina - JUN 20, 2012

best ever

5 shyronnie shyronnie - JUN 9, 2012

I was also busy hunting lions when I fell of a cliff, didn't even get a scratch on the blade becuase I left it at home. The next week I was out mountain climbing with a group of 12 friends. when I had to make a speedy choice, yes I had to cut all 12 lines to save team. lucky I had the Bear Grylls machate cut all strands at once no problem, never lost my grip.

5 Awesome Guy9198 - MAY 27, 2012

I took this right out of the box and with minimal sharpening began to hack at brush and a natural dam in n
Knee deep water. All I had to do was dry it off oil and sharpen it to keep it in good condition. Three months later instill performs just as well.

5 Katrina Country Dan Man - MAY 19, 2012

Love the machete! I thought the grip might be like a hard plastic that would slip easy from my hands but the grip is a hard rubber that feels nice in the hands. Being that its not a large machete makes it easy for me to move around with it when I'm out an about. Lightweight, sharp, great grip, & a plus being full tang! I have had mine for some time & a little of the right oil has kept it from rusting.

2 trail master shane - MAY 12, 2012

the sheath needs to be redesigned. it doesnt ride right and tends to be combersome. it needs to be ambidextrous and should hang with the grip vertical, not the blade. some kind of hard solid collar around the opening would eliminate the need of button snap closure

5 great parang me - MAY 10, 2012

it is a very good machete it went through a lot with me camping and ya it did rust a bit but still a perfet edge ;P

5 Zombie Survivalist/Author Roddy - MAY 10, 2012

A great machete! It's lightweight and sturdy with an extra grippy handle and it will cut through just about anything you put in front of it. I live in norther Alberta so thinks like rust and the like aren't an issue. All in all an excellent machete for anyone from back yard adventurers to the experienced outdoorsman.

5 trail master shane - MAY 9, 2012

i took my machete and this parang with me camping. some laughed at me for taking them. they were not laughing when a horse bucked his way into a gully surrounded by a forest of poison oak, poison nettle and eucalyptus trees. only me and my big knives were able to clear the area so we could rescue the horse. this blade was able to cut through half a dozen fallen trees!

5 Your Title Me - MAY 5, 2012

I want one

3 Biondo E Vella - MAY 1, 2012

perfect axe replacement!
great handle
great cut

only problem is the blade rusted after my first use, needs to bee oiled every time its used

5 Shad ЙЦуке - APR 9, 2012

If you are reading this, it is because you need to know weather or not to buy this tool.
The answer to all you fickle cutomers: H3!! Yeah!

5 bear grylls parang. Survival expert - APR 4, 2012

I tested this in the field, and it held up and worked great. Just cut through everything. Razor sharp, and full tang. Works great, highly recommend for serious survival

5 NE Georgia Walker Patrol John - MAR 30, 2012

I plan on getting one ASAP and making it Official Walker Gear for us. I have seen them in the store and I Love Gerbers and after all these reviews, I can tell it is a must have, Along with my Ultimate Survival Knife! Go Gerber!!!

5 hardy tanner wild - MAR 26, 2012

i was hunting lions wean i droped it of a 70 foot cliff it hit the rocks and wean i went to get it it was just scrached

5 Awesome J - MAR 24, 2012

This is a durable piece that I thought was well worth the money
Durable, it could take the constant chopping of logs and brush
Grippy, the handle has a comfortable rubber grip that feels good in the hand and prevents slipping
Blade, the angled full tang blade was sharp right out of the box and is extraordinary for chopping brush and/or logs

The blade isn't stainless and requires oiling after use but that is the only con I've found so far

5 Mr T-Dog - MAR 22, 2012

I got this knife to kill some god damn walkers.
Works perfectly and I knew I made the right choice when I grabbed this tool!

5 prefect random guy - MAR 20, 2012

i found that it was the prefect blade to handle anything i put it through. all in all i made the right choice when i saw this masterpiece.

5 Jungle Master Bernard - MAR 18, 2012

If you are ever trying to conquer the jungle by yourself, be sure to have this valuable tool at your side. There is not an animal in the heart of the jungle that would dare cause you harm with this this piece.

5 confused by these reviews nic - MAR 17, 2012

These bad reviews are blowing my mind, I teach survivalin southern Ohio and Northern Kentuky and this is one of the best tools I've used in a long time. It does need sharpend out of the box but most knives do. Iv had mind for close to a year and I use it for hours a day 3 or 4 days a week and I have had no problem with rust, Why? BECAUSE I TAKE CARE OF IT.

5 Perfect Machete Josh Lei - MAR 12, 2012

I got the parang for my survival kit, when the ammo runs dry.....this will be the best weapon to use for protecting my family. You must know how to take care of your items. I have not had any problems with the parang, although had minor scratches on the blade when I took out of the package. The weight is spot on, the handle is sweet to. As for the sheath not fitting the blade? Huh? Maybe you have it in backwards? My sheath fits perfectly with a velcro strap to keep the blade from coming out. As for the blade rusting.....Keep your blade oiled when not in use! Its carbon steel, it will rust if not properly taken care of (Like all metal!) As for it not being "razor sharp" you think gerber wants to be sued by you when you pull it out of the package and cut your hand off? I don't think so. Sharpen the damn blade and stop your childish wining, not everything will be done for you.

