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AR 3.00 - Black, Fine Edge

There comes a time in a guys life when he might start thinking he has too many knives. But when you show him one of these, well, maybe he starts thinking that there's room for one more. After all, the AR 3.0 and 3.5 represent hybrid knife design at its best.


You're looking at the near-perfect combination of strength, balance, ergonomics, minimal weight, and a stylized look that can rightly be described as bad to the bone.


Sure, the AR models are easily opened with one hand. Sure, their mechanics are silky smooth. Sure, the pocketclip is the essence of convenience. And sure, they're built from a caliber of stainless steel that simply commands respect. But what you might not expect is the innovative blend of die-cast aluminum and Softgrip inserts in the handle. To a lot of guys, this is a must-have knife.

Item # 05848
  • Overall Length: 6.95"
  • Blade Length: 2.95"
  • Closed Length: 4.08"
  • Weight: 2.8 oz.
  • Lock Mechanism: Liner Lock
  • Blade Style: Clip Point
  • Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless
  • Blade Type: Fine
  • Handle Material: Die-Cast Aluminum and Softgrip Inserts
  • Opening Style: One-handed opening


  • Strong, lightweight, ergonomic handle
  • One-hand opening
  • Low-glare blade coating
2 Not the best GHW - OCT 14, 2015

Got the knife as a best-man gift. Thought it was a great looking knife.
Using it leaves much to be desired. Liner lock completely stops any one-handed opening so much so that even opening the knife two handed is a chore. forget about closing it.
Blade looks sharp, but light airy feel to the knife makes me question it's toughness.
working my way through warranty right now. not impressed as I am still waiting 3 days after my initial inquiry.
Maybe past experience with Leatherman knives have set my standards too high for Gerber.

5 Gerber Knife Owner Magnus T - AUG 8, 2015

I own more Gerber knives than any other brand and bought a serrated version of this knife I found used. I liked the knife enough that I soon picked up the plan edged one as well. The quality of construction is very nice, it's light weight, strong, and has a good looking sleek design. I usually carry a larger knife but if I just plan to hang around the house or go someplace that a smaller blade would be more accepted by some people I clip one on my pocket. The knife rides low on the pocket also. Very nice knives that would be good to give as gifts.

5 a must have Randy - AUG 7, 2015

Had this knife for many years and hasn't failed once defiantly a 10/10 still locks up sturdy and holds a good edge

5 EMS Captain Raj - JUL 13, 2015

This product was given to me as a gift from another EMS provider that was getting married. He gave one to each one of his groomsmen who were all public safety providers. Our names were placed one each one and after 5 years of wearing it faithfully the clip snapped. I put in a replacement request and I am confident that the issue will be handled with Gerber's excellent customer service.

5 Beautiful, Strong, and Elegant: A "Must Have Knife!" The__Gingist - JUL 8, 2015

I have had this knife for four years, and it has held up great! At the tip of the blade, the black paint is starting to peel off, but other than that, the knife is in perfect condition!
I use this knife practically every day, and it has not failed me yet. The blade is made up of a very good type of steel, that keeps a great edge, and has not bent yet!
This is by far the smoothest-opening knife that I have ever owned. Like the description says, you can most definitely open it with one hand!
Over all, this is an amazing knife, and it is definitely worth it's cost! If you treat it well, it can last you a long time! Not to mention that it is very good looking!

5 Captain Kirk - JAN 21, 2015

I own a first production run partially serrated version of this knife which I have loved for nearly 20 years! I have thrown away/broken/given away many knifes and this one has surpassed them all. On other knives, the action gets gritty and hard to clean which slows it down or makes it hard to open. After decades of abuse it still opens as smooth as the day I got it. Also, it still locks open perfectly with no play unlike many knives that get loose over time. Like others have said in these comments, I thought I lost it about a year ago and my heart was broken. After a few days of depression, we found it and my happiness was restored! Besides a few dents and dings the only thing wrong is the clip just broke today (by freak circumstance) and I am relieved they still keep this model in stock so hopefully I can get a replacement clip. Best knife I have ever owned by far! As the description says "a must-have knife."

5 All Around Mechanic & Jack Of All Trades Kris Anderson - JAN 3, 2015

I've had this identical version of knife (with the old Gerber logo) for seven and a half years. It was a "going away gift" from a neighbor and was used when I got it. I absolutely love this knife!!!! I have cut with it, pulled splinters, used it as a screw driver (when absolutely had to), had to use it as a hammer, tightened a cover plate on a CAT dozer with the handle, and so so much more. I was using it yesterday and it was all I had, I needed to pry with it and the tip finally snapped off, it didn't bend like the cheap junk. I certainly hope this new replacement stands up to what the old one did. Not to mention the black rubber like pieces never tried to come off. Absolutely amazing knife. Five stars.

5 Best knife Gerber made!!!!!!!!!! Christopher - NOV 12, 2014

This knife is flipping sweet !!!!!!!!!!!!! I got it this year and it has never fail me!!!!!!!!! Thanks Gerber!!!!!!!

