Gerber Gear Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife Fine Edge Knife
Gerber Gear Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife Fine Edge Knife

Bear Grylls Ultimate Fine Edge Knife

Fixed Blade Knife

Item: # 31-001063

Loaded with innovations and backed by Bear, this knife has everything. The knife features a fine edge, drop point blade, a textured rubber grip, a steel pommel, and an emergency whistle. The durable sheath has a sharpener and a firestarter.



    • Open length: 10.0"
    • Blade Length: 4.8"
    • Weight: (with sheath): 14.7oz.
    • Weight (no sheath): 11.2oz.
    • Knife Features: 
      • Full Fine Edge High Carbon Stainless Steel Drop Point Blade - Ideal for edge retention
      • Ergonomic Textured Rubber Grip - Maximizes comfort and reduces slippage
      • Stainless Steel Pommel - At base of handle for hammering
      • Emergency Whistle - Integrated into lanyard cord
    • Sheath Features: 
      • Fire Starter - Ferrocerium rod locks into sheath, striker notch incorporated into back of knife blade
      • Nylon Sheath - Lightweight, military-grade, mildew resistant
      • Land to air rescue instructions
      • Diamond Sharpener - Integrated into sheath for on-the-go sharpening
      • Priorities of Survival - Pocket guide contains Bear’s survival essentials
  • Warranty

Since its release, the excitement surrounding the Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife has been overwhelming. In 2011 the Ultimate was the best-selling knife in world. Fans and collectors, however, clamored for a non-serrated version and we listened. We now make the Ultimate Knife with a fine-edge from the top of the handle to the tip of the blade. Using the same high carbon, stainless steel drop-point blade and texturized rubber handle this is equally tough and unmistakably Bear-inspired. Housed in a nylon and hard rubber military-grade sheath, a diamond-coated knife sharpener, emergency whistle, fire starter and survival guide are all integrated. This is the Ultimate Knife that you asked for, the pinnacle of Bear’s signature line.


Bear Grylls Fire Starter Replacement

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  • |4 out of 5 stars
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  • 1
  • |JUN 6, 2017
  • |BY: kaleb , shit

this thing broke as soon as I got the hang of throwing it at least make it full tang dickheads and sheath is the most uncomfortable to wear only quality is in the blade sharpener

  • 3
  • |DEC 4, 2016
  • |BY: anonymous , blade

it broke on the fire striker part when hit with the quality of a chopping board when cutting bones,handle is good though

  • 3
  • |JUN 15, 2016
  • |BY: Lee , Knife+ Sheath-

I love the knife. I can put a wicked razor edge on it that lasts until I have to put it back in the sheath.

  • 2
  • |NOV 28, 2015
  • |BY: Shawn flowers , Disappointed

Had this knife about 3 months. Used it for all sorts of stuff. Today, while camping, I was batoning pine kindling for a fire....snap right down the middle of the blade. I was surprised considering pine is such a soft wood and the blade is so thick and rugged. I really liked this blade, feeling disappointed.

  • 1
  • |OCT 12, 2015
  • |BY: AINITFUNNY , Your Title

i bought this knife for all the wonderful features and put it in my "bug out bag" for years without trying it out. I pulled it out a few weeks ago and put it on my belt to take fishing. it is IMPOSSIBLE to wear this unit because the SHEATH IS DESIGNED SO POORLY!! you may carry this in a bsckpack but I defy people to actually wear it on your belt!!! The hard sheath sticks up above the belt and jabs the sharp square corners of the sheath into your side or belly when you move or sit down or bend over!!!

It is obvious that NOBODY ACTUALLY TESTED that sheath design by Wearing IT VERY LONG ON A BELT! .You can't. It is a fine unit as long as you don't expect to be able to carry/wear it on your belt!

  • 4
  • |SEP 27, 2015
  • |BY: Zach g , Knife enthusiast

All around the knife is great but the sheath could use work, my dogs found it once day while I was at work and whistle is no more and at the bottom where the canvas attached to the sharpening stone did not hold up needless to say it could be more durable.

  • 3
  • |SEP 15, 2015
  • |BY: Dan , Not full tang

the only part i don't like about the knife is its not full tang which means it can break easily. everything else about it is good

  • 4
  • |JUL 31, 2015
  • |BY: Dylan , Great knife

I really love this knife my only complaint is the fact that the ferro rod is mounted downwards, mine fell out once on me and had to jerry rig a way to keep from losing it. As far as the knife however I am very impressed.. I have put it through quite a beating and it has held up, certainly the only knife I will need on long camping trips, and I'm looking forward to many more years of use.

  • 5
  • |JUL 17, 2015
  • |BY: Robert , Survivalist

Hello,this has got to be one of the most useful piece of gear, I own. And everyone knows that a knive is the most importent piece of equipment you can have. Ask any professional,Seals,to other opratives will tell you the same.The fire-starter,the sharpener,both of which are very handy.The knive,has been around for thousands of years. And is more useful then Firearms.A gun without ammunition is,well,just a fancy club.

  • 5
  • |JUL 1, 2015
  • |BY: name , great ! i love it

this knife can be used for so many different things...and i like the no serrations way better!for the price i think it is a great knife.( can get the same knife from Walmart for $33.35 not including tax. overall i will say: Its a great knife.

  • 4
  • |JUN 30, 2015
  • |BY: Zombie Lives , Great if on Sale

For anyone who has looked or wanted a Gerber knife: first off, don't buy it off the website, it is far cheaper in store or almost anywhere else online.
Secondly, I've wanted this knife or its partially serrated counterpart for some time. I found mine on sale in a store.
I looks and feels great. I have larger than average hands, so when this thing was able to feel so comfortable and fill my hand. It was great. The sheath is great with no complaints on this end.
My only 2 things are: 1) it wasn't as sharp as I was thinking it would be out of packaging. I have 2 other Gerber knives that were half steps below razors out of packaging. So I was a bit disappointed in that. 2) No where does it say what the actual blade is made of. I know that I am not alone in this thought.
Overall, a great knife to have for whatever reason you can muster. But, for that "Just in case" scenario, have a stone ready at hand.

  • 5
  • |JUN 20, 2015
  • |BY: binojsankar , Favorite knife

Nice knife for all applications while survival situation and Hammer works awesome . From my point of view this knife can be good and feasible to buy in this excellent price. Thanks to Gerber and Mr. bear grylls

  • 4
  • |MAY 20, 2015
  • |BY: Smarty Pants , Mr.

Does anyone know the angle of the edge?

  • 1
  • |FEB 1, 2015
  • |BY: Ivan Kalashikov , Mr.

Gerbergear needs to get it: steel matters. So why there is no information about what kind of steel is used for "Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife"? Mere: "High Carbon Stainless Steel" is for armatures. Is there any Cobalt, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nitrogen, Niobium, Nickel, Silicon, Tantalum, Titanium, Tungsten, Vanadium in this steel, besides of Carbon?

  • 5
  • |DEC 15, 2014
  • |BY: isai , linares

It is a very good knife but I can not have because in the country where I live there are none that do not export products of any kind and really would like to have but here are bolivares and a dollar here costs 100 bs and a lot of money to reunite

  • 1
  • |NOV 30, 2014
  • |BY: Brot , Your Title

is it hollow ground?

  • 3
  • |AUG 11, 2014
  • |BY: Insert name here , Eh

The knife is pretty good sheath is nicely made though

  • 5
  • |JUN 10, 2014
  • |BY: Kobe Laevens , I wish I had

I am 11 years old and I want this kinfe I know people that have this knife it is strong but made in china steal I don't now

  • 5
  • |JUN 8, 2014
  • |BY: Kobe Laevens , I wish

I would love to have this knife but I am a little kid well 11 years old :( I like gerber because it is cheap I don't have hardly any money so that sucks

  • 5
  • |MAY 23, 2014
  • |BY: bob , good

good knife you need won of these

  • 5
  • |MAY 18, 2014
  • |BY: Will Razon , Full Tang

Is this blade a full tang blade?