I recommend the parang to anyone that wants to use it for protection, as well as brush control. Well worth the money. I bought it at Wal-mart for $38 bucks!

Love the zombie groups!!!!!!!!! The end is coming.

4 Has potential Bruce - MAR 8, 2012

I say it has potential because, even though the parang is great and makes a great machete replacement, the sheath is simply terrible. The blade doesn't actually fit in the sheath without you having to undo half of the buttons on it. Also, the only attachment on the sheath is a belt loop but I would much rather attach it to the side of my pack so the sheath doesn't slap me in the leg. A molle attachment feature would've been nice. It's still a great tool but if Gerber ever made another sheath for it that I could buy separately I definitely would.

5 Man Mike - MAR 2, 2012

I have one and I think it's a great tool. IMO I think the blade could stand to be a bit thicker but overall it is a great tool and back up weapon. Worth every penny!

5 great tool,unlimited abilities tasos - MAR 2, 2012

this parang is great i am looking forward of buying one because i heard its the most suitable tool for tough work!!!

5 mad mexican mexico man - MAR 1, 2012

got it for my birthday and it is amazing.
use it at my job for clearing bruss and it works like a dream and i saw it on the walking dead to. my only complant is that you mitt need to sharpen it before use

5 It's cool in all But... xXSFINNXx - FEB 22, 2012

It's a very cool knife. im looking at buying it some day but whats with the zombie groups? It's cool and all but ive seen them on every page. Maybe you guys should be the sponsers not Bear Grylls.

5 North Miami Apocalapse Responce team Jorge Ducharste - FEB 22, 2012

Awesome Side weapon now standee issue for all officers next to the 45 of course.

Once the bullets are gone a machete is the next best thing

5 Pittsburgh Zombie Response team #57 Brendan S. - FEB 19, 2012

looks cool feels great does the job and is great for zombie killing!!!

5 East Texas Zombie Response Team Gen. L. Martin - FEB 17, 2012

Standard Equipment for our teams now. Great Parang.

5 Brilliant. Andrew Cheon - FEB 10, 2012

Bear is my idol. This parang is genius, and his idea is a great one. It works just as it is supposed to, and as far as sharpening goes, it hasn't been a problem for me yet (brought it on three camping trips and used it for firewood). The design really does maximize efficiency and comfort and surprisingly, even when striking wood and not getting clean through it, barely any shock is felt. I believe strongly in Bear's ideas, and however many defects there may be, as a manufacturer, Gerber may sometimes have these problems. I'm proud of the craftmanship and brains that went into this tool.
Highly recommended.

5 Everglades Photographer Shane Srogi - JAN 31, 2012

I live on a Horse Ranch in the Everglades. That means I am constantly trimming brush which the Parang handles nicely. By profession I'm a Nature Photographer which means I'm slogging thru the swamps or Kayaking. Again the Parang sees more than it's fair share of use. I can finally stop collecting Machete's because the others don't hold a candle to the design and quality of this fellow. If I ever end up in a face to face with a Python I'm going to be a lot happier about it with this strapped to my hip. Thanks to Bear and Gerber for making something you can put your trust in.


5 OutdoorsMan Dalton Alexander - JAN 29, 2012

I love The PARANG what and AWESOME TOOL!!!! I will own this and the survival series fire starter and the survival knife awesome

5 Goon for the Detroit Pistons Gregg Aldrich - JAN 11, 2012

cleared my shooting lanes with ease, love the handle, balance feels great, its appearance is intimidating to people in public campgrounds which is always a plus. Gonna buy the Gator next.

5 hunter / hiker jack - JAN 8, 2012

bought it, love it I have made shelters with this . I have cleared brush out of the way for hunting and aswell as hiking . I love taking my family out hiking,hunting and fishing I won't leave home with out my things from bear and gerber. Thank you for another well made product

5 84) 4$$ John Smith - JAN 4, 2012

Title says bad ass btw.................

5 mr daniel brettle - JAN 1, 2012

my better half got me this 4 my b day and every time im out hunting it has became a great tool for clearing away threw bushes ect and great 4 making a shelter.

5 YO taylor not teylor - DEC 29, 2011

hey taylor, maybe its razor sharp, youre just a mutant. Bad news: you cant get iV's(being scared of needles, good for me) Good news: you can now chase a promising career as being a superhero

5 think about this Your name - DEC 26, 2011

the blade is meant to be slightly dull so the blade doesn't chip, take a katana for example, one of the sharpest swords if made correctly but if you strike some thing that is harder than bone the sword can break, if you start hacking with this parang it clears everything if you use it right and the edge will last longer

4 Works like a champ Rick G. - DEC 23, 2011

My son and I love this. When taking on walkers, the parang is hard to beat. Multiple uses for survival, brush clearing, menial tasks, and lopping off heads. Times are tough (with the dead walking and all), but having this close at hand takes the edge off. Does tend to rust, nothing to lose your head I've though (sorry, zombie humor).

