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Downrange Tomahawk

When you’re in a situation where time is of the essence, you can’t waste time wondering if you have the right tool for the job. No matter what’s on the other side of that door or barrier, you want a tool with the same single-minded determination as the man wielding it. The Gerber Tactical Downrange Tomahawk is a marvel of simplicity and efficiency in service of solving serious problems. No moving parts to break or jam, no extraneous gimmicks to get in the way—just a well thought-out design and three-quarters of a century of Gerber craftsmanship in your hands.


There’s no arguing with a tomahawk. This is largely due to the Downrange’s three-tiered approach to tactical breaching. The axe head’s beveled edge is capable of chopping through drywall and turning walls and doors to splinters. The backside of the ax head functions as hammer for getting through hinges, locks, doorknobs and anything else that’s there to slow you down. The third threat is a pry bar at the end of the handle, controlled by a cutaway grip in the ax head.


Opposite the business end of the Downrange Tomahawk is a hefty pry bar. With a solid marriage of physics and force, you can confidently pry away using the cutaway handle in the ax head for leverage. The 420HC steel body with Cerakote™ will not bend or break, and the desert tan G-10 handle has integrated scales to keep the tool firmly in your hands no matter the conditions.


Tomahawks don’t exactly fit in your pocket, so it comes with a sheath that’s as practical as the tool itself. No matter what line of duty you serve in, if this tool is going to make it to where the action is, it has to be easy to carry. Which is where the MOLLE-compatible sheath comes into play. It readily attaches to your pack, standard webbing or body armor, so it goes where you do.

$328 Currently Out of Stock
Item # 30-000792
  • Overall Length: 19.27" (48.9cm)
  • Weight: 1.9 lb. (861.8 g) without Sheath, 2.5 lbs. (1133.9 g) with sheath
  • Steel Type: 420HC
  • Handle Material: G-10
Warranty Warranty


  • Unique Gerber design axe head with integrated Prying Handle
  • Hammer Head
  • Pry Bar
  • Desert Tan G-10 Scales on Handle
  • 420HC Steel Body With Cerakote™
  • MOLLE- compatible Sheath
  • Built in Portland, Oregon
  • Backed by Gerber’s Lifetime Warranty


4 Very happy Scumbag - APR 11, 2016

This is an awesome tool. Have had mine for 2.5 years. Defiantly could have done better on the blade cover and grip. But nothing a little leather and paracord couldn't solve.
Well done!
PS. Hard to find another, make 2.0 version need a couple more.

1 Wasted time and money Real active duty - APR 4, 2016

Don't know why every one says great breaching tool it sucks. Sorry to say it, but for an average joe this is great. The real question is does this tool work for combat maybe if I wanted to spend a few days on one door trying to get in. If you wanna breach get a shotgun with some breaching rounds or a good ole double jack not a dull hammer that's as soft as a nickel.

3 It's good. But not great. Peter Quinn - FEB 11, 2016

Too expensive. Weight distribution off. Don't charge 300$ for a tomahawk and send me a rounded, dull, edge.

5 Your Title Adam Woodruff - DEC 24, 2015

The Gerber tomahawk has been a lovely piece of equipment. Mine came sharp. Not hard to sharpen if you have an axe sharpener. 2 years of abuse up to and including chopping into aluminum framing. Never had a filled edge, never had to re sharpen it and has been a perfect camping and demolition tool. The kydex beard sheath broke and i will have to make a new one but the tomahawk is well made and was worth the price And believe me I've used a lot of different tomahawks and this one by far has been my favorite.

2 Sir Joshua Wendt - OCT 12, 2015

The product is decent. But it comes with and extremely dull edge. As in rounded.

When I contacted customer support I was told:

We have intentionally created the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk with a dull blade, in line with our competitors for safety reasons. This is a Breaching Tool. The multi-functional unit acts as an Axe, Hammer and Pry Bar with superior performance.

The product is comprised of US420HC with Cerakote™ with a Desert Tan overmold handle and includes a MOLLE Compatible Sheath.

For further detailer of the Downrange Tomahawk, visit our website at:

I replied:

This doesn't answer my questions at all.

In fact, here's a verbatim from the link you sent me:

"Turning walls and doors to splinters"

This would imply a sharpened edge.

So, again I ask you:

"Do you provide any sharpening services? Especially for brand new products?"


I was then told they could only sharpen knives. Not the down range tomahawk.

So, after spending $300 on their product, I have to spend more money to get it sharpened.

My poor review is for their service.

5 Ninja JC Gray - AUG 12, 2015

I've used my tomahawk for all sorts of things from its intended uses to splitting small kindling, pounding loose nails and prying stuff apart. My only gripe is the blade cover took more of a beating and over the last year and a half, the blade cover is no more.

3 Owner - The Urban Badger James Byers - JUL 30, 2015

I think it can do several things ok but none great, definitely not well enough to justify the price. In my opinion the head to handle mass is off a bit. I would like to see a 2.0 version with a little more mass added to the hammer head and above the cut out to balance the head and give a better grip for prying.

5 O.G.A haloblast - MAY 15, 2015

This is a great piece of kit!!! In our line of work it's better to have the best the first time around. American Quality is worth every hard earned dollar! In our Community we don't mind paying for the best kit money can buy. What Mission Dictates!


