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Multi-Plier 600 Basic - Needlenose Basic

We can think of about 600 reasons why this much-applauded multi-tool belongs on your belt. But don't worry, well just stick to the most important ones here. Like profound versatility, for example. And failsafe performance. And a level of rock-solid design and construction that pleases the eye and satisfies the soul.


It all begins with high quality stainless steel. Then we incorporated Gerber's patented one-handed opening pliers. Of the 6 models available, three feature the standard needlenose plier and the other three have our bluntnose configuration.


You'd be hard pressed to find a more rugged or more fearless multi-tool out there. But go ahead and look around a bit. See what you think. Then c'mon back to Gerber and pick the Multi-Plier 600 that truly suits your needs. We're building plenty.

*Universal Tool of the Canadian Forces

Credentials Required
Item # 07554 NSN # 5110-01-434-3458

Weight: 9 oz.



  • Patented one-hand opening Multi-plier
  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • Includes Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • 14 tools:
    • Needle nose pliers
    • Pinch cut wire cutters
    • Wire crimper
    • Fine edge knife
    • Serrated knife
    • Cross point screwdriver
    • Small, medium, and large flat blade screwdriver
    • Lanyard ring
    • Can opener
    • Bottle opener
    • File
    • Ruler
3 Firefighter Peter Soergel - JUL 10, 2016

I got my MP600 on my first deployment to Kuwait in 2008. Awesome tool. I had the plier/cutter head break in 2015. I sent it in for repairs, but since I'm now retired from the Air Force, Gerber sent me a crappy replacement. No hardened wire cutters for me anymore. Pretty raw deal in my opinion. I'll be buying Leatherman from now on

5 SFC U.S. Army Infantry Retired Texasmortarman - JUN 21, 2013

I got mine in Iraq in 2003 and it has been my trusted companion ever since. I have had to send it in for repairs as it does get almost constant use and Gerber stands behind their quality products. As soon as this model comes off back order I will buy a new one and retire my old one to a place of honor on my "I love me" shelf in the den. Thanks for everything Gerber.

5 Whitewater Rafting Guide Robert - MAY 21, 2013

I purchased my first Gerber tool back in 1994. I was rafting on a class 4 river when one side of my self bailing raft started to loose air fast. We had found the left chamber was leaking due to the two of four screws were loose. These screws hold the main air intake for the baffle. after being on the water for hour in 100 degree temp the chamber expanded which loosen the screws at which point I placed my thumb forcefully against the intake chamber pulled out my trusty Leatherman tool and tried to open them one handed with no surprise they slipped and fell into the river. A fellow guide had seen what was happening and was parked next to me in case we needed to off load the customers. He reached over and handed me his Gerber Tool which allowed me access to the pliers with ease and start to place the screws back in and pump the baffle back up. Without the help of the needle nose pliers I would had to take the boat out and walk back 6 miles. I now back Gerber with all my boats and guides.

5 SFC U.S. Army Retired Texasmortarman - APR 2, 2013

Best damn thing I ever got issued. If it ever comes back in stock I am buying at least 2 more.

5 Paramedic / Air Force Firefighter Jon - JAN 18, 2013

I have owned one for 20 years. It is a great tool. I have used it just about everyday at work.

5 crazy USMC Lova - DEC 15, 2012

I first got this knife from my step-dad after he got back from Army basic in Ft. Benning. After years of use, it's still razor sharp and strong as ever. Its sheath is great for belt carrying, and I've used on every hiking trip I've been on. Great for anybody in the field who needs a sturdy, dependable knife, or for first time knife owners who beat the crap out of their gear. I would recommend this knife for just about everyone. LOVE IT!!!!

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