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Ultralight LST - Fine Edge

Now here's a knife with some mighty impressive roots. It was brought to market back in 1980 by none other than the man whose last name goes on each of our products. Pete Gerber was the first knife creator to envision the merits of using all-synthetic materials in the handle. He and knife designer Blackie Collins aimed to deliver lightweight performance that had not been seen before in a knife this all-out rugged.


The Gerber L.S.T. is the smoothest of operators. With a mechanical action that just feels good and satisfying when you open and close the blade, which happens to be made of 400 series stainless steel.


But lets get back to the topic of lightweight performance. The heaviest of the four legendary L.S.T. models musters a mere 1.2 ounces on the scales. Yet, when you feel that easy grip, there's no question that Pete Gerber's big idea is one for the ages.

Item # 46050
  • Overall Length: 4.62"
  • Blade Length: 1.96"
  • Closed Length: 2.65"
  • Weight: 0.6 oz.
  • Lock Mechanism: Lock-back
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Material: 420HC Stainless Steel
  • Blade Type: Fine
  • Handle Material: Glass-filled nylon
Warranty Warranty


  • Lightweight synthetic handle
  • Tactile textured handle
  • Lock-back design
5 working man scott - MAR 7, 2016

bought one of these about 30 years ago in red, as my first knife. back when you could sell a knife to a 13 year old. still in great shape and holds a wicked edge. still tight perfect for everyday cutting tasks. thinking about buying another and putting this one away for one of my kids.

5 Ken - 12/13/15 Ken Collins - DEC 13, 2015

I received one over 20 years ago as a promotional item from a vendor and carried it every day until I eventually lost it. I bought a new one and shortly afterwords my son found the original knife in the sofa. I stil have both. I have through the years given 20 or more as gifts. They are getting harder and harder to find but there is a small hardware in our town that still carries it. They always keep a stock just for me around the holidays. I agree with John G, it almost has a cult following.

5 Your Title Angelica D. - DEC 8, 2015

Back in 1986 my than college boyfriend (now husband) gave me this pocket knife as a gift in my favorite color -pink. I just love it. It's the perfect all around tool that's small & lightweight. It fits perfect on my key chain so it's always there for my needs. I also appreciate that it is made in USA and is of fine quality. I now have twin boys, who would like to have a pocket knife of their own, but I need it in different colors, since their dad's is black. I wish Gerber would consider making this pocket knife in different colors like they once did.

5 THE knife jordy - OCT 28, 2015

this knife if just all around great. it fits and sits in my change pocket of my jeans (tht tiny little front pocket thats basiclly in your pocket ) witchout a bother. im a bison farmer in the Great Big North. this knife had yet to let me down from plus 40 degrees to minis 40. did i mention it weighs nothing? also did i mention it cuts my fingers nicely when not paying attention? rope? no prob. bailer twine< my caring knife, my knife i eat with while n the field, this knife has no limits unless your hunting a bear lol

3 Your Title Milton - SEP 26, 2015

You can't ask for a better lightweight pocket knife. However, Gerber you lost me from buying my 2 sons this knife as they no longer come with the belt clip. Why? Bring back the clip, or at least offer it as an accessory.

5 Knife owner maybe Marc L - AUG 1, 2015

OK, I've gone through 3 of these since the early 1980's and looking for another. Lost one off the deck of a boat halfway from Bermuda to DC, lost the other to airport security, and the third to a pissed-off girlfriend. But I wish you still made this with the serrated section of the blade. That was my last one but its not on this site any more!

5 Your Title Nate - JUL 19, 2015

Great knive, and I've owned the same one since 1992. Holds a fine edge, and the light weight is perfect as a pocket knife.

5 FF/PM John G. - MAY 19, 2015

I bought mine at REI over 25 years ago. My Cruiser pack and Raichle boots are out of production and mine don't see much use anymore but my little Gerber is still a regular companion. It is great for hiking and mine rides in a nylon sheath on my belt when in uniform. I know of no lighter knife that is more useful. Over the years I have discovered several friends have them and we are all fans. Now I see that Jerry Miculek is too. This is a great product has created a cult following.

5 AMAZING WITH A CAPITAL EVERYTHING Satisfied buyer - FEB 21, 2015

The knife has amazing lightweight handling and a satisfying opening and closing feel. Altogether Amazing!!!

5 Great knife Knifeconneisuer - AUG 12, 2014

This knife is amazing, the blade has absolutely NO wobble, it is extremely easy to sharpen, gets razor sharp and STAYS that way for a lot of uses. It is very lightweight and the lock is sure, and easy to disable.