  • 1
  • |MAY 15, 2014
  • |BY: Nathan , Your Title

Took a couple whacks at a sapling and knocked a giant hunk out of the edge. Just half of the edge though as it looks like the blade is two cheap pieces of metal glued together.

  • 5
  • |MAY 15, 2014
  • |BY: Jason , Grand Chef Master Boss

I watched hours of footage about this series of knives. I after watching about 75 guys bash the living crap out of this knife they all weighed in with a yay or nay. I learned that this knife can and will take a horrible beating and stay in one piece. I bought this knife because I own a LMF II and this knife was half the price and similar in build and quality ( The LMF II is better material) It is a nice car kit knife, and it is very versatile and fit in as a camp tool or poker for angry critters.

  • 3
  • |APR 17, 2014
  • |BY: Greg , anybody else ?

So found one of these knives the other day on a bush road, grip torn up from being smashed around. I tore the grip off, as it was unusable. This "full tang" knife isn't what I imagine as full tang. The steel tapers down to almost nothing well before the end of the knife. The pommel isn't attached to the rest of the tang either, disappointing find. I'm not a steel guy but the numbers on the handle say 466 11 11 and the steel numbers Gerber gives me are 9CR19MoV Anybody know what that means ?

  • 1
  • |MAR 8, 2014
  • |BY: Knife guy , why

I have bought many Gerber knives over the years. But when I bought this one I noticed that it wasn't made in the USA. Why? I have lost my resect for Gerber knives.

  • 1
  • |FEB 12, 2014
  • |BY: Recondo101st , WTF ?

Why buy this lower tier version of the LMF ???? Save a little longer and get the REAL thing instead of this sub-standard version. I've seen these fail time and again but the LMF's just keep trucking. Forget about all the hoopla with these amateurs complaining about serrations, they make cutting thru tough fabric and thin metal MUCH EASIER !

  • 1
  • |JAN 22, 2014
  • |BY: brandon , where is it made in

where is this knife made in. In the counterfeit it says all knives are engineered in Oregon or something.

  • 1
  • |JAN 2, 2014
  • |BY: Jack Brown , build quality is surprisingly bad

Not sure if this really deserves the Gerber mark on it. Got one as a gift, and the steel is garbage, will not hold an edge at all. I definitely remember when Gerber meant high quality knives.

  • 5
  • |NOV 3, 2013
  • |BY: boss , boss

It is boss

  • 1
  • |NOV 2, 2013
  • |BY: william , Your Title

the knife sheath will dull the edge, the edge makes contact with inside of sheath and after a few times pulling blade out, it will dull the edge

  • 5
  • |OCT 21, 2013
  • |BY: Allen , good knife

ive had this for a few months now and use it constantly and ive had no problems

  • 5
  • |OCT 18, 2013
  • |BY: frank dougherty 5 , kid vs wild

I gust got this knife and it is boss I beat the hell out of it and it did not break so thank you GERBER

  • 5
  • |OCT 7, 2013
  • |BY: ex SAS soldier , highly recommended

it has helped me make many rafts and shelters and has also killed many things.

  • 4
  • |SEP 8, 2013
  • |BY: Andy , PreparedGuy

I was impressed by the overall quality of both knife and sheath. It feels heavy and solid and looks like it can take a good amount of abuse. I was a bit less impressed by the edge finish on the knife I received. It was somewhat sharp but far from "razor" sharp. No worries, I'll just finesse the edge with a ceramic sharpener. By contrast, my SOG Seal Pup Elite came already as sharp as it could possibly get. I'm sure Gerber can improve on this aspect. I'd give it 5 stars but for the sharpness issue, otherwise great knife.

  • 1
  • |SEP 1, 2013
  • |BY: The Dane , Why?

Bought this knife a couple of years ago, and i have taken it with me many times, but so far i have only been disappointed with it, truly horrible steel, and in denmark this knife cost around 150$ so it is not cheap. Great they finally made the fulltang version, but sorry, have just lost my faith in Gerber after this "china knife"

  • 5
  • |AUG 23, 2013
  • |BY: jason , outdoorsman

I feel its the only knife ill ever need

  • 5
  • |AUG 9, 2013
  • |BY: Kris Blouch , Wilderness Professional

I have seven years of wilderness therapy/expedition experience. I was very pleasantly surprised by this knife. I was concerned by the marketing aspect (big name often equals low quality), but this knife not only delivers, it excels. I especially like that the blade is p-chord cutting friendly, as it's true those who work in the wilderness do a a lot of that. Best part, you buy a 400 dollar Bench-made or even a 150 dollar K-Bar, you don't want to break it. At $70 I beat the hell out of this thing and if I ever break it, no problem. Great knife. Thanks Gerber.

  • 5
  • |JUL 30, 2013
  • |BY: junior milinski , best.knife.ever.

i got this for my birthday it is my favorite never going to replace it!

  • 5
  • |JUL 28, 2013
  • |BY: Trackmarine1075 , Survival instructor

Excellent knife for the money! I recommend it to all of my students! The only way to get a better knife is to have one custom made. I found that the blade will gather a little rust but nothing damaging to the blade. Would like to see it in a chrome moly blade though. They are harder to sharpen but hold an edge longer and don't rust at all. Excellent job Bear and Gerber! Quality knife!

  • 2
  • |JUL 25, 2013
  • |BY: mr meatballs , stay clear

Don't buy this knife, get a prodigy or a lmf, just not this thing. all the BG line has been garbage to me, don't waste your money.

  • 4
  • |JUL 17, 2013
  • |BY: Geddy Lee , Mr.

A fine upgrade to a already fantastic knife.
However, the choil (the unsharpened notch in front of the guard) needs to go.
Hence the 4/5 stars.

Confess Gerber. The reason for the choil is because the new sharpener cannot reach that part of the knife.

  • 5
  • |JUL 14, 2013
  • |BY: David Mullins , great knife great handle

but i would really love to see one in a 12 inch blade. the bigger the blade the bedder the knife. because when you're batoning thru wood the bigger knife the bigger the tree you can cut down.

  • 5
  • |JUL 14, 2013
  • |BY: Bear Grylls Fan , Survival Knife

This Is A Very Awesome Knife .. Suitable For Survival , The Only Problem That I Have Is That The Silicone From The Side Is Tearing Because the knife is Pressing On It.

  • 2
  • |JUL 12, 2013
  • |BY: John Doe , Made in China...Improvement needed

This is an okay value at about a 30$ street price.. although I do question its long term durability. I don't care for the orange coloring or large "BG" logos though maybe Mr. Grylls insisted on that. Myself and I'm sure many others would gladly pay double or more for the superior steel blade you use to make your LMF 2 line of knives. I'd also like to see it be a little heavier / beefier and a true 5" blade. Please please please make it visible full tang! I like others here strongly prefer straight/fine edge knives. IMO having a partly serrated edge on a knife makes that portion useless. They also are quite difficult to sharpen on the fly. I will close in saying this: the fact that a proud american company one that prides itself in being "unstoppable" and featuring "legendary blades" can do better. Please stop outsourcing manufacturing to china to save a few bucks on labor and giving us substandard goods. We want made in the USA products. Listen, we will pay more for better quality & craftsmanship. Thank you.

  • 5
  • |JUN 30, 2013
  • |BY: shayne , questio

looks awesome but is it made in china

  • 2
  • |JUN 28, 2013
  • |BY: Mike B , SERE C Graduate

Look elsewhere if you want a great survival knife. This one is gimmicky, the casual user will be very disappointed. Get an ASEK Knife that was actually made in the USA and a fire starter at Wal Mart and you'll be way ahead of the game here.