5 Best knife forever Chris - NOV 12, 2014

I got this knife this year,and its never failed me .Thanks Gerber

5 11 years and still going strong... redskinrog - NOV 8, 2014

I've had this knife for 11 years and it still is my daily carry knife. The description says it all... lightweight, easy grip and can handle just about anything... Oh yeah! It also is great at holding a sharp edge. Thanks for this one Gerber!

5 mustangjamie jamie - JUN 14, 2014

i love it had it for eight years use it every day the only problem i have had is the clip broke because it got hooked on my seat belt but it was due to me being in a hurry . but i love Gerber knives

5 Top Knife. Colin Johnston - MAR 20, 2014

Dad took me to Cabellas to buy a new knife for my birthday. I was 15. I'm 25 now. It's still going, pretty beat up. it still holds an edge, doesn't open as smoothly. Great knife here looking for a replacement.

5 Your Title John A. - JAN 9, 2014

Bought this knife when I was 27 and for six years it was on my hip. Best knife I ever had. Always reliable, kept a good edge no matter what I cut or used it for. So very upset when I lost it recently. To have it on me everyday for that amount of time and then to lose it was the worse! Just purchase a new one to hopefully last the same amount of time if not longer.

5 Sweet Poeoso - DEC 31, 2013

Great knife

5 HVAC Craftsman Kyle - DEC 2, 2013

Best knife I've ever had. Period.

When I was 17, my girlfriend (now my wife) bought me this knife in a showing of pure love. But in my young, ignorant haze, I said "thanks" and stashed it away because it didn't look as "cool" as my countless other "cool" knives I had. Well, one by one, those cheap piece of crap "cool" knives I had broke, dulled, were lost, etc. Every time one fell apart due to its garbage quality, I found myself reaching for this Gerber knife. It NEVER failed me, it rarely dulled, and was faithful to me without fail. It took me WAY to long to realize she had given me the best knife I'd ever had, and now I carry it with me always. I've had the knife for 10 years and it's still me favorite, and I have since been a die hard Gerber customer. Thanks!

4 NOLS Alumni John - NOV 20, 2013

I have had one since 1997 and have put it through the ringer over the years. It did excellent during my NOLS expedition in 2004 and other travels since then.

5 Great knife, great price Ryan - NOV 1, 2013

This is a quality knife. I picked mine up at a hardware store a few years ago and it has served me very well. The action is buttery smooth and the blade holds a decent edge. You just can't beat the quality for the price.

4 jr. survivalist jr. survivalist - OCT 15, 2013

nice knife ! still prefer my instant though.great gob gerber

4 Roughneck Elvis12 - MAY 22, 2013

On my third one of these...(my fault...I lose things). One of the best folding knives I have ever used,

5 my daily carry John - APR 4, 2013

I actually found mine years ago like excaliber waiting for king arthur lol. I carry it daily as both a way of personal protection and a working knife. The backstrap is gone but it still gives a super strong grip. I love the lock & safety keeping it from opening accidentally as well as the usefulness of such a knife being small light & easily concealable. Best knife I ever owned!

5 Carry it everyday Chris - JAN 28, 2013

I have carried this pocket knife for 13 years. I have worked construction and am now in metal fabrication. I have put this thing through it's paces. It comes back for more, everyday. It;s this one thing I will NOT leave the house without. Best pocket knife ever.

5 Exceptional! Chris - DEC 29, 2012

I cant remember how long Ive had this knife, thats how long Ive had it. The logo isnt the same as pictured above, mine has a sword penetrating a mountain. All the black has worn off mine. Great daily use knife, belt clip is still solid after all this time!!!!! A small piece of the rubber has come off the handle near the finger grip just recently, but I expected that to go a long time ago....great job!!!

5 Beast Cameron McCormick - OCT 10, 2012

This is by far the best knife I had ever owned. My friend bought it for me for my birthday maybe 6 or 7 years ago and i carried it every day until last summer it got caught on my fishing net and dragged into the water... I will be buying a replacement.

5 love it!! Kimberly S. - SEP 18, 2012

I have had this knife for a few years and I love it!! Some of the black has come off the blade but it still cuts like a beauty. It stays in my pocket 90% of the time r in my purse the other times!!

5 Amazing Jake - JUN 20, 2012

I've had this knive for about 4 years and this knife is a real winner I think gerber put hard work and thought in this knife.

5 awesome Freddy - JUN 11, 2012

Bought this knife 3 or 4 years ago at the LL bean in Freeport Maine for $35. And have loved it ever since. the blade is sharp and stays sharp. the safety is good and well made. just recently the blade started to squeak but was easily fixed with a little WD40.

5 Mr. Seth K. - JUN 1, 2012

best knife Ive ever owned !!!!

5 Dr. Daniel B - MAY 31, 2012

Great knife. Bought one 10 years ago when I joined boy scouts and unfortunately lost it on a camp out. Going to buy the same one right now!

5 Mr Andrew K - MAR 17, 2012

bought it for 50 dollars on the weekend. would never regret it, but i cant seem to unscrew the belt clip which i have no use for.

5 Mr. James D. - FEB 8, 2012

I've had this knife for 9 years and have loved it right out of the box. With minimal practice it can be as fast or faster than automatic knives I have owned.

5 05848 Robert D - JAN 15, 2012

Have owned this knife for about 18 years what a great knife smooth opening and holds a sharp edge

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