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Gator Kukri Machete

Not everyone needs a machete, but if you do, you need it for a reason. Designed for utility, the Gerber Gator Kukri is based on a traditional tool of Central Asia, with subtle updates for modern use, including an ergonomic handle shape, slip-proof grip, and hefty full tang construction to stand up to repeated heavy use. Its distinctive shape—pointed tip, wide midsection, narrow neck near the handle—comes from centuries of use as a multi-purpose tool that could double as protection.

Heavy duty enough to withstand serious cutting and make short work of everything from tall grass to small tree limbs, the hefty 12-inch blade’s unique curved shape offers three specific sections. Its pointed tip pokes and pierces with accurate ease. The wide midsection chops wood or vegetables powerfully and cleanly. The narrow area above the handle allows for wood carving or whittling of kindling. Made of corrosion resistant 1050 Steel, with full tang construction for durability, the Gator Kukri’s balance of weight and shape create a powerful combo.

The ergonomic Gator Grip handle sits comfortably in your hand, offering a secure, tactile grip for confident cutting, whether conditions are wet or dry. A wrist lanyard offers an extra measure of insurance when you’re hard at work swinging.

The rugged nylon sheath keeps the blade from getting banged up when not in use, and features belt loop and D-ring attachments for carrying on your hip or lashing to a pack.

Item # 31-002074
  • Overall Length: 19“ (48.3cm)
  • Blade Length: 12“ (30.5cm)
  • Weight: 14.4 oz. (408.2g) without Sheath 17.6 oz. (499g) with Sheath
  • Steel Type: 1050 Steel
  • Handle Material: Gator® grip


  • Full Tang construction for durability and power transfer
  • Gator Grip handle for superior grip in wet conditions
  • Lanyard for added safety and secure retention
  • Nylon sheath with belt loop and D-ring attachments for multiple carrying options
  • Backed by Gerber’s Lifetime Warranty
5 as good as it gets sam - AUG 14, 2015

Some of Gerber tools are a little disappointing but this is a multipurpose machete that has a decent stabbing end and has a well balanced weight. Its more of a zombie killing weapon than a survival tool but it works very well and does not brake or rust.

5 Light weight and great Ultimate Planned Survival - JUN 13, 2015

Not sure about where the complaints are coming from about this blade but I personally feel that this is a cheap and very well made blade and I don't say that often. In fact I think I only said that once about another blade Gerber made back in the day. Anyways I've owned one for two years now and it has done the following: Chop, whittle, slice, incise, poke, prod and even served as a cooking plate over the fire. What it hasn't done was fail. Yes at first I too was skeptical about this blade considering it would appear to be cut from sheet metal but you have to remember that this is a mass produced product. It isn't made in Portland, it isn't hand made and it is kukri like shaped. But something like that, it's held up extremely well. Obviously it's not meant to be a pry bar. It's meant to be a chopper and that's why I bought a second one. Just FYI, if you do use it as a pry bar it will bend like alot of machetes so don't. I didn't try but just looking at the design you know it will bend if you try. Anyways after coming and going and coming back from the Amazon rainforest this the blade or now blades that I carry.

1 Very Disappointed Jason Harris - JUL 17, 2014

I received this machete as a gift. After only using it once, and I do mean once, the blade bent and chipped. I cut a crape myrtle branch that was smaller than the diameter of my thumb. With one strike the branch split about 3/4 of the way through. Knowing the density of the branch, i was amazed that it was not cut clean through. After examining the blade after the first strike I noticed that the blade had chipped and bent at the point of impact with the branch. My son was more disappointed than I was since it was his gift to me. I have pictures that I would like to show you.

2 Not zombie apocalypse worthy... MSURussell - JUL 15, 2014

I used this off and on for a while for light limb trimming but when I decided to work a couple hours with it, the blade started to chip and warp badly. It worked great up until that point. I hope they will warranty it.

4 OneArmedManHolsters Matt - MAR 11, 2014

I found this on sale this past weekend with a folding auto assist knife for $29.99 originally marked at $89.99, only one in the entire store. I took this as a sign from the gods that it was there just for me. I scurried home and unpackaged the beast, and went outside to give it a go on limb that had fallen in a recent blizzard. First I want to say, it was pretty dang sharp out of the packaging. With 6 swings I cut through a 4" thick limb. The grip felt nice and tacky and didn't slip in my hand. Needless to say, I was impressed. Once it warms up around here I'll be able to go out and give it some abuse, and see how it preforms. I would have given this a 5 star review, but the sheath is a little lackluster in my opinion. First off I think the addition of some molle strapping on both sides would make this more user friendly for lefties such as myself, and the 2 piece rivets that are being used aren't top notch. I've had one of the rivets separate and fall off in the 4 days I've had it. I'll be making a new kydex sheath for this.