  • 5
  • |JUN 8, 2013
  • |BY: dallin , awesome

this is the best knife ever I take it when ever I go camping hiking fishing or hunting it works really well I have had it for a year and it stays sharp it can hack threw wood and small trees like nothing it is very durable and has amazing grip on it.
the fire starter works amazingly well but wears down fast,
And I love the sharpener on the back of the sheath it works amazingly well and I use it to sharpen all my knifes.
I would recommend getting this knife its worth the money .

  • 5
  • |MAY 26, 2013
  • |BY: Utkrist , Very Strong

This is a durable and great knife i put it under a very good test and it made it

  • 5
  • |MAY 20, 2013
  • |BY: Dale , Hvac

I used this knive on the Appalachian Trail. What an incredible knive. I dont know who the people are that claim this knive gets dull fast. I tied a cord around the end and literally used it as an axe To chop up 6inch branches. It keeps an edge well. The features are enough to help you survive almost any situation. Awesome knive! Several friends of mine also purchased this model as well. Highly recommended knive.

  • 5
  • |MAY 8, 2013
  • |BY: WingMan02 , Great knife for Camping

This knife is well made, its heavy enough to chop wood and has a great grip. I love the pummel and spearing ability. Sheath is cool too.

  • 2
  • |MAY 7, 2013
  • |BY: Niko , Sheath Sucks

Who is the idiot to put metal inserts in the sheath so that a man destroys his fine edge (which you have tot put on yourselfes) in a second????
Love the knive and its features (glad i bought the plain edge) but the sheat is in the bin and I had a new one made for it

  • 4
  • |APR 22, 2013
  • |BY: JD , GreenSurvivor

I have the serrated blade and I gotta say its pretty much the best knife I've owned, and I've got a LOT. This knife along with the gerber flik make a great team. I've had the same flik for YEARS which made me trust gerber enough to buy the ultimate. By far a great knife. Had it for a few months putting it to the test. The problem with the serrated is there's not much of a straight blade, which sucks. But instead of getting rid of the serrations all together, they should put it on the back next to the fire starter. I think that would make it more functional, but that's just me. I use this knife everyday outside and at work and its a great knife and tool, but my only problem with it all together is it don't hold an edge as well as I'd like. Other than that, GREAT knife!

  • 5
  • |APR 11, 2013
  • |BY: Elton , Awesome Knife !

I like This Knife more than the serrated Edge because its easier to sharpen in a survival situation....Great Blade Material ! Hope than i buy the Hatchet 2013 Edition for my Adventures

  • 5
  • |APR 8, 2013
  • |BY: hilzviæ. , h87aghrl

good knife

  • 5
  • |APR 8, 2013
  • |BY: Your name , Your Title

good knife

  • 5
  • |APR 2, 2013
  • |BY: george , JUST AMAZING!

i love this

  • 5
  • |MAR 27, 2013
  • |BY: Zack , Perfect backpacker's knife

This knife is a great tool. However, I'm a bigger guy so I have to have a bigger pack. And to have it accessible while wearing my pack is a little more difficult than it should be. It would be great if there was a leg holster that actually stays in place. Or something of the sort to make it easy on/easy off.

  • 1
  • |MAR 27, 2013
  • |BY: danh , garbage

Knife lasted 1 week then the sheath brook, called to have it fixed and was told no way.
Knife was lost on a wildfire a few days later. DO NOT BUY

  • 5
  • |MAR 18, 2013
  • |BY: Due North , Your Title

Great knife! Should also have a version without the bright orange color. Keep the color simple and plain.

  • 5
  • |MAR 9, 2013
  • |BY: ethan bell , great knife!

this is a durable great strong knife for you. great in a survival situation if needed and perfect for camping or backpacking.

  • 5
  • |MAR 3, 2013
  • |BY: i like , to ron

its akshle called BG. priorities of survival pocket guide. i like this knife.

  • 4
  • |FEB 22, 2013
  • |BY: Zach , Amazing knife

I just got this knife when i got home today.
It is amazing it is more than i expected, if you want it cheap look for it on amazon.

  • 3
  • |FEB 1, 2013
  • |BY: Wolf , WolfOfTheWoodAndMountain

This is an interesting concept. I think the thing most people are overlooking is that this is a “survival” knife. Meaning, it is not intended as a daily use knife, it is intended to be used in survival situations when nothing else is available. With that in mind, I think we can say that for the price it is a great piece of insurance and equipment to have. However as with all survival gear I question the following, in order for it to actually be there when you need it you have to carry it with you all the time and who does this? Otherwise the chances that you will not have it when its needed far out weight the chance that you will. So throw it into a bug out bag or something but don’t expect to ever have it at your disposal on an island after a plane crash \ boat wreck etc. For backpacking I would never have this as my “only” knife which means I would never have it as carrying a knife around for general use and one this heavy for backup purposes just isn’t an option. Having got that out of the way let’s look a bit at the knife itself. Gerber makes inexpensive stuff comparatively and that’s good because Gerber steel is horrible as is Gerber build quality. I once owned a Gerber knife that had close to a ¼ inch thick steel spine. The knife broke in half at the thickest part when accidently dropped from 3 feet onto some rocks. It took me three months of arguing with Gerber to get them to even LOOK at the knife. Eventually they did replace it but it left a sour taste in my mouth to say the least. 20 years or so ago Gerber was still making quality knives that you could actually depend your life on. Today the same simply can’t be said. It’s a sad thing to see any company go from great to cheap but its not like it hasn’t happened before.

  • 5
  • |JAN 17, 2013
  • |BY: Tate , Love this blade!!!

The title says it all. It is a good camp/hunting knife. And if you have a great survival tool.
And it's a straight edge blade! I like what you did gerber.

  • 5
  • |JAN 9, 2013
  • |BY: Michael , Brilliant Knife

Love this knife. All the features are awesome and this knife feels very well made and solid. I haven't had a chance t really test it yet but I plan on it!

  • 3
  • |JAN 6, 2013
  • |BY: loubre , duckman1

love this knife but I had mine about a month and I went to cut a small tree about as big as the top of a coke bottle one morning hunting and the first time I hit it the blade broke of about 1/4 inch above the handle

  • 5
  • |JAN 3, 2013
  • |BY: ghostrider2012 , this would be nice

i have the serration version of this very nice handle awesome but one of the serrations broke off im no longer a serration fan so i will send it in and get the fine edge when it breaks. i love Gerber products.

  • 5
  • |JAN 2, 2013
  • |BY: Awesome , Your Title

Knife is so sharp and nice . With the sharpener and the fire starter truly amazing.

  • 5
  • |DEC 27, 2012
  • |BY: DracInTheBox , Nice Knife

These have to be the best knives I've ever used. The only thing I'd ask to be done is offer the knives themselves as upgrades or something without the sheath. I already own the serrated version and would love to have the fine edge too but I don't want a whole new sheath for it as well. Just something to consider maybe. But great versatile knives for sure. I have to buy a new fire starter since I use mine anytime I have an excuse for starting a fire.

  • 5
  • |DEC 26, 2012
  • |BY: Mark , Fantastic

I have used this knife in all types of Wyoming weather. It is with me while ice fishing and I have used it for field dressing deer. I have used it to pound stakes and in general use around the camp site. I even used it to cut some radiator hose in a roadside car repair. I have one in my truck and carry one whenever I go into the back country. Works great.

  • 5
  • |DEC 24, 2012
  • |BY: Mikey , FANTASTIC

I cannot stop singing this knife's praises! I was caught in a bind up in Big Bend National Park, and suffice it to say, I'm still alive and there are a bit fewer javelinas in the park thanks to this sweet baby!

  • 5
  • |DEC 18, 2012
  • |BY: Patrick , Owner

I love this knife !! I strongly recommend it to anyone. I have a question ... Anyone know how to tie this knife to a stick to make a lance using the supplied holes? Any information appreciated !

