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Paraframe I - Ti-Grey, Fine Edge

Like all eight knives in the Paraframe series, the Paraframe I is based on the same minimal frame-lock design. It’s a beautifully simple, open frame, titanium-coated knife with a fine-edge locking blade that is lightweight, easy to clean and opens effortlessly. Built with a smooth stainless steel handle and a clip for secure travel, the Paraframe I is everything that an everyday carry folder should be.

Item # 22-48446
  • Overall Length: 7.01"
  • Blade Length: 3.01"
  • Closed Length: 4.11"
  • Weight: 2.6 oz.
  • Lock Mechanism: Frame-lock
  • Blade Style: Clip Point
  • Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless
  • Blade Type: Fine
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Opening Style: One-handed opening


  • Frame lock handle design
  • Lightweight open stainless steel handles
  • Titanium nitrade-coated blade
5 Absolutely Amazing An Outdoorsman - APR 2, 2016

This knife is truly amazing. The slim design fits anywhere and the clip holds true. The edge almost never dulls and sharpens super easily. A great investment.

5 Best pocketknife investment ever made RJ - DEC 26, 2015

This is the best pocketknife I've ever bought I've had for at least 10 years with no real problems other I somehow lost a screw I the handle. Not sure what others are doing with there's to have a problem with it.

5 welp... Ayrin - NOV 5, 2015

Carried mine for nearly ten years before some kind soul took it home for me and i miss it dearly. It was an incredibly dependable knife, easy to sharpen and held a good edge.

5 Your Title nick - JUL 8, 2015

Have had this knife for about 4 years carry it just about everywhere everyday.. Couldn't be happier, stays sharp opens easy sharpens easy.. What more could you want??

2 Bad pocket clip job - JUN 27, 2015

I hate the pocket clip the fact that the frame has the cut in it makes it hang up every time I put it in my pocket. In addition I can't get it to hold an edge. Is however very light and forget it is there when I carry it.

5 Dependable. Erik - APR 25, 2015

I have had this knife for over well over five years, and has does not have one bit of rust on it. Holds an edge rather well.

5 Pretty Good XtremeMachine - OCT 1, 2014

Let it break in for a bit now smooth and easy, comfortable in my hand, cost as much as a Extra Large Grande Latte - a good buy.

3 Meh MattIsBuffalo - AUG 6, 2014

This is an OK knife for every day carry when you need a blade, but the pocket clip is flimsy at best. That said, the clip has been broken on my knife for quite some time. Also, the folding action is very stiff --not nearly as smooth as I would have expected after a few years of ownership.

5 Like an old baseball glove Knife Abuser - AUG 1, 2014

This is by far my favorite pocket knife. I just picked up after a couple of months of playing around with other knives, and the thing just hits that sweet spot in my hand. I don't treat knives well but this thing has stuck through it and remains solid.

3 Great for EDC, not for throwing Alex - JUN 21, 2014

I liked this knife because its weight and size make it great for EDC. It's one of those knives that will fit into any pocket and won't scare sheeple if you use it in a public place.

That being said, the overall quality was lacking. The lockup was the main problem. If I hit it hard enough on the backside, the knife would fold back into itself. Also, the lockup was never really tight and the blade had a good amount of side to side movement. It fell apart when I tried it out as a throwing knife. Granted, I shouldn't be using it as a throwing knife, but I think it also shouldn't have fallen apart.

2 Find another knife Tony - MAY 5, 2014

It clips well an d good aggressive point BUT. Keeping it sharp is a pain. The locking mechanism easily bent out of place when strong downward pressure was applied trying to split wood. Now it wobbles easily and hard to unlock. Not a EDC for outdoorsman. Fine if your an office person.

5 Soup Tyler - APR 27, 2014

I love this knife. It was given to me for free by a fellow scout and for what I thought was gonna be a crappy cheap hair edge knife turned out to be a knife I use for every day use

1 Your Title Jeff - APR 22, 2014

Just awful, gerber is really going down the crapper with their quality.

4 Knife enthusiast Joe - APR 19, 2014

Not gonna lie the first paraframe I had was bad. But gerber is my favorite knife brand I had a remix and loved it but I have it to my little bro. So I went and got another paraframe this one just say GERBER on the blade it dosent have the sword in the stone logo on it and the paraframe I have now feels better quality then my old one and seems to have a better edge on it. Hopefully this one is better. But gerber does make great knives

5 Great knife Marc Tyler - NOV 12, 2013

I bought this knife about a year ago, and it still performing amazingly. It keeps a great edge, and the blades never become wobbly after lots of use like other knife blades do. Love this knife. would recommend it to anyone.

5 The best knife Mexican - AUG 13, 2013

I got this thing for my birthday it is the most useful knife i own. It is really sharp and it locks good.