3 good tool, could be better zero - APR 8, 2015

I like this tool. i want it to be better though. the hammer head could me bigger and the hatchet could have better balance. simply adding a reinforcement above the cutout it would give better balance and increase the grip for the prybar. I would rather carry a few extra ounces and have a tool that performs well, then have a lighter less useful tool. It does sharpen nice and hold a good edge, just want the "tomahawk" to have better balance.... like a good tomahawk

5 All The Way Around, Incredible. Spec. Status - DEC 19, 2014

Personally I love this product. Its versatility and utility properties as a multi functional tool are incredible. @ first glance you may note the face that this can destroy or demolish obstacles, barriers, etc as well as the capability to build a shelter, build a barrier, brake you out of the wrong place or into the right place at a bad time.

This also offers a good reliable way to defend yourself if the need was to arise, (though commonly unlikely). Though I do have a job in which I see dangerous situations on a regular basis, and my tools save my life. If they/it just broke or stopped working at the wrong time it could be all she wrote for this guy. So having this tool by my side is not on a whim, it was a methodically planned to help increase my chances of coming home at the end of the day(s). I feel better just knowing it's by my side ,especially in times of uncertainty. (A good melee tool is invaluable).

It can be implemented as an effective and valuable tool no matter the situation & condition(s), she will perform & then outperform. Couple this with the size and fact that you can go in two handed for extremely effective power strikes on wood or when breaching, wile at the same time remaining beyond light enough to not only use two handed wile still being incredibly effective and easy to control.
She also balances perfectly an inch above the second handle stud closer to the head of the tool.

In EMERGENCY, TACTICAL, & SURVIVAL operations/conditions, this is the best tool you could ask for.

4 pros and cons mattman8326 - DEC 18, 2014

this tool is awesome, however it is a little flawed. the sheath is a little floppy and it comes with 0 edge. but with some determination, hard work and alot of free time, i got a decent edge on it. all in all, im satisfied.

5 Awesome Tool Chris H. - NOV 20, 2014

Love It! Does everything I need and I've put it through hell! To those who are complaining about the price... Don't buy it! Your '$30 tools' you speak of will not do what this Tomahawk will. Lifetime Warranty is great to have also. Love all my Gerber Knives & Tools!



5 Game warden Josh - OCT 30, 2014

Awesome tomahawk definitely worth buying. I'm waiting for a longer version

5 CWO2 CWO2 - SEP 2, 2014

To all the civilian folks that can’t/don’t understand the true use for this tool… then you’re in a trade that requires you to fight for our freedom, search and recuse our brothers’ this is the BREECHING tool I want in my hand!!! It is designed to break through hatches, fiberglass, metal and wooden doors and walls it is a fantastic tool. Lastly, stop complaining about how you misuse this equipment, if you use it as its indented you’ll actually understand the true purpose of this Downrange Tomahawk .

3 Too many issues Lost Lamer - AUG 9, 2014

Excellent tool and overall design, however I question the longevity of the "hammer" head. It's welded on and not an integral part of the steel. You never see hammers made like this...too much change for a stress crack on or around the weld. For this price, which is too high either way, they should have had the hammer face machined with the rest of the steel all in one piece. Forge this thing in 1 piece and drop $125 off the price and it's a winner.

2 bad steel injun joe - JUL 18, 2014

i took a look at what kind of steel it is made of and it not that great 420ch is not the best thats for share 440 is the best and cheaper

5 Rangedude B. Dickey - JUL 16, 2014

Awesome tool. Trying to "f" it up but it's taking all the punishment i can give it. Mounting it to my plate carrier is a problem becasue of that sheath. It's impractical and not as secure as the one being built for mine so it's one-handed deployment.

Shop around for a better price, I did and it didn't break the bank.

1 420HC steel... Jim - JUL 1, 2014

Bad choice of steel. Why not 1095 or D2 steel ?

5 Sgt, Marine, Assaultman Kevin - JUN 25, 2014

This product is great, for all of you complaining about price, shut up and go buy a $25 one, this is a breaching TOOL, we pay much more money for much more useless things in the military, if your never been in a situation where you need this, and in a more convenient package, then you don't need this, its not a zombie apocalypse look at how cool i look tool, this is a Tool.

5 gerber fan adrian howell III - JUN 8, 2014

i love the downrange. thank god they didnt
put the whole "credentials required" crap on it.

2 owner/manager-J&G jerry miles - MAY 18, 2014

420 HC steel is a pretty low choice for anyone wanting a really good tomahawk or ax as it won't stay sharp long enough to chop down a small pine sapling. 154CM would be my choice for good edge retention, D2 would be it but I am too lazy to keep it clean so it doesn't rust. But either one beats the britches off 420 HC that you chose for yours. Even if you had used good steel, the price is way too much when we can buy one about as good for 1/t0 your price. Don.t believe it? Look on

1 how can people post a review that did not buy one? ed - MAY 10, 2014

How in the hell can you people post a review when more than half did not buy one yet??? Buy the product and then post a review!!

The one I received today is a piece of junk! The weld on the hammer to axe head is bad, very bad. I know stainless is a little harder to weld but for over $200 this was bad.

The hex screw closest to the axe head was striped (rounded) on both sides.

The axe head was not sharp. Now I know one poster/reviewer said for breaching it does not need to be sharp, how many doors have you breached??? This will only breach a hollow bedroom door! You will NOT breach a steel layer door with this or a solid wood door.