1 Your Title Leroy - MAR 3, 2014

Took this machete on a 3 day camping trip. After shopping some fiere wood, I noticed that what use to be the sharp edge of the machete was not missing pices of the machete. I have to say I was dissapointed since I was looking to keep this machete as part of my survival gear, but I can trust it. I will try to get another from Gerber see if the Lifetime warranty is real, but I am skeptical of the quality of the other machetes.

5 Sleek John C. - FEB 22, 2014

This is a great tool especially going outdoors. Good job Gerber!

4 Your Title Your name - JAN 29, 2014

4 Doing work C. Young - JAN 24, 2014

I recently got this product and it gets the job done and would be a monster for self defense and clearing brush. but i people need to realize you don't use it for chopping big old trees that is what your axe/ chainsaw is for machetes are for smaller game so to speak. its sheath is also very top notch with the draw back of only right handed carry as i am not affected by this but im sure some will be.

1 why not make it right the first time? zadrian - JAN 20, 2014

message for Gerber: this design is basically one of the ultimate knife designs/shapes in the history of edged weapons ... why not just make it right the first time? it wouldnt cost too much more to change the blade steel and make it with a thicker spine

3 Change Steel Grade K. Robbins - DEC 9, 2013

Instead of using 1050, one of the most downed upon steel grades use 8650 it is a whole stronger than 1050 and the price does not vary to much.

2 Your Title Jim Schwartz - NOV 15, 2013

Why is Gerber claiming that 1050 steel used in this tool is corrosion resistant?!? The AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute) says that 1050 steel is "corrosion prone", due to it not having any chrome in it.

1 Nepali Sanjeev Basnet - OCT 13, 2013

A light weight knife is definitely not a good weapon for heavy use especially when you've got to cut branches and stuff. If it had a bit heavy blade it would last longer. Traditional khukuri's are heavier but very good for longer use.

1 Another brutally honest review Tom - AUG 12, 2013

I don't know what these Nepali are so happy about. This is a "Khukuri-Like Object". It is a half to a third of the weight of a real 12" kuk. I also found it to be on the fragile side. Sorry, Gerber, I love your knives and have been using them for a LONG time, but this has "fail" written all over it. Let me know when you make a better one. It IS purty, tho!

2 brutally honest review gavin k - AUG 3, 2013

To anyone who wishes to buy this knife, be warned. I was very pleased with the visual quality of the knife. You are getting this for a great price because i got the same thing for about $55.00 plus tax. the blade came razor sharp and was quite a beautiful display piece. I also sharpened the blade even more when i got it to be as sharp as a razor. BUT BE WARNED, i thought that taking this knife out for a little machete work would be a good idea, after about an hour in the field cutting up some butterscotch weeds and some 1 inch thick limbs i was surprised to find that it was loosing its sharp edge. as i looked at the blade, the razor on the blade had folded over! so that the edge of the blade folded sideways! I was quite distressed that this blade would do such a thing because afterall it was gerber made... i took the blade home and had to take the vice and pull the folded part back strait. Part of the blade then broke off. i tried to sharpen the blade back to its former glory but to no avail. the blade is ruined. so to anyone who buys this blade, dont use it as a machete... use it as a defense weapon, or better yet a coaster, because the darn think cant take a lick of wood without bending and eventually looking like something that came out off medical grinder, all in all i give it a 5 out of 5 for looks, but a 2 out of 5 for performance.

4 Bushwacker Mountain Hiker - JUL 25, 2013

I would like to see this exact same blade but with 1/2 to 3/4 of the back of the blade having a serrated edge for sawing. Would also be nice if the sheath had an edge sharpener on it as well.

5 Mr Suraj Shah - JUL 24, 2013

Felt so proud and happy, im a Nepali and this is national weapon of Nepal, called "KHUKURI".

5 kukri rabindra lamichhane - JUN 28, 2013

hi i really like that this brand get this awesome tool of Nepal, that could have been much better if you guys had put at-least the name of the country as its recognition. Nepalese khukuri is renowned worldwide now still need so more effort, any ways thanks for building this tool new way.

5 Survival Instructor Brian - MAY 23, 2013

I just got this yesterday. Bloody amazing! There is but one thing I didn't like. It's for right side carry only. I'm a left hander and while it doesn't bother me I know several people this will bother. That is the only thing I didn't like.

4 were getting one mike - MAY 15, 2013

I have always loved the kukri design
its perfect to be a machete.

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