  • 5
  • |DEC 14, 2012
  • |BY: Jose S , great knive

Bought this knives and I love it its real Sharp out of the box , looks great and works great can't ask for anything better

  • 5
  • |DEC 6, 2012
  • |BY: H-man Zhao , mr

To ScouMan, you shouldn't worry too much about Chinese-made. the Mateials are imported from the States, and just laboured in China. Well I wish you could find a American-made civil product that you can really afford, given the condition that Americans receiving such welfare and humanity protections, which really push the price sky-high for most stuff. I recon it is a worth buy insead of a classic collection. By the way I love American-made too, even German-made ;P

  • 1
  • |DEC 2, 2012
  • |BY: Joey B , ScoutMan

I am opposed to this being manufactured in China. I absolutely love the American-made LMF and would absolutely love the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife if it had the same blade material and were American-made. For now, I'm staying away from Gerber's Chinese-made products. When the Bear Grylls model is available as an American-made product, I'll make the investment, because otherwise, I love my Gerber products. The LMF could use the more civilian-friendly BG sheath, whistle, and fire starter though.

  • 5
  • |NOV 27, 2012
  • |BY: Kyle , Great

One of the best knives out there for the price.

  • 4
  • |NOV 26, 2012
  • |BY: Steve , It's Okay

Not the best knife I've got. I wish it had a lanyard, I thought I'd put one on then found out the holes are too small for 550 para.

  • 5
  • |NOV 26, 2012
  • |BY: GJ , Quick Tip To Save Your Flint

Attach the whistle to the flint instead of the knife.
Lock the flint back into the sheath.
Undo the top two velcro pieces to expose the sharpening stone (leave the botton velcro attached).
Put the rope between the the knife sheath and the nylon backing then velcro it back up.

Ta daa! Now the whistle will keep the flint from getting lost while keeping the flint accessible.

  • 1
  • |NOV 23, 2012
  • |BY: John Watson , Made in China

Knife looks great and probably suffice for a bit of camping. Good price....but made in China....not good !!

  • 4
  • |NOV 8, 2012
  • |BY: person , your title

Good knife. not like the serrated version. I bring it around as a backup with my swiss.

  • 5
  • |OCT 29, 2012
  • |BY: White Glossy , Best. Survival. Knife. EVER!!!

Truly the most amazing survival knife we've ever gotten our hands on!!! Bear Grylls and the team at Gerber designed the ultimate tool for ANY outdoor occasion. A tool they clearly designed if they needed it for their own survival. We put together a full-length review you can check out here -

  • 4
  • |OCT 22, 2012
  • |BY: Your name , average-joe-camper

I got this knife about 2 weeks ago now i have to say it is a great knife to have. if you r are a hiker, camper, outdoorsman/women this is a great tool to have on the pack. the flint and steal creates a large spark. the shealth is soild, but the pocket for the survival is a tight fit. also the sharppener is a little thiner then i would have liked. over all i would say it earns the right to carry the Gerber name. Good job Gerber!!

  • 5
  • |OCT 21, 2012
  • |BY: Ben , Not Sure

I really like the edge on this knife, but is the serrated edge better!

  • 5
  • |OCT 16, 2012
  • |BY: Geno , Rock Solid

Ive had my BG for over a year and it has taken all I have put it through from splitting smaller logs to starting fires and building snares. I have had no issues and would buy another if I ever find a way to break this one...

  • 5
  • |OCT 13, 2012
  • |BY: MGD , Terrific

The knife is awesome...i just got it 2 weeks back from my cousin who lives in USA...only bad thing is that there are no gerber outlets in India.......

  • 4
  • |OCT 1, 2012
  • |BY: SJ , Awesome knife

This knife is awesome as i am a big fan of Bear Grylls. The grip is comfortable, the blade length is good, it comes very sharp and the sheath sweet. Though i would like to know what blade material is used as it is a little bit soft.

  • 5
  • |SEP 29, 2012
  • |BY: SurvivalExpert101 , GREAT!!!

I cant get enough!!!!!!!!! i go camping alot and my uncle always brings a little gas to start fires but now i just use the fire starter and were good. Ialso love the fine edge WAY better than the serated version.

  • 5
  • |SEP 27, 2012
  • |BY: read my revies , new gerber fan

well i have had my Bear grylls ultimate survial knife for about 2 weeks now and i am very impressed. I know every one just wants to jump and say this is the best just because it has bear grylls inicatiols on it but thats not what i did. I went out and under resaonable circumstances tryes o break this knife, not to get onother one free just to see if it could wistaned what it sayed it could and was so impressed im bying the rest of the series to right revies for there prouducts to

  • 5
  • |SEP 22, 2012
  • |BY: MD , Awesome!

Mean as ow

  • 4
  • |SEP 19, 2012
  • |BY: Jacob , Scout

This knife is wonderfull! It does everything I ask it to do without trouble, and it does every task great. However, I wish that Gerber used a little better steel, a more course sharpener and a little tighter sheath. The egde om my knife is hair shaving sharp when I sharpen it with my Wenger sharpener, but it does not hold the egde long when I start working. I tried the sharpener on one of my sharpest knives (sharp!!), and it actually made it duller! The sheath isn't really a problem, love it, but it could be a little tighter.
Still, I love this knife.

  • 5
  • |SEP 17, 2012
  • |BY: Ron , OutDoorsMan Wanna-Be

I love this knife! It has a great feel to it - solid, hefty, and a good balance. The handle fits my medium-sized hand well. I also think the hammer-pommel is the feature that separates this knife from the kiddie-school survival knife class. My one complaint is with the fire starter. I've had a lot of problems drawing sparks with this knife/fire starter, and have noticed that the fire starter stick seems to wear down pretty quickly. Don't know if I'm not using it correctly? It would help if directions on using the fire starter were included in the otherwise cheesy "Survival Priorities."

Also, two - if Gerber wants to include aids for outdoor survival that someone can actually use outdoors if they are in a survival situation, Gerber might want to print the instructions on material that will not dissolve if it gets wet.

  • 5
  • |SEP 16, 2012
  • |BY: Bruno , Amazing

This knife is amazing i used it vry much in switzerland as a scout in rheinfelden we all are big fans of bear grylls and we saw him at the jamboree 2011 in sweden Gerber keep on making so cool knifes

  • 4
  • |SEP 13, 2012
  • |BY: Boomer , Plumber

I absolutely love the knife! One of the best I
I've around but where the whistle is I think it should be longer so you can fit your hand inside that way you don't have to worry about dropping the knife. The sheaf that it comes in just plain sucks! Part ofl it is made out all of plastic and when you take it in and out over time it starts to rip.

  • 5
  • |SEP 11, 2012
  • |BY: survivalist , Your Title

great knife gerber you should make a bear grylls brand watch

  • 5
  • |SEP 11, 2012
  • |BY: Sondre , Boy scoret

Best knipe i ever owned

  • 5
  • |SEP 11, 2012
  • |BY: Joe Reamer , Ultimate fine edge knife

This is an amazing knife, it feels great in the hand in wet or dry conditions. Works well when you need it to and hold a good edge. One thing i will say is that Gerber say the weight is 11.2 oz, this is wrong - the knife actuals is around 8 oz out of the sheath.

Overall it is a great knife and i would recommend it to anyone and everyone who needs a fixed blade for outdoor pursuits.

  • 5
  • |AUG 26, 2012
  • |BY: Glenn , Sweetness!

I have tested this knife and it takes a beating like not many knees can. I have the folding sheath knife too with serrations, so getting the fine edge ultimate knife just made sense. This product functions more like a multi tool than just a knife! It cuts well through anything! It starts fires with ease too along with many other functions. Basically if you are considering buying this, just do it! You will not be disappointed!