Do not buy this product if you intend to use it. For the money there are far better products out there that can be used for what they are made for, with a far superior quality to them. I am returning this back to Botach.

3 Consumer JW - MAY 8, 2014

Awesome design. However, does not come sharpened, which I thought was bunk. How you gonna sell a dull axe to people. When you hear tomahawk, you think, sharp. Right?
Got it on sale and still feel kinda ripped off. If I sharpen it does that void the warranty?

4 Because Because - MAY 7, 2014

D2 would snap if you had to pry with it. This steel is perfect for the application. It's a little pricy but it's a solid, very useful tool.

2 Good but can be better Stephen - APR 29, 2014

This product is good but there is one part that sucks the steel do not ever use stainless steel on something like this use high carbon steel is will be much stronger and hold a edge better

1 Fourth Echelon Sam Fisher - APR 28, 2014

Love my mark 2 but my sog tomohawk was a third the price and does just as good a job you have to be crazy to charge that much

3 LEO Homeboy - APR 27, 2014

Awesome design but, make it with D2 and I'd buy a dozen, one for every unit in my department. As is, not for me but close.

2 for the survivalist sucker lex knight - APR 5, 2014

i was totally set to buy until i saw the price. way over priced. i got a similar tool for demolition ( minus the "axe" blade) from home depot for 30$ and its a beast. sorry Gerber but you're out of line this time.

4 Pretty Cool Moose - MAR 6, 2014

It has a lifetime warranty and is made in the USA, it's versatile and could serve a good LE or Military purpose.

2 Rescue/ Demolition John L. - FEB 27, 2014

I read most of the reviews. and believe that a harder steel such as O1 or D2 would be better for it. even in breaching you need it to stay sharp enough to make repeated blows to a door, door frame, or wall. some times you will strike a hinge or nail. Longevity is key.

3 Retired Retired - FEB 24, 2014

Tool appears to be very well designed to be an all around utility chopping/breeching tool. The price however seems out of line. $300.00 for a 420HC hatchet attached to a pry bar?
If another poster's opinion that it is only an urban breeching tool is valid - all the more reason to skip it and get a pry bar for a fraction of the cost. If it has no utility for cutting down light timber and trail clearing, then it is too delicate to be a breeching tool.

3 Too expensive justin - FEB 18, 2014

Awesome and very useful but it is so expensive, i actually keep from using it as much as i'd like because i'm afraid i'l wear it down or something, just like you would with a really expensive sweater, hardly wear it so you out of fear that you'll ruin it

3 Locksmith avid outdoors man Roger bates - FEB 13, 2014

Why do you have to have credentials for this great tool that many outdoors men, hunters and just the all around person would like to purchase. What is that I hear the price is $300 to $420 I think that is kinda steep. I have many of your products and use them daily keep up the good work and craftmenship. Thank you and have a good day.

2 Way overpriced Jimmy Spence - JAN 24, 2014

It has a certain level of cool to it, but it's just not worth $285. Not even close. I value it at about $60.

4 Mr. Clark Kent - JAN 22, 2014

Just admit it, you had benchmade build this for you. Portland, Oregon? It doesn't take long to connect the dots.

1 Your Title gerber owner - JAN 22, 2014

I agree with the other reviews 420 seems non suitable for this tool. When you look at this you can see cutting through reel tough stuff like metal.
(note: I am not an owner of this product)

2 Poor steel choice Myles - JAN 5, 2014

For this price you would think this was S30V or VG10.

Using 420HC it should cost like $150.

I like the tool Great design, but won't be getting it for this price with this steel.

1 Your Title Your name - DEC 23, 2013

gerber has good gear it is just all over priced and no one wants to pay 285$ for something you can get somewhere else. Gerber you need to lower your prices.

5 Mountain Man Hardtruth - DEC 18, 2013

Great tool. But the cost is just ridiculous. There is a huge selection of other options for less than a third of the price. Just google tactical ax. I could buy 4 awesome axes, for the price of this thing.

5 Federal Officer Dan D. - DEC 17, 2013

I've had the Downrange Tomahawk close to a year now. It's been with me everywhere both on and off duty. Used hammer to break locks, axe blade goes through everything (wood, brick and metal). The only thing I'd like to see improved is it's mounting design and options.

3 Price = ouch! Dane - DEC 13, 2013

This product seems awesome and I would love to have one but I have to agree with the other reviews, price point is a bit excessive.

2 Better Peice!! BOSTONGEORGE - DEC 12, 2013

If it were cheaper I would purchase this.If it started the fire for me and also gathered my water I mite buy it

3 Awesome, but... Bear Grylls - DEC 6, 2013

This product is just mazing in every way but it is just not worth 300 dollars, which is a huge drawback, costing more than my phone. Really need to lower the price down because there are other models out there cheaper than a pencil and still do the work just as well.

3 Your Title austin - DEC 5, 2013

great design... but 420?... why not d2 so it wont go dull after a few swings?

1 Experienced in Knife steels Andrew Mathers - NOV 21, 2013

Would much rather have this in D2 or 154cm steel. Also, excessively high price point. Wouldn't buy.