5 I want one!!! Matthew - DEC 23, 2011

Looks grreat cuts amazing friend has must have for a survival kit!!

1 WEAK John - DEC 23, 2011

CRAP...Dont buy

1 Do not buy this piece of junk! taylor - DEC 15, 2011

this is an awful machete that puts a bad name to bear grylls and gerber. It was so dull when I got it I could rub my fingers hard across the blade with no affects, not too big of a deal tho since it can just be sharpened, so I did so, then it cut right through this so called "military grade" sheath (which was a joke to begin with). I can't seem to get the thing to hold an edge for very long and it is always rusting. Very disappointed in the machete so I contacted Gerber warranty wanting to exchange this for another Gerber knife, I got a reply telling me everything I already knew about the warranty info and nothing about exchanging, I replied back and still have not gotten an answer back (pending 7 days?). Awful thru and thru. I would not buy this machete or recommend it to anyone

5 SWEET!!!!!!!!! dug james - DEC 11, 2011

I AM 15 and i love it my buddys and I are both in a group that i made i have 14 of them

4 Your Title matt - NOV 13, 2011

the parang is great the sheath is the problem used it outdoors once and the belt loop starting coming off

5 Fantastic! Jason - NOV 11, 2011

This is the third of the BG series I've purchased. The blade is heavy, the weight does the work. It's not made for mowing the lawn and all steel rusts. Why must people whine so much, just learn how to use your tools properly!

4 Reptile Wrangler for Chaos & Critters Rescue Mark Jones - NOV 4, 2011

It is what it is guys - yet another version of a parang. As they go, this one is VERY good. Where most people go wrong is swinging "willy-nilly" & with no real force. Strokes should be deliberate and with the required, CONTROLLED, force. Rust? It is

4 Corps chopper Clément - NOV 2, 2011

A friend brought it to me from US and I'm loving it. I'm more used to the african machete, this one is way thicker tha the african ones but when you manage to use it properly, it's a great tool, cut well big branch for the firecamp or cleaning the garden.

5 not for everyone frosty - OCT 28, 2011

if you "weren't impressed" you clearly don't know "how" to use it. it. if you strike the target at the wrong angle & without enough strike force, as with any blade, it will dull FASTER & will not cut very well. my Parang has personally been used to cut o

3 watch out for rust Matt - OCT 28, 2011

After using the parang on slightly damp wood I had put it in the sheath. went to use it about 4 hours later I noticed rust and minor pitting on the non finished part of the blade. It cuts and chops like a charm but I want something I don't have to oil aft

1 Not impressed Molly - OCT 26, 2011

Tried to use this in the hills of WV-
this would have been the 2 time using it- first time was with bamboo worked for a min then had to get a different tool -
blade dulled so much it would not even cut a blade of grass! must sharpened- so I have to carr

5 I own one of these. Griffin - OCT 20, 2011

It is absolutely fantastic. although its a little dull initially its really easy to sharpen and on my last camping trip we cleared 30m area in a few minutes cutting down trees 3-4 inches thick.
also it feels great in your hands. its heavy but not too hea

5 Mr. Milo - OCT 19, 2011

Bought this for clearing out some heavy brush in the backyard. it performed well above what i expected. kept a great edge and have not sharpened it since i purchased it. have used it to cut up some fire wood and once again it has surpassed my expectati

5 Walking Dead Ben - OCT 18, 2011

If I'm not mistaken I saw this machete on the Walking Dead last Sunday.

1 Zombie tool Dude - OCT 8, 2011

Just got the Parang and kinda disappointed at first glance there were pits in the metal and the scabbard is a joke. I just used it to clear a bunch of small trees clean the branches. It didn't do well in clearing so I gave up and grabbed my loppers , way

5 Incredible Tool Adam - OCT 2, 2011

After looking around for a good machete I decided to purchase this one, and I am glad that I did. I have used it for brush clearing and I now use it in place of my hatchet to split kindling. The blade is quite thick and stays sharp; I have only sharpened

3 outdoorsman Leo - SEP 30, 2011

I have one of the Parangs and it does ok on light stuff (no more than 1/2") but the blade dulls quickly. Changed the angle of sharpening on it and I hope it does better. Not quite what i was hoping for in this price range machete.

2 Mediocre at best. Frank - SEP 7, 2011

I purchased this tool hoping for a good quality type blade and what I got was a very weak version of a very short Machete. I broke the blade inside the handle on accident while doing some branch knocking during firewood prep. I'd say for cutting through t

5 Great Tool!!! Chad - AUG 29, 2011

I know right! Apparently you can buy one with a different stile sheath. I have the "old" stile sheath with 2 buttons and the velcrow strap. Personally I like it because there is NO WAY that parang is going to come out! I love the machete! It cuts through

5 taylor abbass taylor abbass - AUG 21, 2011

i just picked up one of the parangs a couple weeks back and i luv it the bastard works like a charm now what i dont understand is the sheath on the one im seeing above here is not the same as the one i purchased mine has the velcrow and to button snaps so

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