  • 5
  • |AUG 14, 2012
  • |BY: bloody heaven , AMAZING KNIFE

this is an exelent knife i owned the one before with the serrations they never broke but im glad they made a fine edge so yo dont have problems with the serrations braking or anything


  • 5
  • |AUG 13, 2012
  • |BY: A French Soldier , Totally worth the price

Great for Outdoor survival camping or even fishing and hunting. But the best part is all the little stuffs included in the knife... Like it a lot but when it comes to every day carry purposes it is far to big and it isn't folding so keep it in a bug out or camping bag but it's far too big to keep it in you pocket when walking in the streets...If you don't leave in town using it everyday would be great for you. the best upgrade you could do to it is makin it look little more discrete...change up the orange by black green or tan color.

  • 4
  • |AUG 11, 2012
  • |BY: Tinkerton , What's the metal

The blade is pretty soft so it really can't hold an fine edge

  • 5
  • |AUG 10, 2012
  • |BY: Alex , Awesome knife

Fits great in your hand, Perfect weight! Awesome rugged knife! Love the fact it's fine edge... 100% badass knife

  • 5
  • |AUG 10, 2012
  • |BY: Jacob , First knife!

i bought this one recently and even while being new to the knife world, I can tell it's great! But still, it could have come sharper, i got very little experience with stone sharpening so i used a Accusharp 001 to give it a sharper edge, not as much i would like, but it's ok. I hope i get better at this , don't wanna mess up this amazing knife !

  • 3
  • |AUG 9, 2012
  • |BY: name , Amazing but needs some improvements

its a great knife but id like it to come sharper out of the package and a higher grade metal for the blade

  • 5
  • |AUG 9, 2012
  • |BY: tommy , one con, lots of pros

please oh please, make the knife sharper

  • 3
  • |AUG 3, 2012
  • |BY: Wishful thinker , USCG

Make it full tang and get rid of the bright orange color and my entire unit will order at least 120+

  • 5
  • |AUG 2, 2012
  • |BY: troy , Your Title

This knife has been under the microscope,some like it,some dont.I've personally put mine through some very rough treatment and its held up fine.I would definately feel better with this knife in a survival situation.

  • 5
  • |JUL 28, 2012
  • |BY: Kris , Genius!

The best, strongest and most useful knife I have ever owned. Every task I set it, it excelled in. This include cutting down a small tree which was ten inches thick! From now on, Gerber is my go-to company for all outdoors equipment. Keep up the good work guys! I love it!

  • 5
  • |JUL 20, 2012
  • |BY: gunda , bloody sick

i own 3 of them just in case

  • 5
  • |JUL 18, 2012
  • |BY: Your name , The best knife

This knife is so good i cant imagine a beter knife like it.

  • 5
  • |JUL 17, 2012
  • |BY: jeremy bangel , survivalist

great knife i have broke 2 putting them to the test. Only thing i have added is 550 cord to handle and a bunch to sheath. Cord has a million and one uses in a survival situation.
Other than that its a great knife. Glad to see the serration section has been removed, it served no purpose except becoming dull and making that part of blade useless.

  • 5
  • |JUL 15, 2012
  • |BY: Anthony , Great Knife

This knife is the perfect knife for any outdoor trip. Super lightweight on the belt and can be pulled out at a moment's notice I highly recommend it.

  • 3
  • |JUL 12, 2012
  • |BY: Matt , Great but could be even bettter

I use this knife very often and find the blade is good for holding an edge up to 2 days with active use. I believe that implementing a higher grade blade material would make this knife perfect.

  • 5
  • |JUL 11, 2012
  • |BY: Andrew , Well thought out

I bought it and its a great knife, whenever i go into the woods, i take this, it has it all, firestarter, sharpener, whistle, and sheath can be worn horizontal on belt too, which is great, sheath holds knife without the strap which allows easy and fast drawing

  • 5
  • |JUL 10, 2012
  • |BY: Bear Fan , Great knife

I got this knife about a week ago, its been through one backpacking trip and i tell you what its a great knife!!!!!! i have no problems whatsoever its a high quality knife and you should definitely buy this knife!!!!!

  • 5
  • |JUL 8, 2012
  • |BY: SAM , Best

best knife i own out of 49

  • 5
  • |JUL 4, 2012
  • |BY: Grylls fan , OH MY GOD!!

This is the best knife I have ever owned! There is nothing on this knife that couldn't be used in a survival sitch. Great design, balance, grip, feel, heft, sharpness, serrations, easy to see when dropped! And, the pommel is a hammer..GENIOUS! The holes make it to where you can lash it to a stick, or many other possibilities I'm sure..
Sheath is great as well! Love the design, keeps everything handy, even comes with a whistle. Hmm!
Buy this knife!

  • 5
  • |JUL 4, 2012
  • |BY: calvin , best knife ever!

best knife i have ever used. i highly recommend it for beginners and extremists.

  • 5
  • |JUN 30, 2012
  • |BY: survivalist , Best knife i have ever bought

The GERBER Bear Grylls Ultimate fine edge knife is the best thing i ever bought! i dont know why people are always trying to find problems where there are not.
You cant find a better knife in this category of: fix blade/survival/kit

  • 1
  • |JUN 29, 2012
  • |BY: Jim , Pos

Like the gerber design, but hate the materials they use! Garbage steel..... Sad, they could make this American blade so much better......

  • 5
  • |JUN 29, 2012
  • |BY: John , I love this knife

Best sheeth knife i own out of about 15

  • 4
  • |JUN 27, 2012
  • |BY: you name it , the pommel

The pommel should be one with the blade!

  • 5
  • |JUN 27, 2012
  • |BY: ståle breimoen , tip of how it should be

A survival knife should be shiny so it can be used to make a signal. This knife is the best knife ever anyway...

  • 5
  • |JUN 25, 2012
  • |BY: shawn , blade steel

i found out the other day that the blade is made of 7Cr17Mov steel. this is supposedly very similar to 440B or 440C, both of these are very good for overall edge retention and hardness of the blade while staying rust-free. i will hopefully be buying my own knife to do some proper tests and a review once i have the money to spend on it

  • 5
  • |JUN 25, 2012
  • |BY: ciaran , location

are there any gerber stores in nz north island if so where in north island

  • 4
  • |JUN 24, 2012
  • |BY: cegan , awesome knife

I've been looking for a good fixed blade for a while now. it is perfect with the non serrated edge for whittling. its a lot a money for for a knife but i thinks it is worth it.

  • 5
  • |JUN 21, 2012
  • |BY: Warden , Super knife

I have been using this knife in its serrated version since they came out. It has been actively used in Canada, Eastern and Southern USA, and here in SE Asia where I teach Field Craft and survival to rangers. I thought I didn't like serrations, but in the long wait for a non-serrated version, I found that the original Ultimate knife did everything I expected and more!

  • 5
  • |JUN 20, 2012
  • |BY: Your name , Your Title

awesome!!!!!!!!!!! BG best ever

  • 5
  • |JUN 11, 2012

i think if you guys are going to make survival knifes they should all be implemented with serrated edges since you need them to cut branches , and other strong items , which you can not do with a fine edge, i say to also have the first knife you guys came up with and keep it as well, since bear grylls actually uses it , and so do may other survivalists, so my point is, survival knifes are survival knifes not work knifes!!!

  • 5
  • |JUN 6, 2012
  • |BY: jj , amazing knife

I love this knife alot the sharpener is great And the fire is great.the fine egde is alot better at holding an edge than most knives and the fine is way better for cutting. thank you for listening gerber

  • 5
  • |JUN 5, 2012
  • |BY: t , Pvt KAMIKAZE

the best survival knife ever!!!!

  • 5
  • |MAY 31, 2012
  • |BY: boy scout , awsome

It's the best knife every

  • 5
  • |MAY 17, 2012
  • |BY: Paymaan , Mr.

Well I love to have a set of these, but from where I am it is not possible right now. just one note, I believe serrated edge on back of blade will add functionality, but never on the cutting edge, there it will make sharpening very hard.