2 Bear crap NO - NOV 19, 2013

Do they really expect people to pay that kind of money for this ? Oh wait they use a reality survival star to endorse their products. Somebody needs a "reality" check. Gerber needs a better poster boy and better pricing.

2 Handy tool - Crap to carry for Firefighting Crumbine - NOV 8, 2013

It's a nice tool, but one of my pet peeves is paying up for materials and then some part of the product is completely neglected.

Case in point: the metal and handle are top notch, but the sheath and blade cover are completely useless.

1) Unless you are attaching the sheath to a bag that happens to fit the sheath perfectly, it is completely useless in any other carry system. Even when it fits, it's less than ideal.

2) The plastic blade cover cracked after about only a few 24h tours. It's on borrowed time and will eventually fall apart. BTW this wasn't hard use either. Most of the time it was just waiting to be used or banged around the fire engine getting in an out of the rig.

I can't really recommend unless you plan to carry it in your hand everywhere you go.

5 Your Title AYUP - NOV 5, 2013

Killed me three zombies with it

2 CEO Ryan - NOV 5, 2013

Great tool and concept but for the price and material (420hc steel??) this is a gimmick. Take notes from Benchmade and please use a better steel for this price range. Love Gerber but this is laughable......

5 furure marine and outdoorsman Dalton Black - NOV 3, 2013

Love this tomahawk with its solid construction it can handle whatever you can throw at it I would gladly carry this into any combat survival or tactical situation you would find yourself in

5 Herp derp Don'townonelikethoseguysaboveme - OCT 18, 2013

Best tomahawk I've never handled. Bravo!

1 farmboy lukas sawatzky - OCT 16, 2013

hey guys you get what you pay for if you want to cry about the price go and get a cheap axe but Gerber has to make their money and they have to feed their family's' too

5 Active Duty Erik - SEP 20, 2013

To everyone complaining about the blade not being sharp, this is NOT an AXE! It is a BREECHING tool! It is designed to break through doors and walls, NOT chop down trees. It isn't ment to be razer sharp. This is a tool for S.W.A.T., S.A.R., and clearing building during urban warfare. If you're complaining about the price, you DON'T have a legitimate use for it.

5 Eagle Scout Aaron - SEP 13, 2013

Everytime you buy something this pricey, the moment before you commit, you're thinking "is it really worth it?". And then every moment after that, you're thinking to yourself "did I really need it?". Until you get it.

This tool is well worth the money - its hard-use, multi-purpose, light, and easy to grab in a pinch.

Gerber's quality and committment to craftsmanship never ceases to amaze me. Way to go Gerber - so long as they are made in the USA, I will continue to support them.

3 Search & Rescue Shawn - SEP 8, 2013

I agree with everyone's general consensus on the price of it being too much I own alot of Gerber knives and SOG stuff as well an although I do believe Gerber makes a great product so does SOG at half the price not very consumer friendly as far as price otherwise seems like a great product


A great ax. I'm sorry I was not on sale here in Serbia. GERBER BRAVO!

4 Outdoorsman and product tester Johnny - AUG 24, 2013

I have not tested this product, but a version I tested (not mentioning name) it was a great product but it was not Gerber first of all or the quality and the price was a heck of a lot cheaper 3/4 of the price. I got to keep the test product and if I had the money, I would purchase the Gerber only if it was around 125.00. I love Gerbers' lifetime warranty but it still priced way to high. So 4 out of 5 due to price. Great usability and extra for the blade guard and the molle sheath to attach to back packs, and the multiple versatility of the things you can use it for. I have back problems and I use it as a walking stick and its great for self protection if it is light as the one I tested.

5 Save money Max - AUG 21, 2013

You can buy this on amazon for $209 plus free shipping

4 You guys have no idea Anon - AUG 21, 2013

The quality of this thing is top notch.

I know for a fact that the Gerber guys made every effort to make this affordable and the price was a huge issue.

These are not mass produced. There is a limited quantity available. They are manufactured in Portland Oregon by people like you and me that need to make a living too.

The price is where it's at because of the cost to produce it. If you don't like that, go buy the junk made in China.

3 Nice but... Shane - AUG 14, 2013

Worth about 1/2 this. Sad.

5 ChadStar John - AUG 14, 2013

Can you really put a price on Bad Ass?
Never leave home without it!

2 customer Phil Inman - AUG 13, 2013

I like it. I want to own one but find the price a bit high. I like my sog hatchet and always will for the approachable pricing. Ah Gerber. We are all not rich!

1 customer modogg - AUG 10, 2013

Way too expensive!

5 Wave Rider Jessica Andrews - AUG 9, 2013

I'd pay $2850 for this amazing piece of kit.

5 Citizen Frank Dux - AUG 9, 2013

This is the most amazing thing I've ever spent $285 on. They should charge even more for what you get.

3 Your Title KEVIN - AUG 8, 2013

I would consider buying, but paying 285 bucks for 420HC is ridiculous! If they were to change the steel type it would be a definite buy for me.

4 dirty civilian Hyrum - AUG 8, 2013

for those complaining about the price must be comparing this to a hatchet from Home Depot, or Cold Steel south Africa imported steel. Quality gear has a price tag attached.

As to this my biggest concern will be the balance upon a strike with the narrowness of the handle, many strike tools develop a twist because of soft/flexible steel.

Otherwise this looks likes a solid piece of kit that I can't wait to get my hands on.

