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Fast Draw - Fine Edge

Gerber Legendary Blades is proud beyond description to introduce our first assisted opening knife. The FAST Draw relies on our proprietary new blade opening concept that's so lightning-quick, so pleasingly easy to open with just one hand, its already drawing a lot of attention among knife folks everywhere.


The mechanism was created exclusively for us and patented by famed Oregon knife maker Butch Vallotton.

Item # 22-47162
  • Overall Length: 7.13"
  • Blade Length: 2.99"
  • Closed Length: 4.17"
  • Weight: 3.6 oz.
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless
  • Blade Type: Fine
  • Handle Material: Glass-filled nylon
  • Opening Style: Assisted Opening


  • Assisted Opening 2.0
3 Great Knife. Anonymous - DEC 1, 2015

I bought this knife for my girlfriend about a year ago, loved it myself. I tend to do research before looking into knives for myself and her, but couldnt find much on this particular type. Bought it, and was showing her how to use it properly a couple weeks later, then i decided to be brilliant and start showing off, which is when i found out exactly how sharp the blade is, cut off the very tip of the finger pad on my middle finger, and didnt feel it a bit. THe blade holds an excellent edge right out of the box, the lock is, for the short time that she had it, very durable yet easy to use, and the opening mechanism took a bit of work to get broken in, but after that it was flawless. The only reason i can give this knife 3 stars is due to the short amount of time she had it before it was stolen( about a month). Am looking into buying another for her for Christmas this year (she REALLY wants it), and buying the the F.A.S.T. XL Tanto or the Prodigy for myself.

5 nothing DblAron - OCT 3, 2015

great knife carry all the time

5 Retired Chief Eng'r Marine John Larner - JUL 27, 2015

Carry this knife all the time great everyday knife opens quick one handed operation, it is my go to knife.

5 Heavy Equipment Mechanic dan - JUL 10, 2015

This little blade struck my eye at my local rogers sporting goods, and it is a GREAT knife for the money I have beat the tar out of it and it did get dull (as to expected when you scrape it on metal) but the lock never fails to engage and i'm never afraid that the lock is going to fail. Matter of fact this is one of the BEST lock systems I've seen on a $40 dollar knife! Way more secure than a liner lock or even a frame lock for that matter. Overall if your looking for that perfect EDC for a low price you done found it! The only reason i dont carry it anymore is because I bought a propel downrange automatic

4 A pretty good knife. Your Name - FEB 8, 2015

I was very happy with this knife until I lost it somewhere. It was my daily carry. The only negative things about it was that it was made in china and after a year the blade started to rust. I do blame myself for the rust though do to the fact I used it to open a bag of winter salt. The last thing is I paid too much for it. Other than that it's a nice knife.

3 retired ernee - JAN 24, 2015

I bought the Gerber fast draw black plain edge and not that happy with it the safety lock as it hangs up when trying to push when opening blade. Other than that, it is very sharp and fits my hand nicely. I may be reluctant to purchase another with this safety lock. Hope not all of them are having this issue?

4 Good enough Alex - AUG 6, 2014

I love this knife, don't get me wrong, but after a month of light use (cardboard, tape, etc.) the lock only engages 4/5 times. Doesn't seem that bad, but i'd much rather it be a liner lock. The blade dulled moderately quickly. Pocket clip is the best ive ever had, very low profile in comparison to other knives I've owned.

5 WOW nick - JUL 8, 2014

THIS IS A GREAT KNIFE its fun fast and awsome GET IT

4 Master Sergeant, US Special Forces Joshua - JUN 19, 2014

Gents, Great little knife. I had just lost my daily carry and was in need was in need of a new one when I happened upon this little guy buried in dirt in that back of one of our LTATVs From the looks I had little hope that it would work out as it had obviously been well used and then exposed to the harsh elements for some time. A little love with a Smith sharping kit and some oil and this guy is on the money. Thanks for a good knife.
The only thing lacking was the pocket clip, it had been broken off at some point. Any ideas on replacement parts?