  • 5
  • |MAY 14, 2012
  • |BY: Alfredo Santiago , Bear Grylls ultimate survival knfe fine edge

I love gerber knife and now I like the knive even more verey nice good job gerber thankyou for licening

  • 4
  • |MAY 14, 2012
  • |BY: Craig , Good knife for the money

I bought this on a whim because I liked the feel and the fine edge. Serrated edges are worthless unless you are on a sailboat and need to saw through Kevlar or dynema lines in a hurry. Things I like: feel and balance, size, heft, fire steel is nice, works well, sheath is good but survival instructions on back are kind of silly (might as well just stich POSUER on the sheath) blade and handle design are almost perfect. Fits my hand and blade is very practical, big enough but not too big. Things I don't like: I believe the blade is 440A stainless. This is barely adequate in terms of edge holding, 440C would be a much better choice, my main beef is that the hammer pommel is not attached to the tang. It floats in the handle. Had I known this I probably would not have bought it. I guess you can call this a full (3/4) tang knive, but I don't see why Gerber wouldn't make it a real full tang and attach the pommel. It would make it a much more substantial knife. I would pay more for this knife and give it five stars if it was 440C ( or better) steel and had a real full tang. I like the handle and blade design so much I have considered getting a custom knife maker to replicate it in a better steel with a real full tang. Maybe Gerber could make an upgraded model ( with out the BG insignia please) .

  • 4
  • |MAY 14, 2012
  • |BY: Joe , Almost Perfect

I liked the ultimate but without the serrations this is better. I love the blade, fire starter, sharpener, whistle, sheath, and survival guide. If I had one issue it would be the handle. If this had a profiled full tang blade wrapped in bright orange 550 paracord with a lanyard, it would be the best survival knife ever.

  • 5
  • |APR 24, 2012
  • |BY: Andrew , Serrations ugh thank you so much

this knife solved my problems with the serrations on the other model. In my opinion these serrations dont hold up as well as others but they will do the job when needed. But if you like a fine edge on the hole blade get this.Oh and better construction with the pommel.

  • 5
  • |APR 20, 2012
  • |BY: Natahn , everything!!!

This is the best knife ever.Awesome case,awesome sharpener nice thick blade
and cool hammer.i really like the flint i even made a fire with it wile hiking!! I'm only 12 and have not had many knifes but i know this is the best one yet =D

  • 5
  • |APR 14, 2012

Great Knife! It works everywhere and it's not to expensive youget the sillex,the sharpener and a guide of survival with it.The knife great for professionals as for the amateurs.It is bettter than the classic who is hard to sharp.
ps.the rubber is great also

  • 3
  • |APR 13, 2012
  • |BY: survival kid , blade thick ness

tour word the end of the blade it gets slim please make it thicker

  • 5
  • |APR 12, 2012
  • |BY: awesome , Cool

I am seeing this knife and of all I have researched this definitely looks like the best

  • 5
  • |APR 11, 2012
  • |BY: Joe , Biggest fan awesome knife !!!!

this is an amazing knife awesome for survival and outdoor camping and expeditions. I would recommend this knife to anyone. this knife is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
go bear Grylls your awesome!!!!

  • 5
  • |APR 5, 2012
  • |BY: Survivalist , FIELD TEST

This knife works really well I went in the woods and did a field test with it. First I attached it to a long stick that I whittled to make a spear. I went wondering around for maybe 30 minutes and almost killed a rabbit. I also went battoning with it and it worked very well. The only downside is that it scrached of some of the dark finish. Another thing I did was make a fire. First I dug a hole then put large rocks around it so it wouldn't go out of control then got the fire started with some tinder dust I made then added brush right after then I started adding larger sticks then some logs. After it was going really good I made a really good shelter with just the knife and some cordage I weaved together out of strong fibers. Then I caught a trout in a rear by creek. First I cut of the head then I gut it with the knife then cleaned all the guts out. Then I cooked it over the fire and that was my dinner. I pretty much tested this out on everything I could and is still in really great shape.

  • 4
  • |APR 4, 2012
  • |BY: Survival expert , ultimate fine edge knife

This is a great knife. I have the other ultimate knife, which was great.I tried that one in the field, worked as great as bear's knife. When i saw this one, i said, imust test it. So I bought it, and it worked great. It wasn't as good as the serrated version because it can't carve off bark as well. But this one is better for skinning, and just simply cutting things. I would recommend the serrated version, but this one is almost as good. When i tested it in the field, my face when i came back was like woah. I highly recommend this knife for anyone who does serious survival like bear. Good buy.

  • 5
  • |APR 4, 2012
  • |BY: Maclobster , nice 1

ok im from holland so sorry for bad english.
I have the knife and im happy with it. 5 stars
i notice there a 2 tiny little metal plates on the edge where you knife goes in, taking the knife in and and, i saw growings , so the knife gets onsharp everytime i make it sharper, i removed this tiny plates and now my knife stays sharp, do not know why its there maybe for a better grip in the holder but i removed it maybe some point to look at, the rest is real fine , i test it as a little ax with a wooden stick and after that still sharp, the fire starter i used many times and it cant be empty (yet) hehehe works fine

good knife good in hands, nice little paper to help you in bad situation

best regards

  • 5
  • |APR 3, 2012
  • |BY: Daniel T , This Guy

i will finnaly have a Knife to stand up to the task of rugged backwoods survival.

  • 1
  • |APR 1, 2012
  • |BY: your name , your title

the steel is weak my tip broke after light battoning i was very disapointed

  • 4
  • |MAR 24, 2012
  • |BY: Steve , Your Title

I've seen reviews for this and it seems to be quite good. It's an improvement to the previous serrated edge version with a stronger pommel, better quality sheath, definitely a must have for anyone wanting a first knife, however if you want something more expensive, you could go for the LMF II which I would recommend to anyone who's had experience with higher quality knives.

  • 3
  • |MAR 23, 2012
  • |BY: Svetoslav Gavasoff , Not a full tang knife

Disapointingly, the knife is NOT full tang. You can tell it by placing the poles of the circuit tester on the blade and on the pommel simultaneously. It will produce no sound.
On the other hand the knife comes dull and needs sharpening.

  • 1
  • |MAR 18, 2012
  • |BY: Bob , collector

Too bad this is Made in China and not Made in the USA!

Wish Gerber would follow what Buck and others are doing - moving production of their knives back to the USA! I will only purchase Knives Made in the USA - when will Gerber start producing this Knife in Oregon ?

  • 5
  • |MAR 13, 2012
  • |BY: survivor , i need this

I need this knife right now i have the folding sheath knife and it is holding up real good,I am vary proud of my knife now all i need is the fine edge ultimate knife. I was going to get the regular serrated edge but then i found out that keeping the serrations alive would take a bunch of hard work. With this one all you do is sharpen the one fine blade for better sharpness. Instead of having to go through all the hard work with sharpening the serrations.

  • 5
  • |MAR 7, 2012
  • |BY: Albert crunch , who dares wins

just got my knife and to all those who say its dull thats a lie after i got it i went to test it.
im a pretty serious survivor and its my dream to be part of the sas and this knife showed nothing other than great craftsmanship. i easily cut through vines small logs and made a pretty good raft out of supplies i found. as usual gerber made a great knife and i thank them and bear grylls.

  • 5
  • |MAR 5, 2012
  • |BY: albert crunch , who dares wins

i can't wait to get it finally a knife with a straight fine edge blade i love gerber and bear grills I'm sure it will be an amazing knife

  • 5
  • |MAR 3, 2012
  • |BY: Randall , Going to Get

Curious which knife to buy but I know for survival, you need a fine edge. Got a Kukri machete for the rest. :)

  • 5
  • |FEB 28, 2012
  • |BY: Reply to amazing , Your Title

Go with the fine edge the serrations are likely to break when chopping wood and you lose the part of the blade that is eaisest to perform detailed work with.