1 a guy Thrax 1 - JUN 9, 2013

the old paraframes are great knives
the new one gerber really cheaped out on
and are things of crap

5 great knife Firemedic - MAR 28, 2013

This is the first knife I ever owned, received it as a gift it about 6 years ago. Still holds an edge, and holding together solid. I still carry it today and is by far still the best knife I own.

5 Your Title Knife boy - MAR 3, 2013

Love this knife. Looking for a light weight yet tough knife with an ability to hold an edge, you're looking at it. I carry mine every where for over a year now. Love it. A must have

3 great...ish your name - JAN 21, 2013

it is a great knife if you dont mint replacing it twice a year

liner lock will clost when the blade is tapped by a hamer if you want a good knife spend 20 more dollars and get the gator

5 Every Day Use DLM - JAN 5, 2013

This knife is sturdy and holds a good edge. A lot of people seem to be suggesting that one should buy the LMF II over this model. Be clear that this is a pocket knife and not a fixed blade. Don't try to split logs with a 3" pocket knife if you want to keep it in one piece. If you are looking for a full survival piece go buy a full tang fixed blade. This, however, makes an exceptional back up knife and every day carry piece.

5 Chance B. Great Knife - JAN 5, 2013

Got this for Christmas. Razor sharp out of the box, good locking system, and good corrosion resistance, but sometimes the lock is a little sticky. Overall great knife.

3 one flaw dante - NOV 4, 2012

this little knife is amazing and great for daily use . but after time the lock does wear our and becomes loose

4 Decent. Joseph M. - SEP 10, 2012

I just recently bought my Ti-coated Paraframe I fine edge. While I like it, the first thing I noticed is that even through the titanium nitrade coating, the handle and pocket clip have rust spots all over the place.

If I ever plan to EDC this (I live in Florida, so it might be that the coating wasn't thick enough for the wet weather) on a regular basis, I will need to have it sent out and dura-coated, because this coating will leave me standing around with a blade attached to a piece of a rusted off handle.

I have no problems with the frame lock, the pocket clip is a little tight but that can be fixed. My only real qualm with this knife that I haven't stated is the size.

The size of this knife makes it hard for me to open one handed because of my monster mitts (I have a Ka-Bar/BK&T BK2 which is 1/4" thick plus the handles adding another 1 1/4" and that is about perfect), so yeah, I think that's the end of my wall of text.

Now, if they would go ahead and make a 4" version of this in a 1095 blade and 440C handle with either proper application of "Ti-coating" or a nice duracoating, I'd be very inclined to buy that.

3 the old ones are awesome Your name - SEP 10, 2012

about eight years ago, i bought one of these and I have carried it every day since. it has only recently become dull. when i went to buy a new one however i was warned that they are no longer made in the US, so i cant speak for the new ones, but this old one sure is nice

5 Form Florida Colella - AUG 25, 2012

Looking forward to buy it. Thanks gerber

1 Junk Your name - JUN 17, 2012

went through 2 of these. These are some of the lowest quality knives I've ever used. The titanium nitride coating rubs off like cheap paint. This happened with the frame and blade of the first one, and just the blade on the second one. One of them had a blade so soft i couldn't get any better than a half blunt edge on it. So soft it was even scratched up by a nylon brush. The same kind used to clean jewelry. I've had $3 Chinese mystery steel knives that were so much better than this. Obviously both were defective though. I have on idea how good one of these knives would be if there was such a thing as quality control in this company. Inexcusable.

5 GERBER EXP Red - JUN 12, 2012

I'm not sure where everyone is having problems with the frame locks on these. I have had three different types of Paraframe knives and I have never once had a problem out of it. I even bought one to do a terminal damage test on it and even beating this knife with a sledge hammer, brick, throwing at 300lb metal doors, etc. This lock has never failed and not even the slightest sign of blade play.

For roughly $20, depending on where you get it, This is one of the biggest bangs for the buck for anyone looking for an affordable EDC, I carried one for 3 years and only replaced it for the pleasure of having a new one.

Excellent knife.

4 great Choi - APR 30, 2012

Great knife for EDC but the blade steel is on the soft side had to sharpen quite a bit. Out of the box razor sharp and lightweight want a cheap EDC knife get this.

5 sorry Your name - APR 4, 2012

im the guy who told you to get the lmf2 instead. The lmf2 is twice the size and not what you need if you ane looking at this knife try the magnum or what john said and get the freeman

4 ok john - APR 1, 2012

it was great out of the box it stopped locking and then started locking again after i chopped wood with it.

The coating wore off after i used it to cut cardboard.

worth the money you are better off with the freeman folding though

4 what the Your name - MAR 31, 2012

i got it and it was great, razor sharp held an edge well. Then the locking mechanism broke. now it locks again after i hit a log with it . Other than that its great. holds an edge well well ballanced durable and a good around the house knife. not reliable enough to be for survival GET THE LMF2 INSTEAD

3 what Your name - MAR 27, 2012

i got this knife and loved it
then the coating wore off ... ok

Then the locking mecanism broke.