5 Unreal ZD - AUG 6, 2013

I love this tomahawk. I ordered it and it has everything you can ask for. Zombies better be afraid. When ammunition runs out i'm glad i got this. One this i didn't like about it is that when i got it, it wasn't given a real sharp edge, but i ran over it with my wet stone and it's now great.

3 Really?! Ryan - AUG 4, 2013

I was hoping to purchase one of these fine tomahawks because I thought that it would be neat to have for a "just in case" situation (i.e. zombie apocalypse). Until I saw the price. Really Gerber?! Really?!

3 Mr Martin - AUG 3, 2013

Looks like a solid product but for the price I would not even think about buying it. For $60 more I would rather get the apocalypse kit which you get 7 tools.

3 too pricey poor_gerber_fan - JUL 30, 2013

i'd love to own one, but gerber needs to bring the price down before i'd ever consider buying it, i bought the whole damned apocalypse kit from gerber for less than a hundred dollars more and there are 7 items in it!!

3 Your Title JJ - JUL 26, 2013

I love the design, but not for 1/2 that price.

5 Lt.Col.SF gregg - JUL 26, 2013

amazing tool for war and home! Gerber IS quality.

3 PFC Bailey - JUL 24, 2013

I really like the design and what test I have seen of this, BUT, 285.00?!?!?!?!?!? You have got to be kidding, I'll stick with the SOG axes and but 5 of them and keep one in every vehicle corner, etc. Really wish this would have been in the right value of 100-150.00 which is a fair price considering materials and manufacturing costs.

5 Constable Mounty - JUL 23, 2013

Looks like a solid product. Molle attachment is a plus. I look forward to purchasing one for my duty pack and testing it out. Keep up the good work Gerber.

3 mr Fire - JUL 22, 2013

I cant say I've used it.. and if I'm to compare it to other tools and equipment from Gerber.. ( have a brand new machete from them Im supposed to use for a week camping in the woods) and so many other lil things cant say its beyond expectations nor that its worth $285... It looks nice, Is it useful??? Stanley makes something similar, without the axe.. it costs $25 and a 1/2 lb axe from Fiskars $50 lifetime warrantee,( I know I used it as a splitter wood, destroyed the poor thing 3 years later, got a new no questions asked ).So when you get a 2 in one.. you gotta compare it to other things.. NOW i was in the waiting list for that Tomahawk) i don't see it as the promised one... it looks frail, for more than hacking goats.... :( and I put my tools to work I don't just collect em.
If It been max $100.. $120 cause its made in North America, Id give it a try...

4 Excellent tool- in my possession. Michael Hart- LE, Tac ofcr - JUL 22, 2013

I can say I just received mine and have been very pleased with the quality. The G10 on the handles have some edges, so I wrapped mine with some paracord. It is very well designed and is easy to cary on a molle backpack. The Kydex blade cover is nice. The molle sheath could have been better, the snaps are attached with rubber/vinyl straps that IMO should have been nylon web. When you hold it and compare say a Sog, this feels much better made. If the mille sheath was beefier this would be definitely 5 stars!

2 Rockstar Richard - JUL 20, 2013

So uhh, Gerbies...?

$285 for this thing? Honestly? Dont you think that your pricing yourself out of your own game here?

Knock it ohn back down to say $100'ish, and Im sure youll sell lots more... ;)

3 Your Title Justin Sanders - JUL 17, 2013

Im in the middle with this whole idea. For 285??? A bit steep in my mind. I would also like to say facetiously that I like how you guys gave this a lifetime warranty but, not the LMF....SMH

1 North Canada - JUL 13, 2013

Over priced.

3 Pricey JAB - JUL 11, 2013

Looks great and I'm sure it functions well, but quite pricey. I expect to see knockoffs of this soon that will be just as good but at 1/4 the cost.

Nice job Gerber at making a quality product that's overpriced.

3 wisconsin trapper/machinist mike - JUL 11, 2013

too pricey for me but id love to own it.theres no doubt its worth it.gerber only makes the best.but ill be saving for years at that cost:(

4 SGT RICHIE - JUL 10, 2013


4 Firefighter Smitty - JUL 8, 2013

You need to make one with a natural gas shut off key hole and a carabiner with a quick release of fire use.

1 Gdude G - JUL 7, 2013

Overpriced by about $200. To bad looks like a great tool for many occassions.

5 Window shopper Danielle - JUL 6, 2013

Looks like a great piece of tool. Simple straight forward design. Would be quite useful as a secondary tool when you run out of bullets while trying to chop some woods using a hand gun... X)

3 Pricey Dante - JUN 30, 2013

Its an awesome product but it's way overpriced. Maybe if it was somewhere around the $200 range. $300 is just overdoing things..

1 Tom Tom - JUN 28, 2013

$285!!! LOL Thats $250 profit for Gerber!!

5 Looks great! Backpacker - JUN 18, 2013

Ok I'm tired of seeing reviews of"looks good, can't wait to get one"
ONLY POST A REVIEW (key word) IF YOU HAVE USED THIS ITEM!!! I don't care if it looks good to you or you would buy a hand gun instead. Post reviews of the quality of the item! I actually bought one (seeing as no one else has) and think its a big tool that really has limited use, blade and quality are good, but can only see this used in a "doomsday prepers" kit. Like the simplicity, but can't see using this in combat over a bayonet

5 nice for chop zombie jophet sean amorte - JUN 17, 2013

need this for zombie survival...