4 Knife is great Eric - JUN 14, 2014

Ive had this knife for at least a year now. I use it every day. F.A.S.T. makes it so easy to use one handed. the lock dose get loose but I abbuse the knife using it to pry things and using it as a screwdriver and such. I also have one of the push button lock ones I do like that one better. I recomend Gerber to everyone I know

5 Great Knife On Duty - MAY 6, 2014

Great Knife, use it on duty all the time...cuts through rope, boxes, zip ties, you name it. Great one handed application. Knife is durable, like anything else, as long as you take care of it and don't abuse it. Buying more of these for back up and recommend to all.

5 Your Title Mark Matthews - MAR 26, 2014

I have owned three of these knives. (Lost two). I love them. The blade holds an edge much better than most. The locking mechanism does get sloppy from time to time, but I just clean it, tighten the fasteners and lube it up. then it's good to go. This is the only blade I have owned for the past ten years and I don't want anything different!

5 Blackdiamond Jason - JAN 30, 2014

I have had three of these spanning a nine year period. All have served me well. I am not nice to these knives. Very durable. Need to buy another one or repair my last one.

1 Engineer Brody Madden - JAN 16, 2014

It looks like I'm not the only one with this issue. The slider lock fails 90% of the time and I've had it 3 weeks. I thought, maybe it's just sticky and needs to be broken in. Nope. Most of the time I can't get it closed. Don't buy this knife.

5 Retired Military vorndamr - OCT 16, 2013

I've owned this kniofe since day one that it came out. I carry it everywhere with me. I use it on everything that I can cut. I love the assisted opening! This knife holds a good edge too. If I ever loose it, I will buy another one. You should buy one too.

5 great knife Your name - OCT 1, 2013

High quality and a nice safety

5 Great Knife End of Story. Wes - OCT 1, 2013

I'm not sure about anyone else but I've had two of these now (I lost the first). Both knives were fantastic and never had any problems with either one of them. The blade is as sharp as it needs to be and is durable. The assisted release action on it works flawlessly and the studs are in the right location with proper size for easy use. I use this knife on a daily basis for everything from camping needs to opening packages and have never one had a single complaint about it.

1 Great Knife... If you don't use it. John - AUG 25, 2013

I have had two of these knives the first was serrated. The first knife I used for a few weeks and the lock stopped working, The blade flew open but the little red dot was still in plain view and the blade was free to move about. The second was the fine edge version it was the replacement for the the other. I opened the package and flicked the blade and it still didn't lock. Two of these knifes didn't work properly, for me... I'm sending it back! At least Gerber is footing the bill. I have read the reviews and saw that other people are having the same issues. The sad part about all of this is the knife was awesome, The pocket clip the thickness and just the overall size of this knife was Perfect. In all honesty if you have one of these send it back... And if Gerber Is listening do away with that damn slider lock and go straight to a liner. I really wish you people would recall this product.

3 Not as advertised. Vicente Cardone - AUG 24, 2013

Yesterday I received my Gerber FAST 22 47162 from Amazon, and I just find that my particular knife does not have the "window" in the rigth side in order to give access to the upper flipper to open the blade that way; so the only way is the stud wich was quite hard. I put Brake Free lubricant and exersise the blade for a while, some 500 times, so now the action is a bit friendly. Fortunately the price was amazing so I do not feel mysel too hurt as my thumb.

5 Your Title Rhys - MAY 10, 2013

Great knife, used it while deployed for everything. The only change I would ask to make is to rubberize the grip. Please keep it the same thickness though. I like that it fits easily in my pocket. Also, the pocket clip needs to be made out of a stronger metal. I have bent and broken mine a couple of times requiring a replacement. All in all though I LOVE this knife.

5 Love it, Gregg - APR 24, 2013

Had this knife for about four years I guess and absolutely love this work horse of a knife.
I have cut through boxes constantly in this time and all kinds of other chores as well including opening a frozen truck door of my neighbors with no problem. It is still incredibly sharp and have not once yet sharpened it(shamefully) but this knife sits right next to my bed for whatever next punishment I put it through.I own several Gerber knives as well as other brands but this is one of my favorites! Get it you won't be disappointed.

2 RN, hunter, shooter Mick - MAR 23, 2013

I've had 2 fail on me now; the first due to the "safety" not being positive, replace by Gerber; after 2 years the spring broke. I'm sending it back with a request to replace it with a different product. Great while it worked; design flaws, materials/assmbly questionable.