Then after i hit a jenga block a few times it started to lock again

5 Ranger Matt - MAR 15, 2012

Carried it almost everyday for eight years.

5 Best EDC I've ever owned Andrew - FEB 20, 2012

This knife, is hands down the best I have ever owned. If I was lost/stranded I wouldn't want to be without it. The knife is light weight, and small enough to carry without a bulky handle, but strong enough to do almost anything you ask it to. The blade is sharp, stays sharp, and I've only had to sharpen it once, in about 2 years.
Great price, very dependable.
This knife is the reason I switched to Gerber!

5 Bang For The Buck Perfect EDC - FEB 13, 2012

It's cheap, light weight and great, and don't forget that it's backed by the perfect warranty and best customer service. The blade comes fairly sharp and will take a good beating before you really have to re sharpen it. To my experience the factory blade angle is way to shallow, for the quality of the metal, at around 19-21 degrees and sometimes 17 degrees (varies from time to time from the replacements I have received) so I re-profile the edge to 25 degrees and it is perfect.

The skeleton design does remove a lot of weight and makes it very easy to clean dirt, dust and pocket lint.

The Ti-Nitrade coating is a lot more durable than it seams.

Keep the pivot well oiled and give it a little time to break in, but after that the knife will flick open with ease.

Bottom line - the mysterious "High Carbon Stainless" isn't s30v or any other high grade metal, but it will won't do you wrong. Highly recommended.

5 Awesome CODY - JAN 31, 2012

I've had this knife for a few months and its been amazing. I got it at Dicks for a great price. One time i was using it to cut open a case of water and didn't realize i cut through all the watter bottles in that row! Great knife gerber and looking foward to get a Bear Grylls knife soon!

5 Future marine george - JAN 28, 2012

I have had this knife for over 2 years and i have loved having it the whole time. It is so used that the finish is coming off the clip but it still locks solidly and is sharp.

4 Retired Marine Mark - JAN 17, 2012

For the price I love this knife, blade stays sharp and easy to sharpen. The clip keeps it close at hand at all times and it frequently comes in handy. Feels good in my hand. I was crawling thru some bushes didn't realize the clip caught a branch. thought I lost hte knife. Months later I found it hanging there, not a speck of rust or corrosion anywahere!!!

4 09/13/12 Army Basic Training Brandon - JAN 8, 2012

bought knife at walmart with a giftcard, really cool looking and feels nice in hand when open or closed. steel coating shows signs of wear.

5 11 year old woodsman Isaac Bahler - JAN 5, 2012

best knife ever

1 Very weak blade lock Jesse - DEC 29, 2011

I nearly cut my pinky finger off!
You absolutely can not trust the blade lock on this knife. I put modest pressure on the blade while trying to split a small piece of cork, and it shut on my hand.

I was a fine knife up until this happend. It the blade was any sharper I may have lost my finger!

My review awards this knife one star, because although it was otherwise a good knife, if you can't trust your tools to perform every time, they're not good enough.

5 Not bad for the price Michael - DEC 29, 2011

Gerber knives tend to have a lower quality steel but they fit my price range easier. With the lower quality steel gerber knives tend to be around more when I get stuck in the woods for hours even days like on my last offroading trip. I use my gerber knives hard and abuse them but I have never actually had one break. The lower quality steel dulls faster than some of my other knives but razor sharpness doesn't really matter when you're up to your waist in mud trying to cut rope and branches with your gerber to get your truck out of the mud. At the end of the day the open frame and the stainless steel make for easy clean up. I've had many days when i was too exhausted to clean even my self and went to sleep in my tent with my gerber still coated in mud and it has held up. My last gerber lasted five years of offroasing, fishing, and hunting, before i finally lost it in the mud on a four wheeler trip. Gerbers are great for the guy who just needs a knife that is dependable and will be there in a pinch and won't break the bank.

5 Sick Young Aventurer - DEC 10, 2011

These knives are awesome. Thinking about getting some more from the paraframe series for Christmas

5 Paraframe suggestion Brandon Payne - OCT 31, 2011

First off, I love the Paraframe knives a lot. I have 3 mini's (2 as backups) a Ti-Grey and a Paraframe II Stainless. I also have a LMF II Infantry as well as a the Suspension Multi-Pliers. I carry the mini most of the time but I carry the Ti-Grey some

5 Sweet justin - OCT 29, 2011

sturdy, locks tight, the good kind of heavy, and razor sharp right out of the package

5 awsome john - OCT 7, 2011

good knife

4 paraframe 1 jim - SEP 26, 2011

Great knife sturdy sharp out of the box.

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