3 Very cool but.... kellydminer - JUN 9, 2013

Just received this and I love the design. Appears durable but the axe had no edge at all. It's as dull as the edge of a book.

5 tomahawk Trak - MAY 30, 2013

just got it yesterday, it's all solid. only complaint is the blade was basically blunt. all it takes is some sharpening but i was really surprised with how dull it was out of the box. still can't wait to take this out in to the wilderness and put it through some use.

5 emt daniel - MAY 28, 2013

I got mine the other day I like the size and cant wait to try it out

5 Combat Engineer - MAY 22, 2013

I haven't bought this but I'd like to put in my 2c since noone else has bought it either and is only commenting on the price. If you're an urban breacher you can already see the beauty in this tool. If you're not just know it's not for camping, its not designed for 'survival' it's designed for breaking into buildings.

5 mr. pm - MAY 21, 2013

I have always been satisfied with gerber products. This would be a good tool for backpacking but would need to be a little smaller to fit inside.

5 Want this! n8vegirl - APR 30, 2013

Are they only available through the Gerber website or can you pick them up at a retailer?
Kinda pricey, but I really like this!

1 good for military but not for civilian's bushman - APR 29, 2013

Can see many uses for it in a survival situation but like mykel hawks shovel axe hammer tool for 89 dollars you get the same aspects with his tool I could see if the price was around 150 but 300 dollars in this economy is outrageous good luck selling them

1 SEP-SEP-123 Noah sepich - APR 28, 2013

This is completely overpriced! I would purchase this if it were 50-100 dollars but certainly not for 285

4 Woodsman John - APR 28, 2013

Buy it on eBay for 159

3 Your Title Alex - APR 27, 2013

Is this designed to have a blunt edge cause i just got one and theirs no edge.

2 CPL Heuer - APR 26, 2013

For $70 you can get the SOG one and it's almost the same. Great idea but too exspensive. I would pay $100-$150 but not $300

5 Boarding Party Savannah Pirate - APR 25, 2013

Have mine on the way for a more manageable $159, as an axe fan this is the top end of what I am willing to invest. (By the by, love the fiskars/gerber line of choppers) My last full retail priced Gerber was purchased in the 80's and is still going strong. I better get 30+ years out of this one too, even if I am saving $120 off suggested retail. Probably should have bought three.

4 Gerber Fan Classified - APR 24, 2013

This is the coolest tomahawk I have ever seen, but a little too expensive. Otherwise it's perfect and what I'm looking for, but again, to expensive.

5 Ranger Don - APR 20, 2013

Already out of stock!?!

2 OVER-PRICED Cody - APR 18, 2013

I've been watching for the release of this tomahawk for over 6 months and when it's finally released, I'm disappointed to find I will never throw $300 into a tomahawk......

This looks to be an amazing piece of equipment, but a an axe is an axe is an axe and I would never pay $300 for an axe.... $100, maybe $130, but not triple that.

2 It needs a cost ajustment - APR 18, 2013

Looks great , but not worth the price compared with whats already on the market . It needs to shed at least 150

3 The king John Steve - APR 18, 2013

Ha! On one hand ,you send your kids to collage on the other you buy and axe....hmm I would buy ten if it was not my life's saving to buy one .... Do you won't my first born to? Other than that it was great!

4 Survival king Tim shocks - APR 18, 2013

I think for the price it's not worth it but if they lower it I would buy it and tell all my buddy's
It's a great product just needs to lower and they would sell a lot better

5 0311 Mike - APR 15, 2013

Just played with one at the Marine South Expo, LOVE IT!!!

3 Your Title Ed Nemo - APR 12, 2013

I love this design, but the suggested price is too much. $150 is the max I would pay for something like this.

1 A guy Drew - APR 9, 2013

Love my Condor. Solid steel, will rip a car door off and 60 bucks. Sorry Gerber but I would rather save the money for an RMJ then this.

5 Denny - APR 9, 2013

Eagerly waiting release on this!!!!

2 Your Title Eric - APR 9, 2013

Fantastic! ... but way over priced!

5 Young Guns glockin40 - APR 8, 2013

Good is not cheap and cheap is not good. This is a great workhorse.

1 Kia Slug - APR 1, 2013

Looks like a good product but seems over priced. I'll spend 100 dollars less and buy one of those Chinese military survival shovels. Thanks anyway.

1 OVERPRICED! ss - APR 1, 2013

gerber why u no make it 100 bucks

1 ... #YOLOSWAG - MAR 29, 2013


5 A little steep... USMC Vet... - MAR 26, 2013

It's a tool, the purpose of a hatchet is low cost and useful. If its too expensive you don't want to use it for utilitarian means. Let SOG sell their over priced thing. I have your hatchet saw combo and love it, so lets get this thing down to $120 or less so real people can afford it.

5 nice Navy SEals - MAR 23, 2013

I carried one of these on my tours in Iraq and i used it for tether wire cutting and stuff. Very nice piece.

4 Usmc Alex - MAR 10, 2013

How much does this tamahawk cost?$? I would like to own it, but I would much rather spend an extra $50 or $100 o buy a hand gun. Thanks but no thanks!