2 Broken spring Stewart - MAR 8, 2013

Had this knife about a week before the spring inside broke, now the blade flops around. I won't send it back for a replacement because I can't trust the design. Hopefully I can find a spring that's a little beefier but still small enough to fit. disappointing design, but liked it before it broke.

5 technician Fixit - JAN 25, 2013

I have carried one of these since 2005, I used to have 4 of these at 1 time. Lost 1 at airport. 1 in snow at parking lot. 1 broke with a hammer cutting rope. ( my fault). I plan to order 2 new soon. I love these because of the action, NO pain NO strain, unlock and launch. Great when you only have one hand free to open it. Gerber, Please...Don't ever stop making these! I will ALWAYS carry this knife!

4 hired wrench E taylor - OCT 13, 2012

i have enjoyed mine a long time, the blade seems to be have a little wobble to it
these days though

4 Mr Tig True Opinions - SEP 25, 2012

great deal and at wal-mart. giving 3 1/2 stars only cause could come sharper easy fix along with closing button has a little stick lube helps. being i am a avid knife collector i mostly buy kershaw, Spyderco, buck & Sog but after putting this Gerber in my hand feeling it's action i had to buy it. 100 % worth price so far no issues heard screws loosen, easy fix i locktight them and no worries knock on wood. great knife little grab at unlockin button to close knife but i am hard on them as i hunt, fish & due construction work. but price and what one would use it for is well worth it. edge needed to be sharpened but i like my knife razor sharp easy fix but gerber come on. overall reliable knife and cost great for knife your gettin i'm all in gerber but bears knives :{ needs make over. all enjoy F.A.S.T as i am. Mr Tig

5 Your Title Highbrass6 - SEP 21, 2012

Great general purpose pocket knife! Fits in the pocket well, or clips on. Opens like a charm. Love the blade design!
This one has found a home in my pocket, no questions asked.

2 Former Gerber owner Craig - SEP 6, 2012

Liked the knife for a few weeks until the thumb stud disappeared. Since it rests on the thumb stud for rigidity when open it is pretty unusable now. Sent in request to Gerber who answered right away that they'd send a new one but that was Aug 20 and still haven't received it. Asked again how long it takes and customer service said it usually goes out within a week and takes another 2-3 weeks via USPS. I've had about a dozen Gerber knives over the years and this is probably my last. Meanwhile I purchased another brand knife (made in USA) for twice the cost but am thrilled with it. For the cost of sending out a 10 cent part via first class postage Gerber has lost a customer.

4 Your Title average guy - JUL 31, 2012

had this knife for 2 years and still as good and reliable as the day i pulled t out of the package. only problem is the loosing of the thumb stud

3 retired Doug Brown - JUN 25, 2012

I love the knife. I use it every day. I have had it two years. One thing is not good. The screws that hold the handel have come out i cant get any and the size of screw is so small I can not find a driver small enough to tighten the one screw left.

5 THE BEST knife I've ever had Scott - JUN 14, 2012

I have owned one of these knives for about 4 years. I misplaced my first one and went to the store for another one, not even looking at the other options. It's the perfect size and shape, not too big or too small, for everyday use. The assisted opening is very useful especially when the other hand is holding on to what you need to cut. The locking mechanism is always solid. The clip allows me to carry it inside my pants pocket, clipped to the edge of the pocket. I always know right where it is. If I ever misplace this one, I know I'm going to buy another one.

4 Average Guy John - APR 20, 2012

I have had one of these for the last two years. What a great knife, easy to open, easy to carry and holds a edge very well.

4 Army Sergeant John - APR 10, 2012

I have owned one of these for about 5 years and it has been on 2 deployments with no issues. Always ready when I needed it.

4 Cook Robert - DEC 25, 2011

I wear this knife every day, everywhere I go. Its one handed operation makes it ideal for many different tasks, including tactical. When open, the blade remains sturdy. As sharp as the day I opened it. Very easy to maintain this edge. When I first bought it, the safety mechanism was a little sticky and it would be hard to close the knife. But after messing around with it for about an hour repeatedly opening and closing the knife, I seemed to had broken in the mechanics. All around a good, multi-use knife. Would recommend for anyone.

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