5 Mr. Daniel - MAR 29, 2014

I bought the limited edition 70th anniversary version this knife that was signed by Pete gerber in 2009 and this little folder is built like a tank with a very light weight! If you need a small inexpensive beast of a folder this is a great knife for you!

5 Backpacking Scout Davis - DEC 27, 2013

Bought one of these for backpacking for the weight. Was at first skeptical of he plastic handle but figured I would abuse it before I went out trusting it. That purchase was 3+ years ago. Carry it every day and love this knife.

5 older climber - DEC 9, 2013

I bought this model in the early 80's for mountaineering because it is very light. I have used it for everything, all over the world, including to open many metal cans. It still looks and works great. I use it pretty much everyday.

5 Best Ever! Missing It... Sandi - SEP 11, 2013

Years ago got my husband the all purpose tool this knife came with it...My husband has had many pocket knifes...BUT THIS ONE WAS HIS FAVORITE! He lost it, Now we are going to buy another....Tank Goodness Gerber still has it!

5 scrapper tony - APR 18, 2013

love it ... its my everywhere knife... got it from father-in-law when I first meet my wife back a few years ago but its still my most used gerber I own...

2 american steven - APR 6, 2013

during the great recession, i bought 2 lst's i have\had one thats nice, i thought i would buy a american product, and sock it away before they started importing these, i was i lil late, the messed up part is they put a american state and city on the blade, which use to mean the country of origin?

5 Found Surprised - MAR 1, 2013

I found one of these at an ice cream shop on the sidewalk outside 10 years ago. I didn't know what model it was until I found it on gerbers site which I browse on the sharpens easily and is really light. The cutting edge itself is closer to 1.7 inches rather than the advertised 1.96. Not a big deal, it's not supposed to be huge. Bottom line; it does what it's supposed to do, be a small pocket knife to cut an apple or open a package.

5 Scouter JM - OCT 9, 2012

I purchase this knife back in 1982 and it is still in great shape. Gerber makes great products.

5 Zombie Hunter/ S.O.F T clark - JUN 6, 2012

This is a Wonderful lil knife ,Very Strong ,Sharp & easy to open , i love to give these as Gifts becuse i know im giveing my friends and family a good American product that will Last forever ..

5 Wildlife Biologist Alison - APR 6, 2012

I have had this knife for 15 years and I love it. It was my first knife my dad got me when I was 13, and I still carry it in my pocket every day. It's inexpensive enough to give to a child (or anyone) who is likely to lose it, good enough to last for many many years, and holds up to the abuse it sees from and adult, even at its age. It holds an edge well and sharpens very easily. Because its small it goes everywhere and does everything; I've never wished for a larger knife for my everyday tasks working as a biologist in the outdoors. It gets the job done. It opens so easily I bought one for my grandfather who was having trouble opening his knives and he loves it. The lock is solid and incredibly easy to close. I'm glad Gerber still makes this handy little knife, hopefully I'll be able to purchase one for my own child someday.

5 Adventurer Cary - JAN 11, 2012

Best all around pocket knife I've ever owned. Compact, stays sharp and gets the job done. Accidentally dropped it once in the street. Found it the next day after it got run over by a car. Just cleaned it up a bit and it worked as good as new. Sad because I recently lost it on an outdoor excursion.

5 Science teacher, Ex AMMO Troop, outdoorsman Harold Collins - DEC 2, 2011

I bought my first one in the BX in Incirlik, Turkey in '85. I have lost a few of them but this is the ONE KNIFE that has been in my pocket since. The price is right so I always have a few extras on hand in case I misplace another one. Sure I have many other brands, and even a few custom knives. But this is my all time favorite.
ps. With all the hard use these knives have been through, and all the tight spots they have gotten me out of, I have never broken one! Five stars isn't enough for this little knife.

5 Your Title Grant - NOV 24, 2011

This knife is very good. It holds an edge very well, and cuts through squirrels like butter.

5 Your Title Jimmy - SEP 27, 2011

I had one of the originals a Stg. Give me when I worked at the local armory here and I had it for over 15 years and has served me well. U fortunately I was in a automobile accident last month and it was in my pocket of my overalls and it fell out somewher

5 Your Title McNitt - AUG 21, 2011

I lost my orange scaled version of this knife and apparently they are no longer made. Too bad because it held an edge and was nearly perfect as an ultralight knife for my ditty bag.

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