5 nice river - MAR 6, 2013

only 285 bucks!?!!?!?! your practically givin em away Gerber!. haha i was expecting anywhere from 4- 500$ for such a fine piece of equipment im only happy to pay 300 for it i practically live in the woods so i'll be using her almost everyday, you really know how to get people fired up! lovin it cant wait!!

5 Founder of Oscar Mike Gear Steve - FEB 28, 2013

I run and RMJ so the idea of spending $275 doesnt really bother me so Police Zombie Hunter if you are looking for cheap stuff to buy over and over instead of buying one good thing more power to you. But down to the nuts and bolts of this I can say this is the first time in years I have been excited for a Gerber item to come available and look forward to writing a review on it.

1 Your Title ME - FEB 24, 2013


1 too over priced yo - FEB 22, 2013

WAAAY TOO OVERPRICED, IT PROBABLY COSTS $5 TO MAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 U.S.M.C sniper J Allen - FEB 10, 2013

I like the look and the listed favorable functions of this Breaching tool. i would recomend this to anyone that that is a lover and colector of military weapons/survivle and or out door expaditions tools. on the other hand i dont think that a price matters if the object that is being bought is somthing that the buyer would get their moneys worth by using it frequently. never the less im sure there are plenty of people that would spen 300+ on this, as much as i like it not 100% that i would spend that amount on it. still a beautiful "instrument of destruction"

5 Been looking for this long time Dave - JAN 25, 2013

I have been looking for a tactical tomahawk with all 3 features for a long time. Looking forward to when this one becomes available.

3 Police Zombie hunter Lenny - JAN 24, 2013

Looks great but not for $275

5 $$$ ken - JAN 20, 2013

Humm for 275$ is it worth it

5 lieutenant James Paul - JAN 20, 2013

As a fireman, this is a great tool to have. We carry a tool similar to this and it has numerous uses. I will be ordering 1 or 2 of these as soon as they are available.

5 Apparent knife collector Rob - JAN 18, 2013

I need to get one (or 5) of these!

5 RMAN Rhys - JAN 18, 2013

Just seen a video from this months SHOT SHOW, says retail will be in the region of $280!

5 where can I get one? Ed - JAN 17, 2013


5 VIP Yep - JAN 17, 2013

Sweet, for the guy who didn't like this product, go fly a kite.

5 Your Title Robert - JAN 17, 2013

This tool should be in everyone's home as an Emergency tool. I want one perhaps 2 for my family and home.

4 BackPacker Matt - JAN 17, 2013

Would make the perfect backpacking tool! Sturdy, solid, and lightweight! Please, Please, PLEASE make this available to the civilian market!

3 Consumer Concerned - JAN 17, 2013

420HC for a heavy duty AXE? Plain dumb.

AAA for the design anyways.

5 Perfect Kenneth - JAN 16, 2013

This looks awesome wonder if you could use it as a throwing tomahawk though?

5 Mr. Morgan J Walker - JAN 15, 2013

Awesome, but when is it coming soon?!!!

5 kniflovr Caleb - JAN 14, 2013

looks badass

5 I want it now!!! ADB - JAN 13, 2013

I can't wait for this to come out, it needs to come out sooner!!!

5 Navy VBSS member Alex - JAN 13, 2013

I wish it came out so I could have had it before I left on deployment.

5 Hunter Jim - Jan. 5, 2013 - JAN 5, 2013

This looks awesome ! I want one - Made in the USA makes it even better. Need to see one of these in the next episode of Walking Dead - What a Zombie slayer ..... : )

2 Ind. Contractor Buck - DEC 30, 2012

Remove one of the two machetes and add this to next year's apocalypse kit. Seriously.

5 Your Title Nate - DEC 27, 2012

I want to buy 3 if these right now. I mean c'mon.... It says its an "indestructible instrument of destruction" what more could you ask for?

5 !!SEXY!! Kcfm2010 - DEC 26, 2012

This has got to be the most sexiest versatile tool I've seen, I'll take 2 please.

5 ruler of all i survey Lenny - DEC 25, 2012

can I pre order?

5 Release Date Tim - DEC 19, 2012

Just checked over on Gerber's Facebook page - and someone asked when this will be released - Gerber came back and said we should expect it April of 2013.

Just figured I'd pass that on for anyone (like me) who is waiting to hear when this thing is going to be released.

5 Come'n Already! Sylvia - DEC 17, 2012

A release date or something would be nice I mean Christmas is around the corner!

5 tomahawk daniel - DEC 17, 2012

whem is the bad boy coming out?

5 Mountain Bly goa Billy mountain - DEC 17, 2012

Is going to be awesome but its not going to be out till February 1st

5 Your Title. Your Name. - DEC 16, 2012

Define - "Coming Soon"!...

5 howmuch and when daniel - DEC 16, 2012

how much is this thing? when is it coming out?!!!!

5 Totally Buying One Lee - DEC 16, 2012

I need one!

3 When??? Schultz William R - DEC 16, 2012

Looks good would like to try fielding it. Any one know when?

5 Your Title Greg - DEC 16, 2012

Make it available to everyone..I want one

5 Military l0keman - DEC 15, 2012

When am I getting my new Tomahawk? Better be before I go into the bucket this spring.