  • 5
  • |FEB 27, 2012
  • |BY: Derek , Fine edge

Received my knife the other day, It's great! Took it out to the woods and put it to work. No issues to report

  • 5
  • |FEB 26, 2012
  • |BY: Andrew , Amazing.

I had the serrated version, but I was wondering which one is more recommended for the uses of camping/recreation that isn't as extremely hardcore as the tasks Bear performs? In simpler terms, would you recommend the fine edge or serrated version?

  • 5
  • |FEB 25, 2012
  • |BY: Kai hong , wish

yeeer , i wish to get all your product but they all so expensive ... :(

  • 5
  • |FEB 22, 2012
  • |BY: Slithe , is it?

is it that hard to sharpen a knife even if it comes out of the box a little dull? people are so afraid to open a box and find the knife a little dull. people are getting lazier and lazier.

  • 5
  • |FEB 21, 2012
  • |BY: Cow killer , relwof12

This knife looks real good, is it?
Does the blade bend?
How sharp is it when opened?
Please tell!!!!

  • 5
  • |FEB 20, 2012
  • |BY: josh , mr

when will it come to europe(germany)?

  • 5
  • |FEB 14, 2012
  • |BY: Arthur Rattew , Paranoid

Should i get this one or the serrated version, for survival, i already have a non serrated pocket knife so i don't need another.

  • 5
  • |FEB 14, 2012
  • |BY: Your name , reply to tang reliability

the tang does extend through the length of the handle many of those reviews mistakenly attributed the problems they experienced with the pommel breaking to the knife not having a full tang when the actual problem (which has been fixed in both the serrated and fine edge versions of the knife btw) was that the pommel was not attached to the tang of the knife hope this helps

  • 5
  • |FEB 13, 2012
  • |BY: o ya , fantastic

i think you guess really improved this knife by making it a plain edge because now i wont have to worry about damaging serrations on my knife, it is so solid and very well built good job guess.

  • 5
  • |FEB 12, 2012
  • |BY: Your name , Scout leader uk

Knife is great every thing you would expect for £60 very happy with it, fire starter works well, as does the sharperning stone, would of paid slot more for a knife like this

  • 4
  • |FEB 12, 2012
  • |BY: Bill , Tang reliability

I saw some bad reviews on the serrated version about the tang not extending all the way through the handle, does the same go for this version?

I'm thru-hiking the Appalachian trail starting in June after I graduate high school this year. I'd love to be able to confidently take this knife with me on my journey.

  • 5
  • |FEB 9, 2012
  • |BY: CjK , The Best Knife Out There

This Knife is awsome I've been hoping for a fine edge version of the ultimate knife. I really liked the ultimate knife when it came out but was dissapointed with the serrations that took up half the blade which makes it extremely difficult to do detailed work with the knife. but now that this is out this truly is the best knife and a great deal.

  • 5
  • |FEB 9, 2012
  • |BY: Gav , Buy from here UK

This is a great, great knife. To answer the question, you can get these in the UK from Greenman Bushcraft. Google them. I got mine within 24 hours of ordering.

  • 5
  • |FEB 8, 2012
  • |BY: Hunter , Lindsay

cant decide if i want this for my birthday or the lmf ll both look like great knives, i already have the serrated version and LOVE it... would also love it if it came in black and grey instead of orange...

  • 5
  • |FEB 4, 2012
  • |BY: Chuck , Your Title

Best thought out and constructed field knife I've owned!

  • 5
  • |FEB 1, 2012
  • |BY: SurvivalSeth , AWESOME!!!

I go this knife for Xmas and have taken it on 3 camping trips so for. I LOVE THIS KNIFE!!!! It handles everything I throw at it and wants more.

  • 3
  • |JAN 30, 2012
  • |BY: Chris , waiting

Going to buy a new knife soon. Would like it to be this one. When is it going to be for sale?

  • 5
  • |JAN 28, 2012
  • |BY: me , mr

can anyone tell me when this knife will be availiable in the uk?

  • 5
  • |JAN 28, 2012
  • |BY: Eagle Scout , Add a Saw blade to the back

would love to see a saw on the back part of the blade for sawing does not have to be the full part of the blade just about 2" still leaves 2.8" for batoning wood so that u can have the best of both knifes a nice fine edge for cleaning game and have a saw to saw

  • 5
  • |JAN 26, 2012
  • |BY: Colten , Add "Military version" with camo. sheath

FDF/rapid response

I think that is a good idea of a "military" version, but if you guys do make one keeps the BG on it, and add a camouflage sheath too!

  • 5
  • |JAN 26, 2012
  • |BY: Tifrea , Hy

my name is Tifrea,and i like very very much your survival's:D,and i want to say thanks to learn us how to survive in the wild,in any place...i wish always to be with you in a mission,in a desert,or somewhere,i don't're great,and what are you doing is great...thanks one more time Bear. I respect you and your team:)

  • 5
  • |JAN 26, 2012
  • |BY: Survivalfan , When is this available??

Does anyone know when this knife is going to be vailable through gerber or through walmart or canadian tire??

  • 5
  • |JAN 26, 2012
  • |BY: Dominik , I want it

When will be for sale of this knife? When will can i buy this knife in europe?

  • 4
  • |JAN 26, 2012
  • |BY: Sgt. Onni , FDF/Rapid response

I like the knife and the idea of having the fire starter in the sheath. A very good option even for one who's more used to the traditional Scandinavian knives.
Good balance between usability as a bushcraft tool and a hacking tool (blade width).
The only thing I would really love is a military version of this knife. Military as in not rescue orange.
Make a black one or Black/OD instead of Black/Orange, and I'll be sure to carry one next rotation.

  • 5
  • |JAN 25, 2012
  • |BY: Colten , Amazing knife, my friend loved it!!!

Hey kid just because you cant live your dream, doesn't mean I cant so dont comment unless you actually have a comment, and my friend got the knife and loved it, thanks for making amazing quality knifes!!! Wilderness survival (young survivalists!!!)

  • 1
  • |JAN 20, 2012
  • |BY: wo wo wo........ , omg

who ever is this "young survivalist with the co-survivalist" is a giant knob. So Colten you can stop saying you are some expert survivalist, cause your not! grow up!

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  • |JAN 9, 2012
  • |BY: john , good build gerber

love this knife. would recomend it to any outdoorsman looking for protection cutting ability and warmth when there no matches or lighters. and for the price its hard to beat

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  • |JAN 9, 2012
  • |BY: Bear Grylls , I agree

It would be a nice idea to make an ultimate folding knife with every feature of the original ultimate knife, but it folds I will totally buy if it came out

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  • |JAN 9, 2012
  • |BY: Marco , Love it, but...

I just bought this knife a week ago and I love it, but I wish Gerber made an ultimate folding knife without serrations, that would include a fire starter and a whistle.

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  • |JAN 9, 2012
  • |BY: Marco , Make a ultimate folding folding knife

I hope gerber makes a ultimate folding knife with every features but instead it folds

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  • |JAN 8, 2012
  • |BY: Nick , Very surprised

I'm very impressed that Gerber listened to the customers and produced the Bear Grylls knife WITHOUT serrations! I was one of the many who sent an e-mail asking for it, and here it is!

Still not available in my area though, but you can bet your ass when this comes my way I'll be upgrading for sure!

Just another example of why I always choose Gerber.

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  • |JAN 2, 2012
  • |BY: Bob , good job

I have the serrated version, but I hate serrations. Good job Gerber for making the plain edge!!!!!!!!