1 come on guys Ken - DEC 15, 2012

this better not be credentials only that whole concept is ridiculous and foolish you are a bunch of idiots for making any of your products credentials only! I have lost so much respect for gerber just browsing your site seeing all the things you refuse to sell me and others like me until you change this I will not be purchasing anything gerber! No matter how much I want this tomahawk

5 i want it conorlee - DEC 15, 2012

please dont require credentials i really like this !!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Wainting C - DEC 10, 2012

i want it now

5 Waiting Randy - DEC 7, 2012

A lot of people waiting for an answer! When will this be AVAILABLE?

5 Peace Officer Mike - DEC 6, 2012

I think this item would make a great tool to carry on duty for the times when you may need to gain access to an area that requires a sturdy piece of equipment to do so. Although I have not had the opportunity to use it yet it looks like a very handy piece of gear.

4 k k - DEC 6, 2012

Buy a Gransfors Burks axe, it is already out.

5 Your Title Jonah - DEC 6, 2012

I also agree with Travis this would be a great tool to have!

5 Engineer Craig - DEC 6, 2012

SHUT UP....WANT !!!!!!

when will this be available ????


Perfect design for tomahawk that I can see and give us a time frame. Make it open to everybody and oh yea . . .TAKE MY MONEY TOO ! ! !

5 Still "Coming Soon"? Tim - DEC 3, 2012

Just came back for my weekly check for a release date. Still "Coming Soon". Come on Gerber, how about a release date!

5 please Travis k - DEC 3, 2012

Please don't make this a credentials required item it is a nice looking tool that i would like to add to my collection of tools

5 csa Rob M - DEC 3, 2012

Been checking up on this and would like a release date from Gerber. I'm guessing I'm not the only one. Thanks

5 Deploying soon... GM2 Guerrero - DEC 1, 2012

So when is this coming out?

5 When will this be availible Bowen - DEC 1, 2012

Could really have used this on my current deployment

5 airman pete Odonoghue - NOV 30, 2012

I love it! I'll be deploying soon and would love to be able to bring that with me. When is the release date?

5 ab1026 wife #1 - NOV 30, 2012

I know my husband would love this for Christmas.... Hurry up and release it please!!!! Thank you

5 Explorer Evan - NOV 30, 2012

I own a tomahawk, and I can tell you it's gotten me out of more than one scrape. But this one looks lighter and easier to handle, and I'd be happy to add it to my Explorer bag. Please don't require credentials, as I am not a military man and you do not want to lose a customer.

5 GMO Vin - NOV 30, 2012

Make it quick! I need this soon!

5 SARG Mr. Air Force - NOV 30, 2012

when the efff is this coming out? been waiting too long

5 WHEN?? TJ - NOV 29, 2012

WHEN will this be out?!?

5 I need one or two ZEEK - NOV 28, 2012

should add some optinal g10 handles. Do or dont I'll still by one or two.

5 Firefighter Jared - NOV 28, 2012

Hurry up and come out with it!

5 Your Title Owen - NOV 28, 2012

Shut up and take my money!

5 Your Title Your name - NOV 27, 2012

love the grip on the head

5 I WANT FOUR Marcelo - NOV 27, 2012


5 yup sgt - NOV 26, 2012

i will take this to Afghanistan if its available before i leave.

5 Sheriff's Deputy Ghost445 - NOV 26, 2012

Excited for this!

5 Your Title Chris - NOV 26, 2012

Hey Sean - I couldn't agree more. This will go great mounted in my Wrangler for those days out in the wilderness.

Hey Gerber - I am sure I speek for Sean when I offer us both up for a nice discount to be the first ones to buy this tool.

5 Mr. Kelly KellyTaylor - NOV 25, 2012

I want one. Cant wait till it comes out. Hoping before christmas. I will be buying one to complete my gerber self built kit.

2 Gerber fan Mr. Kelly - NOV 23, 2012

I want one.

5 Lover of all things Gerber Sean - NOV 22, 2012

Even though it's not available yet, I'm actually excited about getting this Downrange Tomahawk. This would complete my bug out bag. For an old Army veteran, this looks good to me!

5 Backpacker Tristan - NOV 14, 2012

This looks awesome andilove how light it is and has multiple uses

5 Backpacker Tristan - NOV 13, 2012

This looks awesome hopefully you don't need credentials

5 Crash ,Fire , and Rescue Spec. US Marines max smih - NOV 13, 2012

I will soon be travling downrange and have been looking for a real do it all rescue tool and Gerber I think you have finaly outdone your selfs. I hope it will be out soon !

4 Black Scales EJD - NOV 7, 2012

Gerber make a tactical version with black scales please!

5 Your Title Morgan Walker - NOV 2, 2012

AWESOME!!! Can't wait to get a few of these...

5 US Army SGT clifton naderhoff - OCT 28, 2012

I am about to deploy for the 4th time to a combat zone and just found my new best friend. Thank you Gerber for all your great products. I will surely be getting one of you downrange tomahawk.

5 Cordle Michael - OCT 27, 2012

Im buying it the first day it comes out.

4 Gerber Consumer C - OCT 25, 2012

Looking forward to this product.

5 Knife Nut Michael Bright - OCT 23, 2012

I want this.

5 Maj(LDO), USMC(Ret) Scott Whitney - OCT 22, 2012

Had one in my hands today at the Gerber booth at AUSA... an exceptional design executed in rugged materials. I'd love the opportunity to test this to its limits!

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