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  • |DEC 29, 2011
  • |BY: max , finally

finally a fine edge knife,
i am so getting one

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  • |DEC 28, 2011
  • |BY: Randy , webmaster@a1tunica

I got this knife as a christmas present and went right out to test it in the wild. The knife chopped cut and pried. I was able to make shelter and start a nice fire. I did not have a problem with it. I added some 550 para cord by wrapping the handle because I use it alot. Overall it did what it said I`m pleased with it

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  • |DEC 24, 2011
  • |BY: Stephan , Your Title

It would be nice if i had known that there was a straight bladed version, i hate knives with serrated blades, but oh well its still nice

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  • |DEC 23, 2011
  • |BY: Ben , Your Title

Just got the knife in the mail today, so far i really like it. It feels good in my hand..has a good weight to it. the flint rod works very good. the sheath is comfortable sometimes the knife is a little snug coming out but its ok. the sharpener works good - had to use it because the knife came a little dull but i got it sharpened up real nice and its razor sharp.

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  • |DEC 22, 2011
  • |BY: wesley , Upgraded version

The original serrated bear grylls knife was in my opinion, great. And all that gerber did was take all of the complaints (not many) of the customers and basicly made a newer better model. They didnt just change the serration they also changed the grind of the blade and fixed the problem with the pomel. And as far as im concerned, for this price, they dont come any better than this.

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  • |DEC 19, 2011
  • |BY: sean - dec 19 , 2011 , things that need changed

i loved the designe of the ultamite knife but the steel is to soft. the first time that i used the knife for any hard cutting i distroyed the serration part of the blade and the edge didn't last very long. i think if you were to up the rc of the steel to rc 57 - 58 would make the perfect knife. Also the sheath needs to be more like the LMF sheath.

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  • |DEC 17, 2011
  • |BY: Colten , young survialist

Love the knife me and my co-friend survivalist are hopping to get a few for our FB survival shows!!!

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  • |DEC 15, 2011
  • |BY: Shrub , improvements

I mostly like the design, and have been a big fan of gerber since I got the River Shorty dive knife when I was 6. I carried a model 400 folder EVERYWHERE from the time I was 8 til I was about 12. Now I am a serious survivalist and very honest about what I believe to be true. I wanna see 2 main things before I would buy one. 1) A better blade steel, one you can be proud of and mark on the knife instead of "mystery steel". 2) The other, as has been metioned before, a good survival knife would benifit greatly from a reflective surface. Thanks for listening, best wishes to Gerber.

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  • |DEC 8, 2011
  • |BY: joe , Your Title

Great kit for survival and general use. But the edge is week i bent and broke the seration part of mine just by cuting litle branches.

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  • |DEC 8, 2011
  • |BY: chris ward , BG Fine Edge Knife

I saw that your new knife came out, and i really want to be a survivalist like BG when i get older. my friends and i are very big fans of what you do, my mom never trusted me with an open knife, but now that I have proven to her that I have never and never will injure myself with a knife, she is going to let me buy the knife.

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  • |DEC 8, 2011
  • |BY: don , survivalist

yo i love the knive great work bear n gerber tough knife im tired of all the morons complaining about the blade i have beat the heck out of mine n not 1 problem its a great design just wish i coud get the fine edge version for the collection i personaly love serrations its great lookin very comfortable to use easy to sharpen and an all around great deal for a survival knife

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  • |DEC 7, 2011
  • |BY: ryan , knife pro

this is a great knif love it probally the best knife i have i dont like the velcrow on the sheath the sewwing comes loose from hard use

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  • |DEC 5, 2011
  • |BY: Michael-Tucker Wojas , Reflection

I recently purchased one of your survival kits and the knife wasn't reflective. For survival purposes that's rather useless for signaling. Unless you can come up with a good answer I will toucher myself by not watching any Bear Grylls Man vs Wild this week and it's only monday!

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  • |DEC 1, 2011
  • |BY: Delta , Your Title

Great looking knife but what type of hi-carbon stainless steal is it exactly? Also what is the weight? Not being available in the UK is pants. 3 stars because i look at it or even buy it..

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  • |NOV 27, 2011
  • |BY: Deutscher , Cool

Great! I hope , I can buy the knife in Germany too.

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  • |NOV 27, 2011
  • |BY: James , Brilliant

From AUSTRALIA, just picked this knife up.. brilliant solid quality, amazingly made..looks like it will meet any challenge and last forever.

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  • |NOV 26, 2011
  • |BY: Ty , Mr

I only buy knifes made in the USA and the gerber lmf was always a favorite of mine and I decided to take a leap and buy the Bear Grylls ultimate knife. It seemed perfect except 4 things. The pommel broke way too easy, it was not USA made, the "High carbon stainless steel" doesn't tell me exactly what the knife is made of and the serations bent/broke with minor use. Seeing as how Gerber is a company that listens to its customers they have changed it so the pommel doesn't break and it doesn't have serations. Which makes it as close to perfect as possible besides not being USA made and the mystery material it is made from. Gerber is a great company and will continue to be one as long as it listens to its customers.

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  • |NOV 23, 2011
  • |BY: Yora , Junk

That knife is piece of junk. Lots of my friends lost their money buying this -4 of those knives got broke on handle or pommel!

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  • |NOV 22, 2011
  • |BY: Chris , Mr

Bear can come to Australia, but his knife can't...?

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  • |NOV 19, 2011
  • |BY: Pedro Perry , Mr

É uma pena não haver este produto´disponivél na Europa pois ele seria o sonho para muita gente .

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  • |NOV 19, 2011
  • |BY: UK man , Mr

Why on earth can't you send it to the UK, where Bear is from!

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  • |NOV 18, 2011
  • |BY: JAYHAWK , MR. J. NOV.18- 2011I


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  • |NOV 17, 2011
  • |BY: chris , blacksmith

I would never buy a knife that does not tell the buyer what kind of hi-carbon stainless or the RC hardness of the blade temper. In my experience 440C stainless, 5160 and 1095 steel is the best for edge retention and durability if quenched and tempered correctly. If a cutlery can't list the exact type of blade material than the knife is not worth your money, there is a lot of cheap hi-carbon stainless steel types that make crappy but somewhat sharp blades, 440A is one of them.

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  • |OCT 30, 2011
  • |BY: Graham , Fan

Please make it available in the UK. One start lost for that.

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  • |OCT 27, 2011
  • |BY: Timmy , Mr Grylls Knife

Bear you tease us with this knife in the UK. We can't get hold of it!!

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  • |OCT 26, 2011
  • |BY: Charl Odendaal , Survival in South Africa

My BG. GERBER has helped me in many a tight spot!
Is It possible to perfect it even more!

"Never leave home without your Bear!"

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  • |OCT 26, 2011
  • |BY: craig sommerville , mr

would love to have it but as with most bg gerber products hard to get in bears home country. sad. please can you try and resolve this or add to gerber uk pages

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  • |OCT 26, 2011
  • |BY: Harley , BG

haha, I just purchased the classic Ultimate Knife yesterday!
and it is AWESOME

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  • |OCT 26, 2011
  • |BY: XYZ , ABC

Well,this knife is an ultimate one as described by the users(I'm not yet).But I think,the price is a little much ! Isn't it? $62 for just a knife.I'm not a survival expert,or any kind of scout,so for me it isn't worth it.Maybe,for people who trek n go for

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  • |OCT 25, 2011
  • |BY: Michael , Mr.

REALLY like this knife! Don't have the money for it but I might just have to get it anyway

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  • |OCT 25, 2011
  • |BY: Tarique Edwards , Mr

i am very disapointed that the fine edged knife isn't available in the UK please can u try and sort this out loses 1 star for not being in UK

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  • |OCT 25, 2011
  • |BY: Bear Grylls #1 Fan , I want one!

I've been scouting for a good fine edged knife and when I read the announcement on Facebook. I just had to get one! Sadly though I am in the UK and I cant purchase and get this shipped here. So this knife loses two stars for not being available in the cou

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  • |OCT 25, 2011
  • |BY: Mike Kennedy , Mr

Great Knife! Don't have the $ now--hope you make it for sale later again.